Arkansas has a beautiful city named Fayetteville. This city is landlocked in Cumberland County. You can encounter vintage and its beaches. It is a city of stunning skyline views. Moreover, it offers a variety of recreation options for tourists, locals, and adventure lovers. There are enchanting movie theaters in Fayetteville, AR. You can go for a family holiday to one of its theatres. Enjoy a classical film or an animated one. Watch a film and enjoy it at a cozy cafe afterward. You can find much more in this city.

Movie Theaters in Fayetteville, AR

This article will provide a list of movie theaters in Fayetteville, AR.

1- Visit at the Walton Arts Center

If you want to see a movie or live play, visit the Walton Arts Center. Mainly, it is a performing arts hub. After a hectic lesson at the University of Arkansas, you can review with your mates here. It offers concerts and events like music, dances, short biographies, comedy skits, and more.

Walton Arts Center
Walton Arts Center

This center organizes carnivals and special affairs. It aims to improve the lives of people on the Northwest side. Therefore, they provide access to high-quality enjoyment and joy. It also sustains arts teaching and society engagement schedules. Yet, it was launched in 1992 and has newly expanded its structures. Now, it includes a new hall, a redone Theater, a backstage space, and a vast seating capacity.

2- Clean Aura at Artist’s Laboratory Theatre

Artist’s Laboratory Theatre is a community side theatre. It produces original versions that involve the audience in unknown forms. The skits work on the exploration of social topics and local tiers. It also has a Sunday Night Service radio play. In this radio show, there are featuring interviews, tunes, and storytelling.

Further, it was established in 2011 by Erika Wilhite, the creative director. The firm has no enduring forum but directs its shows in unexpected places. They display projectors to show movies at the parking site or a park. After enjoying a movie at this site, you can visit Theo’s nearby and relish a meal.

3- Fun at U Ark Theatre

U Ark Theatre is primarily a theatre branch of the University of Arkansas in the city. It proposes the Arts degree at the bachelor’s and master’s level in six areas. You can have a degree in acting, directing, script writing, costume, scene, and light designing. The department also helps work in the Dance unit.

U Ark Theatre
U Ark Theatre

Moreover, it aims to create graduates qualified to enter the proficient world or seek different studies. It also provides options for students to partake in different elements of production. This theatre delivers an average of 10 shows each year on various platforms on campus.

4- Cheap shows at Malco Sunset Cinema

Malco Sunset Cinema is a second-run film theater located in Springdale. It offers a superior deal for moviegoers, reducing ticket prices by $3. The hall is neat and has nothing different from the cinema venture. It also has a birthday bash space, discounts, and movie genres.

Various features include curved projectors, pre-booking, credit cards- accepted, and DTS. Other features include handicap access and parking, Dolby Digital, and listening devices. It is a flawless site to enjoy a film and check the current film on their site.

5- See at AMC Fiesta Square 12 and 16

AMC Fiesta Square 12 and 16 is a stylish multiplex theater. It organizes festivals and particular occasions. It includes VoiceJam Festival, Art of Wine, and Artosphere Festival. This multiplex strives to improve and provide a variety of arts and enjoyment. Hence, it also sustains arts and society meeting programs. It has recently extended its facilities to form a fresh lobby, a renovated Star Arena, and a new sound system.

AMC Fiesta Square 12 and 16
AMC Fiesta Square 12 and 16

This theatre has 1,200 seats in the Baum Walker Hall and 500 in the Star Arena. Some luxuries are AMC signature recliners, booked seating, discount Tuesdays, and matinees. Food & drinks mobile services, bar, sensory-friendly movies, and closed caption. Book your tickets online if you can encounter something in this vibrant stadium.

6- Clean aura of Malco’s Cinema 12

Malco’s Cinema 12 is a site-specific auditorium. It creates original skits that involve social and local reports. It also delivers a Sunday Night Movie featuring new talent. This theatre was founded in 2011 by Erika Wilhite, the director. Some of its past shows include The New Now, The Journey Home Project, and The Dream Project.

Apart from all this, it features original stories, audience participation, social relevance, local stories, and radio shows. You can even visit the Moonshine Beach Park. Thus, it is a unique theater background that inquires and uplifts viewers. You can find new views and link with your community through their displays.

7- Enjoy at the Malco Theatres

Malco Theatres is a movie cinema chain in six states. It was established in 1915 by M.A. Lightman Sr. It has evolved into one of the immense local cinema exhibitors in the US. Likewise, it offers a type of movie-going incident. You can choose from classic cinemas, drive-in cinemas, cinema grills, IMAX, and MXT halls.

Malco Theatres
Malco Theatres

MXT means Malco Xtreme Theater. It includes a 4K laser shoot, a big screen, grand seating, and Dolby Atmos audio for an intense movie-going venture. This theatre organizes special programs. It includes opera screens, classic film sequences, kids’ summer movie fest, and sensory movies.

8- Watch the Malco Razorback Cinema Grill and Imax

Malco Theatres drive Malco Razorback Cinema Grill and Imax. It is located at North Steele Blvd. This cinema offers a full-service pub and grill. Here you can collect food and drinks to eat during the film. It also has an IMAX projection for grand viewing.

It is a remarkable theater venture that challenges and motivates its viewers. You can uncover new stances and relate with your district through their movies. After a movie, have a fine dinner at Feed and Folly, which is near it.

9- Eat and see a show at 112 Drive-In

112 Drive-In is a drive-in film hall. It is open except Tuesdays in the spring season. This arena delivers double traits of new releases. It is one of the few staying drive-in theaters in the state serving since 1980. There is a large projector, FM sound system, food stall, garden, and cash-only facility.

112 Drive-In
112 Drive-In

This site is a great area to enjoy a film beneath the stars with your family or mates. You can bring your seats, coverings, or cushions to relax. Likewise, you can also carry your meals and drinks, but remember to buy from the snack bar.

10- Seating at the TheatreSquared

TheatreSquared is a professional local theater society. It was launched in 2005 by Bob Ford and Martin Miller. It has been identified as one of the country’s ten most bright-rising cinemas by the American Theatre Wing. This theatre makes an annual season of six shows, ranging from current comedies, dramas, classics, and new creations.

It offers educational programs like workshops, summer centers, and playwright possession. Further, it performs in an active theater complex inaugurated in 2019 and includes two flexible skit spaces: a commons spot, a trial hall, an outfit store, and a rooftop deck.


Fayetteville is a fantastic place for fun and rest. Relish at cinemas, beaches, and cafes. You can locate something in this lively municipality. Plan a family vacation to see a new release or a simple movie at this theater. Enjoy the delicious dish after a film. The next moment you peek for a movie theater in this city, don’t fail to check out the nearby sites. You will be satisfied with the quality of enjoyment options.

FAQs on Movie Theaters in Fayetteville, AR

Is there a seaside in this city?

This city does not have a genuine beach, but it does have a synthetic lake. It is named Lake Fayetteville. Here, you can swim, craft, fish, and other sports. There is also a garden with paths, playgrounds, picnic sites, and a botanical park near the lake.

What are some of the finest cafes in this city?

It has a diverse culinary setting, with cafes serving meals worldwide. Mermaids Seafood Restaurant provides fresh seafood plates. It is complemented with dessert. Hugo’s is a local choice for burgers, grilled sandwiches, and salads. Cafe Rue Orleans offers an original Cajun and Creole menu.

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