A lot of people are interested in knowing how to get Italian citizenship. There are countless reasons you’d want to travel to Italy and live there. Italy has fantastic food, the best fashion, and the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Italy has a rich culture and history. Also, you’d have trouble finding a place with a more romantic reputation.

Having Italian citizenship gives you the right to work at companies in Italy and earn a handsome amount. Plus, you will automatically have the right to travel across the European Union without restrictions. Moreover, there’s no surprise that people want to live in Italy.

The process to get Italian citizenship is slightly different from other countries, and this blog will guide you step-by-step to becoming one. Let’s dive into it.

Predominant methods of getting Italian citizenship

– Marrying an Italian citizen

– Getting an Italian residence permit (naturalization)

– Investing in Italy

How to get Italian citizenship by marriage to an Italian citizen

A non-Italian spouse married to an Italian citizen may apply for Italian citizenship for two years if residing in Italy. If the couple has children under 18 or legally adopts children, this term gets half.

How to Get Italian Citizenship
How to Get Italian Citizenship

The Italian partner must register with the AIRE (if residing abroad) to begin the citizenship process. However, the foreign marriage record should have registration through the local Italian consulate. Furthermore, the commune must have previously registered the marriage record in Italy.

The first step is to ensure that the marriage record is already on file with the Italian comune that the Italian spouse has proper registration with the AIRE. Also, the residence address on file with the consulate should be up to date.

Required documentation:

1. Criminal history checks from the foreign country where the applicant has lived since 14.

2. Get a copy of the marriage certificate transcript from the Italian municipality in which the Italian spouse has a registration of AIRE.

3. An Italian language certificate demonstrating B1 proficiency (“intermediate level”). Moreover, the certificate must have issuance with an institution recognized by the Ministry of Education (“MIUR”) or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (“MAECI”).

4. an authenticated copy of the foreign birth certificate.

Italian Dual Citizenship
Italian Dual Citizenship

5. The application fee for citizenship by marriage is €250, which must be paid by wire transfer (or postal service for applicants who live and apply in Italy) into the Italian Ministry of Interior account.

How to acquire Italian citizenship by getting an Italian residence permit (naturalization)

With this method, you will have to live in Italy with a temporary residence permit for five years afterward apply for the permanent residence permit. You will have to live in Italy for five years with a permanent residence permit to apply for Italian citizenship. Even if this method is not the quickest way to obtain Italian citizenship, it is unquestionably one of the most secure.

If you wonder how long it will take via residence, the minimum is ten years. Therefore, you will get citizenship if the applicant has spent no more than ten months abroad in the five years preceding the application.


1. You must stay in the country for at least 183 days per year

2. Also, you must earn money and pay taxes in Italy for ten years.

3. You must earn a minimum of €8,264

4. Moreover, you must pass the Italian language test at the B1 level (If you have graduated from an Italian school, college, or university, you will not be required to take the test).

5. Proof of income and tax payment for three years before the date of application

How to become an Italian national by investing in Italy

Although it is not possible to become an Italian directly through investment, the country does have a residency permit program. Applicants can choose to invest €250,000+ in innovative startups, €500,000+ in the authorized capital of Italian companies, €1,000,000+ in socially significant projects, or purchase government bonds worth €2,000,000+.

Immigration to Italy
Immigration to Italy

The investor confirms the legality of receiving funds for their investment contribution and conducts Due Diligence.

A two-year residence permit is issued. If the investment is maintained, it can be extended for another three years. If an investor does not wish to obtain Italian citizenship, they are not required to live in Italy.

Under general conditions, investors obtain citizenship through naturalization. After five years of permanent residence, the investor is granted permanent residency, followed by citizenship after ten years.

What are the benefits of holding Italian citizenship?

Italian dual citizenship

Italian dual citizenship is possible for citizens of certain countries even after obtaining an Italian passport. Also, this will grant them legal status in both countries.

Working and living in Italy

The most important advantage of obtaining Italian citizenship is living and working in Italy without stress. You won’t need to consider visa renewal periods once you become an Italian citizen. Furthermore, Italian citizenship provides access to all other EU member states.

Living in Italy
Living in Italy

Study in Italy

Non-EU citizens who come to Italy on a study visa can stay after completing their studies. Moreover, it’s a benefit of obtaining Italian citizenship as Italy is the only EU country that allows you to convert a student visa into an employment residence permit.

Start a business and enjoy tax benefits

Owning a business in Italy is one of the most important benefits of obtaining Italian citizenship, as it is easier to start a business as an Italian citizen. Aside from that, you will be eligible to pay lower taxes.

Freedom to travel across Europe

As an Italian citizen, you will travel freely throughout Europe. Also, this is a significant advantage for people who apply for Italian citizenship.

Unlock high-quality healthcare and education

Italy has some of Europe’s best education and healthcare systems, and its citizens have equal access to them. This is also a right that a foreigner automatically acquires when they become an Italian citizen. You will also gain voting rights once you become a citizen of Italy.

Italy Education
Italy Education

The Takeaway

Congratulations, you have decided to get Italian citizenship! Now, it’s time to get started. The first thing to remember is that you need to speak Italian fluently. If you’re not a native speaker, you will need to take Italian lessons for at least a year before applying for citizenship. You’ll need to understand, speak and write Italian fluently.

We recommend taking the CELI or CILS exam. The Italian government recognizes these exams. When you pass either of the exams, you will receive an official certificate, which will give you a head start on your citizenship application.

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