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Explore Apopka: Kelly Park Rock Springs

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Fantasize a remarkable city called Apoka, wrapped by wild nature and landscapes. It’s like a secret heaven for adventurous patrols. Here, you can experience both the rush of the jungle and the comfort of luxury. It is a journey into the heart of Florida’s surprising natural world that you’ll never overlook. You can relish angling, biking, birdwatching, picnicking, trekking, cycling, and more. Apopka provides a beautiful topography of lakes, trails, and springs like Kelly Park Rock Springs. The average low temperature varies from 49°F-66°F. It is when it is most crowded. Regardless, you can visit Apopka any time.

Kelly Park Rock Springs

Kelly Park Rock Springs is a favored destination point of springs for nature buffs and outdoor fanatics in Central Florida. It is mainly a county park with various landscapes, including trails and a natural spring that streams through a panoramic creek.

Relax at the picnic points when you want to spend a vacation with your family. It even has a food stand. The park is crowded by mid-morning, so it closes its entrances until the area becomes available.


This park is located at 400 E Kelly Park Road. If you take your conveyance, it will take almost 30 miles north of Orlando and fifteen miles west of Mount Dora.

Opening Hours

Usually, it is open year-round, except on the reconstruction or cleaning days. The park is open daily from morning 8 a.m. to evening 8 p.m. in summer. But time is reduced by 2 hours less in winter. The waterfront and wildlife trails close one hour before the grassland closes.

Charges for Tourists

This grassland entry fee is $3 per motorcar for two people, $5 per auto for a group of eight people and $1 for extra walk-ins. No pets and no drinks are permitted in the park.

Kelly Park
Kelly Park

Popular Attractions

The central attraction of Kelly Park Rock Springs is the untouched spring. It maintains a steady 72 degrees Fahrenheit and supplies 42,000 gallons of clear water per minute. You can float, snorkel, kayak, or glide in transparent water. Tube rentals are general from dealers outside the park.

Moreover, tourists may bring their swimming pool noodles or floats. It must be shorter than five feet in height or width. The streamlet is roughly three-quarters of a mile long with twenty-five minutes to achieve.

Campgrounds and playing points

Besides the spring and the stream, this park also offers other water sports for tourists of all ages. Eat at one of the designated picnic points or the greens. You can even play volleyball or explore the nature tracks that wind via the park.

Apart from the picnic, there are campgrounds with 26 zones for tents and RVs. There is a dormitory at Camp Joy that can accommodate up to seventy individuals. You can book camps and gazeboes online or by contacting the park instantly.

Other Things to Do in Apopka

Here are some fascinating things to do in Apopka:

1- United Artists Wekiva Riverwalk 8

If you want to see a film with your friends, visit the United Artists Wekiva Riverwalk 8. It is a theater that shows a variety of movies and genres of harmony. You can book your seats online and enjoy the comfy chairs. Here, the popcorns are complementary. Yet, you can add flavor with a small tip to the friendly staff. You can review the showtimes and purchase tickets accordingly.

United Artists Wekiva Riverwalk 8
United Artists Wekiva Riverwalk 8

2- Avian Reconditioning Center

If you adore birds of prey, you can see the Avian Reconditioning Center or ARC. It is a bird of prey restoration with a teaching facility. You can visit and understand about other raptors. It includes owls, pigeons, eagles, budgies, and vultures.

Likewise, you can watch flight marches and interact with some birds. Remember to attend certain events, like Owl at the Moon, or volunteer at the camp.

3- Lake Apopka Wildlife Trail

To experience the natural magnificence and wildlife of the state, visit the Lake Apopka Wildlife Trail. It is an 11-mile campaign or cycle trail. This path will take you through the fixed swamps of Lake Apopka. You can glimpse a variety of wildlife, like reptiles and more than three hundred kinds of birds.

The course has several remarked outlets and current signs. Yet, it is accessible via Lust Road. It is open on weekends and accesses further paths and parks from distinct locations.

Lake Apopka Wildlife Trail
Lake Apopka Wildlife Trail

4- Games at My Axes Place

If you want an entertaining and thrilling activity, go to My Axes Place. It is an indoor gaming facility that presents axe throwing. You can discover how to toss an axe from outstanding coaches. It creates a shot in safe and unique surroundings. You can also eat snacks and drinks from local shops and partake in games and related occasions.

5- Streams of Wekiwa Springs State Park

Visit Wekiwa Springs State Park to escape from the despair of your life. It is a 7,000-acre grassland with diverse creatures. This park is residence to a crystal-clear hop that preserves a constant temperature throughout the flow.

Further, it provides gallons of fresh water to the nearby village. You can swim or ship down the Wekiva River. Here, spot the alligators, ancient turtles, and giant black bears.

6- St Mary Protectress Ukrainian Catholic Church

 If you like to explore the culture and religion of the Ukrainian society in Apopka, consider going to the St Mary Protectress Ukrainian Catholic Church. It is a clergy that tracks the Byzantine ritual and honors the liturgy in Ukrainian and English.

St Mary Protectress Ukrainian Catholic Church
St Mary Protectress Ukrainian Catholic Church

You can respect the lovely icons and prehistory of the church. Join the prayers for worshiping and fellowship. Moreover, it hosts events and carnivals, like the Ukrainian Food Festival and Christmas Bazaar.

7- Alligators at Rock Springs Run

Rock Springs Run is a branch of the Wekiva River that presents a variety of outdoor sports and natural interests. You can enjoy canoeing, kayaking, fishing, or gliding in the cool and calm water of the spring-fed stream. Spot and click pictures of the birds and other creatures along the way.

It is a portion of the Rock Springs Run State Reserve. This reserve features horseback riding pathways and primal camping sites. It is open daily with two hours less to close during the winter season. Yet, there is a parking fee as well to enjoy the rides, yet reasonable.

8- Museum of the Apopkans

The Museum of the Apopkans is a chronological gallery. It shows the legacy and civilization of the city and Northwest region. It has exhibits showing the life and work of the frontiersperson, growers, railway staffers, and planters. They shaped the region’s history.

You can also learn about the old American groups, the Civil Wars, and other recorded events that involved it. It is open except on weekends, including Mondays. The museum entry is free, but offerings are valued.

Museum of the Apopkans
Museum of the Apopkans

9- Rails at West Orange Trail

West Orange Trail is a 22-mile curved track that links Apopka with nearby villages like Oakland and Ocoee. It is constructed on an old railway path and departs through diverse terrains. It includes lakes, marshes, farms, and towers. You can bike, wander, jog, or slide along the trail.

The course also has toilets, fountains, courts, and bike racks. Yet, it is accessible from different points, like Kit Land Nelson Park, Magnolia Park, or Clarcona Horseman’s Park. It is available daily from morning to sundown with free entry.


The city of Apopka not only covers waterfalls, parks, or other sites that are perfect for a family vacation but there is something exceptional for everyone. Whether you are looking for incident, essence, culture, or recreation, you can uncover it in Apopka.

You can dig the fantastic springs and creeks like the Kelly Park Rock Springs. It has a diverse pathway, historic and current attractions, and a friendly and welcoming society. So, Apopka is a location worth visiting.

FAQs on Kelly Park Rock Springs

When is the most suitable time to enjoy here?

Although it is open year-round, it can get crowded during the summer season and holidays. It is advised to arrive earlier in the dawn to secure a parking spot and sidestep long queues at the entry.

What are the things recommended to carry here?

You must carry your tube or float to relish the stream. Likewise, water shoes, sunscreen, insect spray, towels, and clothes are suggested. Always bring your eatables as it is hard to find any food stalls, plus a credit card is a tricky option here.

Looking for some tips to plan your next trip? Check these tips for planning your next trip.

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