Everyone loves good food and amusing waterside parks. Located in the heart of Florida, Winter Haven is a unique city with a chain of lakes linked by a canal. It is a beautiful city with exquisite restaurants and fun waterparks. There are tons of charming sites that offer a serene and appealing view of the lakes. Even you can find mouthwatering cuisine in the city and spend quality time with your friends or family. There are Lego brick attractions that act as magnets for tourists’ attention. Plus, the botanical gardens give beautiful and calming vibes to their visitors. However, looking for hotels in Winter Haven, Florida, must be your priority!

Winter Haven Florida
Winter Haven Florida

Hotels in Winter Haven, Florida

Here is the list of good hotels in Winter Haven, Florida, with good amenities and everything you’ll need to enjoy your trip!

1- Legoland Hotel

This hotel is near the theme park in Winter Haven. Legoland is the most popular theme park in the city with different lego-brick attractions and never fails to fascinate its guests. The hotel has its waterpark and pool. Even if you are interested in golf, the hotel offers you a mini golf course. The children’s activities and indoor play area features make it family-friendly.

Also, the room has a safe in which you can keep your belongings secure. All the rooms have good amenities that will make your stay relaxing and comfortable. The hotel offers complimentary breakfast, free parking, and wifi to stay connected.

Legoland Hotel
Legoland Hotel

2- Courtyard Winter Haven Marriott

It is a unique Marriott with many distinct features that will make your stay in Winter Haven memorable. With a bar and lounge where you can chill and get comfy, it offers a patio and bowling offsite, so you can have fun and make memories with your loved ones. The pool and fitness center will keep you active and energetic.

Moreover, the workout room is equipped with all the necessary workout machines. The rooms are furnished with extra amenities that will give you a relaxing experience. All the rooms have a sofa bed and walk-in showers. The rooms are allergy free and embellished with black curtains.

3- Holiday Inn Winter Haven

It is one of the best hotels in Winter Haven, located only 40 minutes from Tampa, Orlando, and all its attractive spots. The hotel is only 3 miles from Legoland, the most popular theme park in Winter Haven. You will also be near all the city’s waterparks and attractive locations.

Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Inn Express

More so, the hotel is pet friendly and welcomes your pets wholeheartedly. Breakfast and parking are complimentary, and you can access free super-fast wifi from anywhere within the hotel premises. The rooms are furnished, keeping in mind all your requirements. Even the hotel has a shuttle service.

4- Hampton Inn

The hotel is in the heart of Downtown Winter Haven. It is only an hour’s drive away from Orlando and Tampa. You can go shopping, have dinner at a quality restaurant and catch a play, all within walking distance from the hotel.

Furthermore, the hotel offers you free board games to have fun with your friends or family. Not only is it a pet-friendly hotel, but also it provides an up-to-mark pool and fitness center. All rooms have good amenities, and the hotel offers breakfast for free. There is free parking and internet for the guests.

Hampton Inn
Hampton Inn

5- Lay Roy Beach Inn

It is a beautiful and only lake and beach-front motel in Winter Haven on the famous Chain O’ Lakes, where a canal connects 14 lakes. You can enjoy the white sandy beach while sipping on your pina colada.

It will be a perfect spot for your getaway from the hustle of daily life. The hotel provides you with a kitchenette and refrigerator in every room. It is a non-smoking hotel, so considered an excellent place for a family vacation. Plus, the rooms offer extra comfort with premium bedding and all the essential amenities. 

6- Legoland Beach Retreat

It is located near the Legoland theme park, one of Winter Haven’s significant attractions. You can find interesting sites and fun spots everywhere in the park. The hotel offers you a shuttle and taxi services.

Legoland Beach Retreat
Legoland Beach Retreat

It has a convenience store, so you can buy anything you want. Every room has a hairdryer and all the basic amenities you need, like free parking and internet services. There is a shuttle service for the guests. Even it offers an outdoor play area for the kids.

7- Winter Haven Gardens Inn

It is a good hotel located between Orlando and Tampa, a leading and cost-effective hotel in central Florida. It has BBQ facilities and a vending machine. You can also avail of the conference facilities.

Also, the hotel has a banquet room if you want to arrange any event. There is free parking and high-speed internet you can access from anywhere. The rooms are hygienic and equipped with all the necessities you will need for a relaxing and comfortable stay. 

Winter Haven Gardens Inn
Winter Haven Gardens Inn


Thus, Winter Haven is a city full of fun and adventures. Suppose you are fond of waterparks and want to have some fun time away from the routine hustle. Winter Haven is the right place for you. Various good hotels in Winter Haven will provide calm and comfort, so you can fully enjoy your stay here.

FAQs about Hotels in Winter Haven, Florida

Is there any good hotel near the Legoland theme park?

Yes, there are many hotels near Legoland. You choose any from the above list. These are fully furnished with convenient amenities and will give you an experience like home.

Is there any hotel near Chain O’ lakes?

Yes, there is a hotel right in front of Chain O’ Lakes. Lay Roy Beach Inn is an excellent hotel with clean rooms and suitable amenities. You can enjoy the white sandy beach view or cook your food in your kitchenette.

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