You can initially go to Largo Park in the afternoon. Shady trees and squirrels hiding along cover it. The park facilities are remarkable and well-maintained. But in the evening hours, its beauty is worth viewing. December is when it’s more magically lighted up than ever imagined. You can walk around its vast tree canopy, large playground, and festivals. Its play area is one of the largest, with a completely handicapped-accessible park. While in your car, consider visiting nearby parks and beaches in Florida, such as Ben T. Davis Beach.

All About Largo Park

Largo Park is one of the finest recreational options for a round trip around Florida.

Location and Size

The lovely 70-acre Largo Central Park is located in the city center. It is at 101 Central Park Drive, next to the Central Park Performing Arts Center and across from the Largo Public Library. It stands out as one of the best parks in the county by its hilly grounds and landscapes. Moreover, more than a million state residents visit the park every year. Largo Central Railroad has a track length of 1.2 miles, so many people come here for Train Weekend.

Key Largo
Key Largo

Park Facilities

The amenities in this park attract tourists from around the world. It includes eight picnic shelters, two of which are considerable. There is a one-acre playfield and a 2.5-acre great grass grown on it. Also, it has more than 1,000 shade trees.

Even restrooms and playgrounds accessible to those with disabilities are given full access. James S. Miles & Richard A. Leandro Military Court of Honor and Largo Central Railroad are almost free.

Best Time to Visit

The calm and beautiful fall and winter months are ideal for exploring the park. The temperature is colder from October to April, perfect for outdoor activities. This season, take a trip on the railroad, visit the playground, and have picnics on the beautiful lawn. In addition, the park holds many activities throughout this time.

Take advantage of the park’s recreational opportunities and natural beauty. The park is still open from May to September as the temperature rises. While the playground, walking paths, and other amenities are still available to visitors, scheduling activities for the more leisurely morning or evening hours is best.

Best Time to Visit Largo Park
Best Time to Visit Largo Park

Largo Central Park Playground

Fun is the primary intent of the Largo Central Park Playground, one of the most giant fields in the state. The large oak trees surrounding it provide plenty of shade. This shady structure in the middle allows parents to see the whole area.

Further, the playground has other features. The main park elements are playhouses for ages 2–5, a train, a giant sandbox with diggers, and a two-story play area. There is also a merry-go-round, a 75-mile walking circle, and a dragonfly teeter-totter. You can climb rocks and have swings for school-age children.

Picnic Points and Lawn Spaces

Enjoy a picnic with your family under the eight picnic pavilions that dot the area. These warm areas are ideal for get-togethers with friends, parties, or enjoying a meal. The settings and well-maintained amenities offer a great picnic experience. You can select a cozy area close to the park or a pavilion for a group. The 2.5-acre big grass area invites guests to enjoy the scenery.

Similarly, the space offers a calm haven for activities like picnics, yoga, or lounging in the sun. The well-kept lawn enables reading aloud, playing frisbee, and taking strolls. The giant grass hosts musical shows and outdoor film evenings. Thus, it is a blank canvas for fun, relaxing, and shared events.

Picnic Points
Picnic Points

Play Sports and Recreational Areas

Sports-wise, there are many choices. Golf’s 18-hole layout began in 1969. The 62-yard course is 3,300 yards long. Two sets of fairways are available for various skill levels. Enjoy the monthly concert series on The Breezeway every third Friday. Savour dishes from local food trucks, live music, dancing, and cool drinks.

All three Largo Recreation Fitness sites have fitness centers open to members for broad use. A range of youth fitness programs and personal training options are also free. The parks division’s mission is to create enduring events for families, including hiking options, quests, and other programs.

Railroad and Pit Rental

There’s a fun train trip through the park on the Largo Central Railroad. It was built in 1991 and run by devoted club members. This model railroad has around 1.2 miles of track. The trains run through tunnels, circle the park, and even cross the pond. It is open to visitors of all ages.

Further, this journey assures joy and nostalgia. So, you can travel on a rail fan or look for another point of view. Renting Shelter 8’s fire pit may provide for cozy events and special nights. Imagine cozy fires glowing beneath the Florida sky filled with stars. Get everyone there, and make memories around.

Cozy Nights
Cozy Nights

Military Court of Honour and Community Centre

This memorial honors the brave heroes within the park. It marks Richard A. Leandri and James S. Miles. They stand in for the efforts of men and women in the armed forces. The court encourages reflection and gratitude with its flags, plaques, and calm setting. Here, visitors may take time to honor those who have stood up for freedom.

Moreover, despite its features, the park is an annual meeting spot. It has eight picnic shelters, a superb lawn area, and a playfield, so it promotes festivity and outdoor fun. This park symbolizes a community spirit, whether strolling under the shade trees, taking the train, or attending a ceremony.

Largo Public Library

The Largo Public Library wants you to fill out a poll to understand better your views of the programs, personnel, services, and physical space. Many students are motivated to improve their English but can only visit the library when it is open. You may be thrilled to restart the Tuesday night English conversation club.

However, you may plan a holiday to go to the library and assign a buddy to this role. Through this effort, visitors from all backgrounds jointly emphasize the value of open and inviting settings. Thus, many students accomplished their six-month goal by working with a tutor in person for more than 40 hours.

Largo Public Library
Largo Public Library

Central Park Performing Arts Center

The Central Park Performing Arts Center serves a variety of functions. It has a 200-person view room, the 443-seat Tonne area, and the Historic Largo Feed Store. The center boosts the community’s participation in performing arts events. Many local, regional, and national artists and groups are hosted there. Each area is rented for meetings, receptions, and special events.

Furthermore, Homeschool Musical Theatre exposes students to musical theatre. It is pleased to present its exciting new season of shows, which includes a wide range of genres, such as comedy, dance, theatre, pop, rock, kid’s series, and jazz and classical music. Tickets are available and are now on sale.


In the hub of Largo, Largo Park is a stunning 70-acre park that stands out as one of the best parks for a holiday. The park has grounds, pools, and an iconic clock tower. Rainbow Rotary Playground is one of the few parks in the Bay region that is fully accessible to people with disabilities. It has Fit Zone, a brand-new exercise facility. Many of the exercise stations in the outdoor area are similar to those in a conventional gym.

FAQs on Largo Park

Guide something more about this disabled-friendly playground.

This field of play is an example of diversity in action. Unlike regular ones, it is built to be fully accessible to those with disabilities. Over 117 play activities are available for ages 2 to 12. Such sports can be enjoyed on a soft, durable synthetic grass safety surface.

What kind of shade trees are in Largo Park?

More than a thousand shade trees in the park offer relief from the Florida heat. The natural canopy, made up of towering oaks, beautiful palms, and swinging pines, creates dappled shadows on the roads. The soft sound of rustling leaves and sunshine is calming and comforting.

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