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Visit Family Hotels Near Rolling Hills Water Park

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With the summer season approaching, we are all planning to find the best family resort or location to have some fun. And a place like rolling hills water park is a must-visit with family. While there are several slides and waterfalls for children to enjoy, there are other places where adults can have some fun too.

Family Hotels Near the Rolling Hills Water Park

Hence we decided to help you plan your next summer vacation near the rolling hills water park by finding some excellent hotels and resorts that can help you plan your visit and do some exciting things with your family this summer. So let’s dip in. 

1. Ann harbor regent hotel and suites:

One of the incredible things about Ann harbor regent hotel is its heated swimming pool and game room for adults to have some fun. Along with that, the amenities are outstanding such as the cribs, free wifi, kitchenette, and complimentary breakfast as you wake up. All this, along with the fact that it is close to the rolling hills water park, makes it the perfect hotel to plan your next vacation.

Ann harbor regent hotel
Ann harbor regent hotel

A vacation with the family in this hotel will offer you a lot of ease and comfort, knowing that you have access to all the possible necessities a family could want. So for the best family fun at the rolling hills water park and the hotel, you can book a room here and quickly plan a stay.

2. Hampton Inn Ann Arbor South:

Most Hampton Inn Ann Arbor South guests stated the best family-friendly hotel and known for people traveling with children. This hotel offers the best amenities, from a heated pool to kitchenettes and cribs for your little ones. Also, this summer, you can easily stay in this hotel with your entire family and let the children dip in the heated pool.

Hampton Inn Ann Arbor South
Hampton Inn Ann Arbor South

Moreover, you can enjoy and relax as the hot breakfast is served every day, and you can enjoy yourself by visiting the nearby exotic destinations. Located at the center of all the fun and our favorite rolling hills water park, you can enjoy your summer vacation in this hotel and visit the locations in Ann arbor. So plan your next trip with your family and stay at this luxurious hotel from the Hilton chain.

3. Residence inn Ann arbor:

This Marriott chain hotel offers all the services and more. There is the capacity for families of 5 plus members and connecting rooms to make the stay even more delightful. King-sized bedrooms with sofa beds and two bathrooms make it perfect for any family to stay in. You can enjoy breakfast while it’s hot every morning, and the children can dip in the pool.

Residence inn Ann arbor
Residence inn Ann arbor

Cribs and kitchenettes that can be stocked with your hand-picked groceries before your arrival makes it all the more suitable for your family. HDTV and iPod docking stations with free parking make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. There is nothing that this hotel doesn’t offer. Again, Island Hotel in the middle of daily activities is the place for all the summer fun as you have access to all the nearby locations for children to experience. 

4. Courtyard Ann arbor:

Another Marriot chain hotel has a lot to offer to its guests. If you love Starbucks, you will love staying at this hotel as it has a Starbucks in the lobby and makes it easy to grab a hot cup of coffee on your way out or in. You can also use the coffee makers in the room to make yourself a hot cup of coffee and eat breakfast at the restaurants in the hotel that serve an excellent breakfast or meal.

Courtyard Ann arbor
Courtyard Ann arbor

Free wifi, cribs, and laundry facilities make your stay even more restful. Along with that, this hotel is placed in the heart of an arbor. So book a room in this Marriot chain hotel, and you won’t be disappointed by the service and the perfect location it has to offer.

5. Holiday Inn hotels:

Want to have some family fun and not compromise on the quality? Then you are booking yourself a luxurious vacation with Holiday Inn hotels and suites. You can rely on the name and brand of Holiday Inn. As per the reputation, this hotel doesn’t compromise on the quality either. It offers some of the usual amenities that most hotels feature in this area. Also, the room jacuzzi can double the family fun with free parking, kitchenettes, and coffee makers in the room.

Holiday Inn hotels
Holiday Inn hotels

There is a heated indoor pool for the families to enjoy and have summer fun in. Free wifi, connecting rooms, 37-inch flat-screen TVs, coffee makers, sleeper sofas, and cribs help make your stay as pleasant as it can be. So don’t hesitate to book your next summer vacation at this grand luxurious line of hotels so you can have all the fun without compromising on the quality. 


As we have seen, there are a lot of hotels near rolling hills water park you can plan your stay at. All the hotels offer more or less the same facilities and make your stay pleasant, and you can rely on the quality of these hotels. Moreover, they don’t compromise on quality and make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

There isn’t a much better location that can be found near rolling hills water park that you can choose to stay in and make your time memorable. So choose one of the best locations to plan your summer vacation and have all the fun and more with these fantastic hotels.

I hope this article helped you in planning your next tour. Do check out other fabulous blogs.

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