Are you considering a move to Mexico? Whether you are looking for a new start in a beautiful and affordable country or you want to take advantage of the many business opportunities here, it is worth your consideration. Here are some things you should know about moving to Mexico from the United States.

The Ultimate Guide For Moving To Mexico from the US

Mexico is an attractive destination for many reasons. It’s one of the cheapest countries in North America where you can live here with just a few hundred dollars per month. It offers exciting business opportunities, but there are always some things to consider before moving to Mexico.

By Mexican law, it is required that a foreigner establish a domicile in Mexico. Domicile is defined as your permanent legal home or where you intend to live for the foreseeable future. There are four ways to get a domicile there:

  • Buy real estate
  • Purchase or establish a business there
  • Marry a Mexican national
  • Establish an independent income sufficient to support yourself and your dependents while living there without any employment in the country. Many retirees use this method due to their Social Security pensions which can be increased by investing part of the monthly payment in certain accounts that yield a higher interest rate than typical US savings and checking accounts.
Moving to Mexico
Moving to Mexico

Once you have established a permanent home in Mexico, you will be required to “declare” your entry into Mexico with a document called a Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM). The cost of the FMM is currently $22 US dollars and must be paid in cash or by money order payable to “Banjercito.” Payment must be made in the exact value indicated on the FMM.

Once your residency is approved, you will receive a plasticized card that proves your status as a legal resident in Mexico.

The Cost For Moving To Mexico From USA

How much does it cost to move to Mexico? If you are moving from the USA, then there are certain things that you need to keep in mind about the costs involved.

  • The total immigration cost of moving to Mexico from the USA is around $1500
  • The main costs involved are rental, utility bills, and public transport.
  • The total Rental cost is about 8,000 pesos.
  • Total Utility Bills are 3,000 Pesos.
  • The total public transport is 3,000 Pesos.

Possible Restrictions On Bringing Something To Mexico

You cannot bring certain items such as fresh food. You are allowed to bring one firearm into Mexico if it has been registered in your home country. Otherwise, you won’t be able to cross the border.

Finding Work In Mexico

The top-paying jobs in Mexico are Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, Controller & Finance Manager, and Oil and Gas Management. A controller or finance manager can make between $40k and $80k a year. However, it depends on the company they work for and where it is located. However, doing factory work, you can start at about $1500 a month anywhere in Mexico and make a little more if you work for a larger company.

Finding Work in Mexico
Finding Work in Mexico

Having your own business is also another option to become your boss. For example, in Mexico City, there are many French bakeries that you can buy into or just open one yourself. Many do this to have an extra source of income while teaching English.

Best Places To Live In Mexico

Mexico is a remarkable country with a lot of places to visit. From cities filled with history to beautiful beaches on the coasts of seas, It has everything you could want in a vacation spot. You must visit these places if you’re going to discover the beauty of Mexico:

  • Puerto Vallarta: A Haven by the Sea
  • Mérida: Colonial City-Living.
  • Lake Chapala: Mexico’s Largest Expat Hotspot.
  • Tulúm: A Beautiful Resort Town with a Bohemian Vibe.
  • Huatulco: A Hidden Gem in Southern Side.
  • Ensenada: An Attractive Port City.

5 Best Restaurants In Mexico

If you want to go there, you should know about the best restaurants in Mexico because it is necessary to eat. Here is the list of some good restaurants that you will find in Mexico.

1- El Naranjo – Austin, Texas

This restaurant is a hidden gem that has only been open since 2008, but it’s been quickly gaining steam as one of those places you have to try if you’re visiting Austin. The setting is rustic, beautiful, and all-around wonderful. You dine inside a converted house, complete with patio seating.

2- Pujol – Mexico City

It’s only fitting that the best Mexican restaurant in the entire country is located right in this City! This place has received notable accolades from The New York Times, Forbes Travel Guide, and Conde Nast Traveler – not to mention being named best restaurant in Mexico for four consecutive years.

Best Restaurants in Mexico
Best Restaurants in Mexico

3- Rosetta – Mexico City

This is one of those hidden gems that have been getting a lot of buzz lately. It’s located directly above Pujol, serving as the perfect cozy post-dinner hangout. The restaurant is small and intimate, and it’s very high-end with an excellent menu option, like spaghetti.

4- Puerta de Tierra – San Juan, Puerto Rico

This one is even more hidden than El Naranjo, mainly because it’s located in Puerto Rico. But it is still the best restaurant in Mexico because it offers a unique twist on Mexican dishes by incorporating Caribbean flavors and ingredients. It makes sense since Puerto Rico is just across the water from Mexico!

5- El Naranjo – San Antonio, Texas

Technically this is another location for El Naranjo (the first), but it deserves to be on the list because San Antonio is not close to Austin. It’s another gorgeous restaurant with a rustic, cozy vibe that’s perfect for date nights or family dinners.

Dual Citizenship Mexico
Dual Citizenship Mexico

Final Verdict: Moving To Mexico From USA

Mexico is a fantastic place to live with plenty of opportunities, especially for looking to start over in a new country. Your move can be smooth and relatively stress-free with the correct information and planning. So before going there, you should know all the things mentioned and discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- Is Moving To Mexico A Good Idea or Not?

There are various reasons for moving to Mexico. The people are welcoming, the cost of living is low, and buying real estate in Mexico is safe and easy. Its climate is generally warm and can get downright hot in the summer. All this can be had for costs half or less than life north of the border.

2- Can A US Citizen Move To Mexico?

Mexico has very relaxed visa laws, making it easier for us to exit. If you decide to live there for the long haul, you can apply for a temporary-residency visa while in the US. It requires some more work to get, but it allows you to stay in the country for up to four years.

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