Delray Beach and Miami are two famous goals for Florida visitors. Each city has its charm and appeal. Delray Beach has a laid-back aura and beaches. People from Delray Beach often plan a trip to Miami as it’s worth visiting. Miami is a lively city that boasts a mixed culture and milestones like South Beach and Ocean Drive. You can go shopping, feasting, recreation, or sightseeing. Residents call it “The Magic City,” as there is a wide variety to encounter.

Mode of Transportation from Delray Beach to Miami

There are various modes of transport. It depends on your allotment, time, and choice.

  • You can reserve a bus seat from Miami with Palm Land Bus Lines. Likewise, Flixbus USA is also cheap. The bus trip takes roughly 3 hours and 40 minutes to reach. The cost per seat is $12 and $70. Secure your tickets online at the website Wanderu.
  • Take a direct train from Delray Beach Station. It will drive to the Metrorail Transfer Station with Tri-Rail in 2 hours, costing $4 and $11. You can even take a train to line 112 bus, and then take your car. It will cost $4-$11 in 2 hours and 34 minutes.
  • Fly from Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) and land at Miami International Airport (MIA) with comfort. The flight endures about 36 minutes. The average cost is about $100.
  • You can quickly drive from Delray by motorcar. The driving length is about 84 kilometers. It will require 1 hour and 2 minutes, counting the traffic situation. The counted fuel cost is between $10 and $15.

Quick Stops on a Road Trip from Delray Beach to Miami

Let’s dig into some places to visit on a road trip from Delray Beach to Miami:

1- Boynton Beach Inlet

Boynton Beach Inlet is a synthetic border beach. It rises beyond and links the southern edge of the Lake Worth Lagoon with the vast Atlantic Ocean. The span from Delray Beach to this intel is roughly 10 kilometers. If you drive your car, moving there will take nearly 12 minutes. Still, it depends on traffic conditions.

It is a famous spot for fishing, shipping, gliding, and surfing, kayaking. View the nearby natural and artificial coral reefs. The waterway is also famous for its stunning sea and intercoastal channel views. Here, you can watch ships and wilderness pass by. You can even access the waterway from Ocean Inlet Park. It offers parking lots, toilets, picnic sites, and a diner.

Boynton Beach Inlet
Boynton Beach Inlet

2- Boca Raton

The Boca Raton is a vibrant city. It is located in Palm Beach County. This city has covered almost a hundred thousand people since 2020. It is now a region of South Florida. This city is even considered a principal city of the Miami urban space. Further, it is known for its rich and lavish lifestyle. It has multiple upscale stores, cafes, spas, and golf courses.

This city also has an affluent cultural legacy and a festive arts setting. You can partake in various appeals like the Museum of Art, the Mizner Park Arena, and the Festival of the Arts BOCA. It is also the residence of the central campus of Florida Atlantic University. Moreover, it is the motherland of IBM’s foremost personal computer. The stretch from Delray Beach is roughly 9 miles by car. It takes nearly 15 minutes to reach there, depending on the speed.

3- Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach is a populous city in Broward County. The distance to this beach is approximately 29 kilometers in twenty-five minutes. Please drive by car to reach earlier. This beachfront is found on the sands of the vast Atlantic Ocean. Delray Beach is roughly ten miles north of the city. This city is noted for its golden beaches and transparent water, which appeals to tourists and locals.

Apart from all this, it is also an ideal spot for fishing, as it has some of the most amiable and lowest waters in South Florida. It organizes several fishing contests each year. Further, it also has a deep downtown site with marts, cafes, halls, and carnivals. A few junctures in this city are the Pompano Beach Pier, the Hillsboro Lighthouse, and the Airpark.

Pompano Beach
Pompano Beach

4- Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is also a captivating city in Broward County. It is a marked tourist goal, with around 4,000 cafes. Further, it features sixty-three golf routes, twelve shopping malls, and almost sixteen galleries. It is also titled the “Venice of America” because of its vast network of channels and canals.

Moreover, it has a tropical climate, with a moderate temperature of 24°C. Some worth-seeing sites include Fort, Las Olas Boulevard, Riverwalk Arts District, and Bonnet House Museum and Gardens. While traveling via car to this city, the span is around twenty-eight miles or forty-five kilometers in 35 minutes.

5- Coral Gables

Coral Gables is a lovely city. It is a city in Miami-Dade County, with fifty-thousand people as of 2010. This city is now a region of the Miami urban space. You can even let your kids learn and know at the University of Miami. Grab your grab and have a stay in Coral Gables. It will take one hour and 10 minutes to reach this stunning city. The stretch is nearly 95 kilometers.

Moreover, it is noted for its Mediterranean Revival crafts, lush views, and complex landmarks. It is also an artistic seat with many art alleys, cinemas, and carnivals. Visitors love it as it has a tropical monsoon weather, with an intermediate temperature of 76°F. Remember to see its various sites. It includes the Biltmore Hotel, Venetian Pool, Miracle Mile, and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

Coral Gables
Coral Gables

6- Hollywood

Hollywood is a rich and thriving city in Broward County. It is almost thirty-nine kilometers from your starting point by car. It takes roughly thirty minutes to move there. You can encounter it ten miles along the beach of the Atlantic Ocean, south of Fort Lauderdale. It is recognized for its sandy coasts and calm waters. Visitors and residents love to relax at this spot.

You can even try fishing in its bluest waters. Likewise, you can even grill the fish caught at the specified site. It also has a vibrant downtown area with different cartoon characters and other arts on its walls. Remember to click your pictures at this road stop. Thus, you will enjoy the most pleasing things in this city.

7- Aventura

Aventura is the nearest stop to the city of Miami. It is also a part and a suburb of Miami. Aventura is understood for its high-end and luxurious shopping malls and dining places. This city presents its luxury spas and hotels at affordable prices. It is also a famous goal for golfers, as they locate multiple golf courses and leagues.

This vast city has an equatorial rainforest environment with an average temperature. Please make a list of its attractions to visit. It includes the grand Aventura Mall plays at the Turnberry Isle Resort and Golf Club. Rest at the Founders Park, and adore antiques at the Aventura Arts and Cultural Center. It is roughly forty miles by car in fifty minutes, depending on the highway traffic.



Suppose you plan a family holiday from Delray Beach. In that case, Miami is a famous route for tourists and locals. They would love to enjoy its beaches. Here you can enjoy the finest of both cities. It has a cozy, charming seaside city and a lively, worldly-wise city. Various modes of transport are known. Use a caravan, bus, or automobile, depending on your budget, duration, and choice. Thus, make your journey more pleasing and unique.

FAQs on Delray Beach to Miami

What are the most pleasing artistic events at Delray Beach?

This beach has a rich legacy and an arts setting. You can locate carnivals, programs, and concerts yearly. It includes the Palm Beach Poetry Festival, Delray Affair, Downtown Craft Festival, and First Friday Art Walk. Its Center for the Arts organizes shows and classes.

What are the most suitable nearby clubhouses from Delray Beach?

There are numerous options for housing from Delray Beach. It ranges from cheap to luxury. Some advised inns are Crane’s Beach House Boutique Hotel & Luxury Villas, Colony Hotel & Cabana Club, and Opal Grand Oceanfront Resort & Spa. Each lodge boasts its visitors with its services.

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