Hotels in Oskaloosa

Top 6 Hotels in Oskaloosa to Stay

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In the heart of the country, Oskaloosa is one of the best places to visit. If you want to take a break from a tough and busy routine, you must consider visiting Oskaloosa to rejuvenate and gather your energies again. You can visit museums and art galleries to absorb this city’s cultural and traditional values. Nature’s beauty lies a bit away from the city center at the city-side. So, plan your next tour and get a new experience on this vacation. However, considering hotels in Oskaloosa is a must!

Oskaloosa USA
Oskaloosa USA

Hotels in Oskaloosa

Here is the list of some top-rated hotels in Oskaloosa you must consider for your stay while visiting the city:

1- Econo Lodge

This beautiful hotel has a wide entrance for free parking service for the guests. All 40 featured rooms are well-decorated and with the latest furniture. Even each room has all the amenities, from basic to luxurious. The beds are comfortable and cozy for a perfect relaxation day. Standard and deluxe rooms are for a great living experience. The interior of the hotel is so trendy and beautifully organized.

The beds are comfortable and cozy for a perfect relaxation day. The hotel’s location is prime, as you can easily access the city highlights. The famous landmarks, cultural joints, and other entertainment places are easy to visit if you select this hotel for your stay. Nearby you can visit City Square Park, William Penn University, and malls.

Econo Lodge
Econo Lodge

2- Budget Inn Oskaloosa

Budget in Oskaloosa is one of the hotels where you can enjoy all the services within your budget. This place offers cheap rates to guests for staying, along with all the amenities required for a living. The hotel is located on the main, which makes the location attractive for the guests.

The proximity feature of the location allows the guest to conveniently visit nearby attractions, shopping malls for shopping purposes, and other entertainment centers like state parks, etc. Here you can book king and queen bedrooms equipped with all needed furniture, refrigerator, oven, and other amenities. The room service is fast and quick.

3- Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott

To experience luxury at its best, book yourself a room at Fairfield Inn & Suites Marriott Oskaloosa. This hotel is serene beauty with a calm and relaxing environment. The refreshing air and sweet fragrance give a perfect vibe to enter for an ideal staying experience.

Budget Inn
Budget Inn

The proximity of this property allows you to visit nearby places like Vander Wilt Park, Southern Lowa Fair, and Edmundson Golf Course. Moreover, you can quickly move to the Ottumwa International Airport for international flights in 26 minutes. The suites here are designed with the latest premium interior, and furniture of high quality is for the guests’ comfort.

High-quality material is to maintain the standards of luxurious living. Each suite and room has all the amenities like cold/warm water, refrigerator, microwave oven, drinking water, complimentary toiletries, fresh sheets, and towels. The staff is active and responsive. For the convenience of the guest’s front desk works 24/7 daily.

4- Super 8 by Wyndham

Super 8 by Wyndham is at 306 S 17th St, Oskaloosa. The hotel is easy to access from the main road. The location enables the factor of convenience for traveling around and checking out new places. If you are on vacation and want to visit nearby famous sites, you must consider this place to stay.

Super 8 by Wyndham
Super 8 by Wyndham

As for activities, you can visit golf courses, malls, and parks. While if you are keen to visit cultural and traditional places here, you can visit the museums and other art galleries in town. On the other hand, if you are seeing a place for official affairs, you must consider your stay at Super 8 Wyndham as they provide a quiet calm environment and a business center for your official meetings.

Standard rooms and studios offer premium quality material, expensive paintings, decoratives, high-quality fabric curtains, and comfortable, cozy bedding for the guests. The management works on its toes 24/7 to provide guests comfort and quality of living.

5- EverSpring Inn and Suites

Ever Spring Inn and Suites is considered among the top-rated hotels in Oskaloosa. This hotel in the heart of the city makes it easy for travelers to stay and visit the city around. There are many must-visit attractions nearby for tourists. The hotel itself is the best example of perfection. From the interior to the services, everything is on point.

EverSpring Inn
EverSpring Inn

The indoor pool makes the view serene and provides refreshing vibes to relax a little longer. The management of the hotel warmly welcomes the guests and hosts a breakfast buffet for them to eat and rejuvenate. The trained, multilingual staff removes the communication barriers and makes it easy for the guests to communicate in their native language.

The front desk is active 24/7 to help and guide. Whereas the environment is neat and clean and hygienes are up to the mark. For safety and security purposes, cameras are placed all over the hotel to ensure there is no chance of theft or fraudulent activities.

6- Hotel O Oskaloosa 

Hotel O Oskaloosa is a beautiful place you can consider for your stay. Most importantly, this place is a budget-friendly property for people who require all facilities in a limited range. It is a perfect place to visit famous places of Oskaloosa. You must visit museums and galleries for cultural and traditional hints.

Hotel O Oskaloosa
Hotel O Oskaloosa

The hotel provides all the amenities required for a comfortable stay. You can book rooms with king beds and queen beds here. Also, the hotel offers all the facilities like breakfast service, free high-speed internet connection, free parking, and much more. For reservations, you can call the hotel management and book.


Book a room or suite for yourself or your loved ones in your favorite hotel now. Online booking for hotels in Oskaloosa is a super easy method to reserve a good place for yourself to stay while visiting Oskaloosa.

Hotels in Oskaloosa FAQs

Is there any pet-friendly hotel in Oskaloosa?

Yes, all the hotels mentioned above in our Oskaloosa list are pet friendly. You can take your pets along and enjoy every bit of your vacation.

Which hotels are good with returning cancellation fees at Oskaloosa?

Super 8 Wyndham, EverSpring Inn and Suites, Fairfield, and other hotels are professionals and return the cancellation fees in case of booking cancellation.

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