Located in North Carolina, Raleigh is a capital city of Wake County with vibrant surroundings. Families always look for planning a trip to this lovely destination. It was known as the City of Oaks in its earliest times, offering a rich past, mixed culture, and ample natural beauty. You will encounter it in Raleigh if you are curious about displays, art, music, water sports, shopping, or feasts. You can also explore Lake Wheeler Park and many other parks and trails in this green and livable city.

1- Lake Wheeler Park

Lake Wheeler Park is considered the most famous park in Raleigh. You can undergo a range of outdoor sports and the coast’s beauty. The park has 150 acres of parkland. There is almost a 650-acre lake open for boating and kayaking. Carry your boat or lease from a parking spot. It was built in 1956 with the consent of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Later, it supplied water to the nearby districts in 2010. There is a theatre, banquet, classroom, and reception facility. If you want more fun, troll along the paths around the lake, which are appropriate for hiking. There is an indoor elevator as a general amenity. The tracks range from 0.5 to 2.5 miles, and you can see various plants and animals along the way.

Lake Wheeler Park
Lake Wheeler Park

You can also see the habitat instruction center to learn more about the lake’s past and ecology. The Waterfront Program Center offers concessions. Thus, it is excellent for spending a weekend. Remember to check the hours, expenses, rules, and reservations. 

2- Relax at Shelley Lake Park

Shelley Lake Park is a small park on the seaside of Falls Lake. The park has almost two miles of complex greenway tracks. It includes fitness stations, fishing ports, and picnic spots. Let your children play at the playground, basketball court, and boat.

Moreover, the park also has a preservation center of various plants. You can have a guided tour of its center. Thus, it is a great location to enjoy nature, gym, and have delight with friends. You can understand more about the amenities and events on its social media page.

3- Views at Blue Jay Point County Park

Blue Jay Point County Park is located in the northern region of Wake County. This park suggests shoreline fishing, open play fields, and a Go Ape Treetop Adventure class. Its nature preserves feature interactive exhibitions and water sports for children. Further, it is a grassland for all seasons to explore the natural looks and wildlife of the zone.

Blue Jay Point County Park
Blue Jay Point County Park

You can walk along the redwoods, oak trees, and madrones. This grassland has miles of tracks. The routes are steeper and curvaceous. But it caters to hikers of all groups, from easy to complex ones. You can relish the beautiful views of the immense Stone Mountains nearby.

4- Paved Trails at Lake Johnson Park

If you want to relax and have a scenic urban lake view, consider Lake Johnson Park. It shields around 300 acres of land, including water and wood. It even has a 150-acre lake open for boating and fishing. The park has a three-mile clear greenway grass around the pool and two miles of unpaved path.

Further, you can catch the sights of deer, coyotes, bobcats, and bird types. The park is usually closed before evening. Parking is limited, so arrive earlier. There is no specified area for pet dogs or bicycles. If you are a nature buff or seeking an outdoor venture, walk along this place. You can even study at the downtown State campus and Cary nearby.

5- Statues at the Pullen Park

Pullen Park is considered the oldest park open to the general public. Even it is the fifth-oldest active amusement park in the US. You can rest at this park after having a hectic class at North Carolina State University. The park has a picnic area, a parking stand, a camping site, and athletic lots. You can even play tennis or explore its aquatic and arts center.

Pullen Park
Pullen Park

Numerous small rides are famous with students. It includes the carousel, train, kiddie, and pedal boat. The carousel is a milestone dating back to 1911 with 52 hand-carved creatures. The train is a miniature model of a steam engine. The kiddie boats are motorized crafts that function in a circular form. Therefore, it is a classic family fun site to enjoy attractions, theatres, and events.

6- Buildings at Historic Oak View County Park

Historic Oak View County Park is a miniature park in the southeast part. The garden is a documented site that formed as a 19th-century farm. Now, it includes farm facilities and systems. It has a ranch, a cotton gin cabin, a barn, a carriage cottage, a tenant, and a warehouse. Moreover, the park has orchards, pools, boot camps, and a farmstead with animals.

The visitor center is located in it with suggested treks. The guides tell the tale of the individuals who lived and labored on the land from ancient times to today. It is a site where you can experience the past firsthand and understand farming knowledge.

7- Carousel at John Chavis Memorial Park

John Chavis Memorial Park was built in 1937 park. During the separation, this park was noted as a “separate but equal” amusement site for African Americans. It is titled after John Chavis. He was a free Black teacher, priest, and Revolutionary War vet. He even opened his first school close to this site in 1808.

John Chavis Memorial Park
John Chavis Memorial Park

The park features a historic play area, a district, a gymnasium, a water fountain, an outdoor path, and pastures. It has a half-mile area of the Capital Area Greenway Trail. Later, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places and restored to its initial design in 2021.

8- Sites at the Historic Yates Mill County Park

Historic Yates Mill County Park is a massive grassland that preserves and reveals the area’s agricultural roots. The masterpiece of this site is the Historic Yates Mill. It is the last functional water-powered gristmill. This mill was constructed in the early 1800s and was repaired.

Take a directed tour and view the earliest millstones and machinery. The park also offers an environmental teaching program with multiple activities for grown-ups. Hence, you can experience firsthand and know about the region’s cultural aids.

9- Water sports at Eliza Pool Park

Eliza Pool Park is named after Eliza Pool, who instructed in Wake County Schools from 1886 to 1926. It includes a playground, a multipurpose hall, a picnic refuge, and a volleyball court.

Eliza Pool Park
Eliza Pool Park

Further, it also has an active exhibit that relates the school’s story and its function in society. Join one of the fantastic affairs or programs it offers yearly. The entrance fees vary depending on the season and type of ticket. Here, you can have fun, unwind, and relish the academic legacy of it.

10- Grill at Anderson Point Park

Anderson Point Park is a 90-acre park in the state. It presents various scenic views. The park has a large open field with a stone remark tower overseeing the Neuse River. It also has camping spots, shelters, grills, toilets, greens, and an arena.

This park suits the Neuse River Trail and the East Coast Greenway Trail, fitting hiking and biking paths. The park also has access to canoeing and kayaking on the river. It is a garden full of masterpieces of design and color.


In this city, you will discover many different attractions. Parks in this city are a fantastic way to relish the outdoors and have joy with your buddies. You can visit across 200 gardens with diverse amenities and actions. It includes greens, picnic sites, athletic skills, community camps, wildlife preserves, and more. Thus, the most famous parks are Lake Wheeler Park, Pullen, Lake Johnson, Shelley Lake, and other grasslands. No matter your curiosity, you will find a park that fits you in Raleigh.

FAQs on Lake Wheeler Park

How can I get along this grassland?

You can freely park at the park entry or around the ramps if you drive a car. If you have a bike, use the Walnut Creek Greenway Trail that links to the grassland. Take the bus from GoRaleigh Route 7. It stops close to the park gate.

What are the tips for visiting this park?

Here are some leads to make your visit more pleasant. Inspect the peak hours and weather states. Carry or rent a boat from the office. Pay a takeoff fee and obey the boating rules. Lift your picnic reserves or use one of the tops or grills available.

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