Most of the tourists that come to Salem in Virginia yearly do so out of their love for sports. Yes, this city is regarded as Championship City of Virginia. However, the value of this city is not limited to sports only. You will also find historic buildings dating back to the 1800s downtown. Whether you are planning your next tour here to satisfy your love for sports or history, you need a nice place as your temporary home. Below is a compilation of the top hotels in Salem, VA, that are the best in every regard!

Best Hotels in Salem, VA

Let’s discuss the details of the top hotels in Salem, VA!

Salem, VA
Salem, VA

1- Avid AN IHG Hotel

Avid AN IHG Hotel is one of the most lavish hotels in Salem, VA. A gorgeous building in different shades of grey with a contrast of one bright colored block welcomes you with free parking and a warm welcome. The beauty of the interiors starts right from the reception, where friendly staff is available during all hours of the day.

The bedrooms contain everything you need for a luxurious and entertaining stay at an aesthetic place. Since it is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you will love the views from your room window. Salem Red Sox Stadium, Blue Ridge Parkway, Mill Mountain Zoo, and many other city attractions are near this hotel. Thus, traveling charges and time would not be a problem for you while staying in Avid.

2- Comfort Suites

Comfort Suites is the name of comfort. Just like it never disappoints in all of the cities it is located in, it fulfills the claims quite right in the city of Salem, VA as well. You can expect premium services, royal treatment, and a comfortable stay to meet your expectations.

Comfort Suites
Comfort Suites

The interiors are stunning no matter in what area of the hotel you are in. The on-site cafes and restaurants serve tasty cuisines that please people from different cultures. You can spend quality time here without missing out on work. Also, the business center is where you can conduct meetings in a professionally equipped environment. Moreover, each room contains a desk along with other necessary furniture.

3- La Quinta Inn by Wyndham

La Quinta Inn by Wyndham is one of the best hotels in Salem, VA. The value of this hotel is quite popular among travelers who want the best of everything in the city they are spending their vacation in. La Quinta will allow you to enjoy a significant quality downtime while living in an aesthetically pleasing place. The range of the amenities and services being offered extends quite wide.

You can access a high-speed Wi-Fi connection to catch up on work, contact your family back home, and keep your Instagram updated with your Salem vacation pictures. The hotel has a swimming pool, a fitness center, and many other recreational rooms and shared lounges for your entertainment and socializing.

La Quinta Inn
La Quinta Inn

4- Hampton Inn

Hampton comes under the best hotels in Salem, VA. Its building does not stand straight and is boring. Instead, cuts and twists show the exceptional work of the architects and designers in bringing an idea to life. Likewise, this hotel’s lodging and accommodation services are detailed, thoughtful, and fulfilling.

You will love your time in this hotel so much that you might end up canceling exploration plans and hanging out here. Such are the recreational activities available for the guests. Rooms are comfortable with top-notch cleanliness standards, safety measures, and entertainment facilities.

5- Holiday Inn Express and Suites

Holiday Inn Express and Suites is one of the best hotels in Salem, VA, for an unlimited range of reasons. Since it is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the views from the room windows are guaranteed to be beautiful. Moreover, the ideal location has other perks to serve as well. Most city attractions, such as Salem Civic Center, James Moyer Complex, Roanoke College, and many others, are a short distance from this place.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites
Holiday Inn Express and Suites

6- Quality Inn

Quality Inn is the choice of such travelers who want aesthetics, comfort, convenience, and entertainment, all without having to spend bucks blindly. If you are one of such people, this hotel would be the best option on the list of the best hotels in Salem, VA. The amenities offered here will cover all your needs and requirements.

7- Howard Johnson by Wyndham

Howard Johnson by Wyndham is located on Skyview Road, Salem, VA. The complimentary amenities served to guests here include breakfast, parking, and a high-speed internet connection. You will love every recreational room, including a swimming pool, fitness area, and shared lounges. The famous Hanging Rock Golf Club is nearby, giving guests of Howard Johnson beautiful views from their room window.

Howard Johnson
Howard Johnson


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The hotels listed above are good in all terms and regards. You can select the one based on aesthetic preferences, location, or another reference point. Also, make sure to book beforehand, so you do not have to find your favorite place all booked up after reaching there. Being a tourist, you can also consider some other best places to travel besides Salem, VA!

Salem Virginia
Salem Virginia

FAQs About Hotels in Salem, VA

Is Salem, VA, worth visiting?

Salem is known for conducting first-class sporting events. One of the most famous places is Salem Civic Center, where most of the sports magic happens. You can stay at any of the best hotels in Salem, VA, such as Holiday Inn Express and Suites near Civic Center.

What are the best hotels in Salem, VA?

You can stay at any of the options, including Avid an IHG Hotel, Comfort Suites, La Quinta Inn, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Suites, Quality Inn, and Howard Johnson. These are the top hotels in the city in terms of safety, cleanliness, and luxury.

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