How Far is Santa Monica from LA

How Far is Santa Monica from LA | A Detailed Guide

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Santa Monica is a stunning city in California, located in Los Angeles County along the South Coast. This city is a gorgeous family vacation spot known for its harbor, parks, waterfalls, and beaches. It has moderate Mediterranean weather and a mixed population. Los Angeles is the most populous metropolitan city in the South California. Though it is a good place, people often visit Santa Monica for entertainment. Do you know how far Santa Monica is from LA? Don’t know? Not a problem. Here is everything about that!

How Far is Santa Monica from LA?

There are many considerable courses or pathways you can opt for from Los Angeles to Santa Monica. Although the distance and time of each lane alter, you can still use the different ways of transport. The traffic conditions are also one aspect of reaching from one city to another. Here are some of the most suitable options you can assume to have a family vacation.

1- By Train

If you take a train from Los Angeles to the beautiful city of Santa Monica, the travel time to cover a distance of 27 kilometers or 17 miles is roughly fifty minutes. You can take your favorite reader along yourself. Likewise, you can catch the Metro E-Line Train from Historical Broadway Station to the central hub of Santa Monica Station. It will charge $2 as a minor route. Thus, it is a suitable and eco-friendly alternative to avoid heavy traffic.

Distance of Santa Monica from LA
Distance of Santa Monica from LA

2- By Bus

The city’s residents usually choose a bus to travel from one point to another. The Metro Bus number 20 or Big Blue Bus number 10 can take you from Los Angeles to Santa Monica. Pick from the 5th per Hill or 7th per Maple of LA to the 11th per Wilshire of Santa Monica. The distance is approximately 14 or 23 kilometers, and the duration is almost one hour. It is a reasonable and reliable choice with stunning views along the highway, as the ticket costs 2 dollars.

3- By Taxi

You can take a taxicab from Los Angeles to Santa Monica, but not a cheap option. Although it is a quick and flexible option, a taxi allows you to explore nearby locations easily. You may experience traffic waits and specific parking fees. The distance is almost 16 miles or 25 kilometers. The travel duration is roughly twenty minutes. The rent of a taxi varies from $80 to $120.

4- By Car

You can take your private car from one city to another through I-10 W or CA-2 W of the highway. This speedy and flexible choice gives you more control over your journey, and you can visit places according to your liking. Yet, you may also confront traffic jams and parking costs. The distance is 16 or 25 kilometers, and the trip time is 17 minutes. Gas costs vary from $2 to $5, and petrol ranges from $15.

Santa Monica
Santa Monica

5- By Air

You can flee from Los Angeles’s Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO) in a taxicab or a shuttle to Santa Monica. It is a costly and occasional option that presents a breathtaking city vista. Yet, you may require to book in advance and deal with safety checks and luggage fees. The span is about 14 miles with almost a travel time of 15 minutes. The expense varies from $80 to $100.

Quick Stops on Road Trip to Santa Monica from LA

Here are some stops on a road trip to Santa Monica from LA!

1- Los Angeles County Museum of Art

If you love art and culture, marvel at this stunning site. It is the most extensive gallery with multiple halls. You can value the pieces by famous artists. It includes Picasso, Warhol, and Monet. LACMA was established in 1961, shattering the three galleries. It includes history, sciences, and arts. After some time, it shifted to the Wilshire Boulevard complex developed by William Pereira.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The gallery’s collections developed in the 1980s, and it counted several displays. Some many outdoor statues and buildings can be admired. It includes the Urban Light, a cluster of repaired street lights from 1920 to 1930. Moreover, it is located on Wilshire Boulevard. This gallery is roughly ten miles from downtown Los Angeles. The admission fee for children under seventeen is free, with off on weekends. It is a beautiful site where you can undergo the various antiques of the museum.

2- Abbot Kinney

If you like a modern and active place to do affordable shopping or eat at a cafe, and theatre, you must find Abbot Kinney Boulevard. It is located in Venice. This highway is called after the architect who built the Venice Canals in the early 20th century.

This site has exclusive boutiques, tasty cafes, bars, and many art halls. You can uncover everything from old to stylish clothes, cold coffee with a delicious meal, or a piece of handmade jewelry. It is also known for its monthly or yearly events, like First Fridays. Thus, you can eat at the food stalls and enjoy concerts and street performances.

3- Venice Beach

If you want to undergo the terrific beach culture of Los Angeles, you must head to Venice Beach. It is the city’s most famous and vibrant beach. You can watch street performances, concerts, skaters, and surfers on the way. Rent a bike or a cruise along the seaside.

Venice Beach
Venice Beach

You can also view the Venice Beach Skate Park, which has alleys, bowls, and railings for all kinds of skaters. It is home to the Venice Canals, a web of artificial canals comparing those in Venice. Therefore, you can trek along the bridges and adore the captivating homes that line the channels.

4- Third Street Promenade

See the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica for a delightful and cheerful place to end your highway trip. This pedestrian-only road is a popular site for locals and travelers. It has stores, cafes, halls, and entertainment venues.

You can also enjoy live melody and street entertainers every day. This site is also near the Santa Monica Pier, where you can swing along the Ferris wheel. You can play arcade or watch the dusk over the sea.

5- Culver City

If you are curious about movie and television records, you must stop by Culver City. It is a city that was once a base for exhibition studios like Sony Pictures and MGM. You can walk along the studios or dig the downtown region, which has many cafes, shops, and showrooms.

Culver City
Culver City

One of the most widespread areas to eat is Gjelina. It is a Mediterranean cafe that serves small portion plates. Further, it is also recognized for its showrooms, which possess portraits, statues, and handmade crafts.


Both cities are regarded as the most pleasing locations in the state. There is a variety of activities to encounter by the locals and travelers. You can stop at the most suitable routes and enjoy your highway trip. The distance and time of various modes of transport varies. It includes the train, bus, motorcar, cab, and airplane. There are many thrilling places you can see along the highway. Thus, pack your bag, plan your journey, and have a great time.

FAQs on How Far is Santa Monica from LA

What is the travel cost from LA to Santa Monica city?

The traveling expense depends on the mode of transport and the traffic situation. The most affordable choice is Metro Bus for $2. The costly choice is to fly for $100. Still, it depends on your choice, which option you want to consider according to your budget or luxury.

What are the top restaurants in Santa Monica?

Santa Monica is a seaside city that offers many cafes for travelers. Proper Food Kitchen and Blue Plate Taco are some of the most popular. You can eat American vegan or Mexican grill at these restaurants. Both cafes offer significant portions at a reasonable price.

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