Nashville to Gatlinburg Drive

Places to Visit During Your Nashville to Gatlinburg Drive

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Introduction to Nashville, Tennessee to Gatlinburg, Tennessee Drive

Nashville is a city in Tennessee, and Gatlinburg is a city in Tennessee. They are both located in the Appalachian region of the United States. The two towns are about three hours away from each other, and they have different climates and landscapes. The distance between Nashville and Gatlinburg is approximately 222 miles.

Nashville is a metropolitan area that has experienced rapid growth over the last few years. It has been called “music city” because it is home to many musicians, singers, songwriters, and record labels. It also hosts many music festivals such as Bonnaroo Music Festival, CMA Fest, etc.

Gatlinburg City is the perfect place for a vacation. There are many things to do for people of all ages. The most popular attractions are Ripley’s Aquarium, Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort, and Dollywood.

This article will explore the eight best places to visit during your Nashville to Gatlinburg, TN drive or Gatlinburg to Nashville journey.

Drive from Nashville to Gatlinburg, TN

The distance between Nashville and Gatlinburg is just 3 hours and 222 miles by car, and there are lots of great things to do here! If you take a few detours along the way, you’ll find some incredible scenery and make memories to last a lifetime. We hope we’ve inspired you today! The drive from Gatlinburg to Nashville is approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes. So, if you’re wondering how far is Nashville to Gatlinburg, TN, it’s a manageable distance for a day trip.

Drive from Nashville to Gatlinburg
Drive from Nashville to Gatlinburg

Why not budget some time for some cool mini-attractions? They’re beautiful, amusing, and full of wonders. You can see a pink elephant to a dinosaur made from spare parts or quirky boutiques to state parks. These diversions add a fun twist to your Nashville to Gatlinburg, TN road trip.

Best Places Along the Route of Nashville to Gatlinburg, TN

The cities you’ll find from Gatlinburg to Nashville are Pigeon Forge, Knoxville, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Sevierville, and Townsend. Pigeon Forge is the most popular — it’s 3 hours from Nashville and less than an hour from Gatlinburg.


Knoxville is a city in eastern Tennessee with a rich history and culture. The downtown area has old buildings, lively restaurants, and shops. You could also visit the Museum of East Tennessee History and learn about the region’s culture, art, and textiles. James White’s Fort, built by Revolutionary War Captain James White in 1786, features the reconstructed log cabin. It was Knoxville’s first permanent building.



In East Tennessee, Sevierville is a small city of forests and towns. You can enjoy the fresh air by taking nature walks or getting your daily exercise through local hiking trails. Nearby waterfalls are also fantastic places to take photos. 

The public library has an exhibit for all ages, with different interactive exhibits to keep the children entertained while they learn. Tennessee’s Museum of Aviation has a variety of vintage aircraft, including its two rare Thunderbolt fighter jets. To the east is the Forbidden Caverns, a vast underground cave system.

Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge is a mountain town and vacationing spot that houses Dollywood – country singer Dolly Parton’s theme park, featuring rides, a water park, and a museum of her costumes and memorabilia. Many other interests in the city don’t necessarily deal with just shopping.

Pigeon Forge
Pigeon Forge

For instance, you can go to country music concerts such as the Smoky Mountain Opry, dinner theatres such as Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede, and go outlet mall shopping.


Townsend is a suburb in the southeastern United States. The population was 244 (2000) and 448 (2010). Townsville, a site inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years, is also one of three gateways to the national park.

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

We suggest you visit Natchez Hills Winery at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, where you can enjoy wine and learn more about its ties with President Andrew Jackson. They produce some excellent wines in Middle Tennessee that will be perfect for you!

Wine Tasting Tour Guides will be on-site to walk you through a discounted tasting of different varietals, educate new wine drinkers, and share stories with the distinguished wine connoisseur.

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage
Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

You can explore and enjoy Natchez Hills Winery with its breathtaking views of the Hermitage grounds or stop by for a wine slush when walking around the property. Whether you prefer dry red wine or sweet white wine, there is something for everyone.

Stones River National Battlefield

The Stones River National Battlefield memorializes the Battle of Stones River, one of the enormous and most significant wars of the American Civil War. The battle of Stones River in the winter of 1862 & 1863 took place over three days in Tennessee.

The combined Union forces faced off against 81,000 combined Confederate forces to decide the fate of a young United States – if they won, there was a chance they would be able to end this bitter conflict.

Stones River National Battlefield
Stones River National Battlefield

These trails will let you see part of the beautiful rural area in Tennessee on a bike or walk around it. You can also use these trails to get closer to nature to better view the wildlife that lives in the countryside.

Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort

There is a Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort, Tennessee, in Nashville. It was built in the 1960s and has been renovated many times since its opening. The resort is placed on the beaches of Old Hickory Lake and offers all kinds of water sports.

The resort has 250 rooms spread over two buildings, the main building and the annex building. This resort offers many amenities, including an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, tennis courts, a fitness center, boat rentals, and more.

Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort
Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort

Cumberland Mountain State Park

With a total area of 12,947 acres and various habitats and species, Cumberland Mountain State Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Tennessee. The Cumberland Mountain State Park is also home to the highest point in Tennessee, with 3,600 feet. The park features many recreational activities, including hiking, biking, fishing, camping, and horseback riding.

Cades Cove

Nestled within the renowned Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Cades Cove Valley draws over 2 million visitors annually to its preserved historic community and scenic wilderness trails. Surrounded by mountains, Cades Cove features historic homes, barns, churches, and mills from the 19th-century settlement period. Visitors can tour the historic buildings, hike the many trails, camp, fish, bike, and spot wildlife like deer, turkeys, and bears in this pristine 11,000-acre valley. 

Ober Gatlinburg

Overlooking Gatlinburg, Ober Gatlinburg resort offers skiing in winter and amusement park rides year-round for visitors seeking mountain adventures. Visitors can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in winter or take scenic chairlift rides year-round for panoramic views of the Smoky Mountains.

Ober Gatlinburg also features an alpine slide, mini golf, ice skating, and the largest interactive maze in the U.S. Shops, restaurants, and attractions like the Guinness World Records Museum round out the entertainment options.

In summer, Ober Gatlinburg comes alive with concerts, craft fairs, and festivals, making it a year-round destination for families looking for outdoor adventures and indoor fun.

Nashville to Gatlinburg Tips and Tricks for a Smooth and Comfortable Drive

Nashville to Gatlinburg drive is long but scenic. The trip can be made in several hours if you have a car with enough power and a good set of tires. If you’re looking for directions from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to Nashville, Tennessee, the reverse journey is also picturesque and can be completed in several hours with the right vehicle.

The best way to prepare for this trip is to check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. Make sure that your car is in satisfactory condition for the journey. You should also ensure enough gas in your tank before starting your journey.

Trip from Nashville to Gatlinburg
Trip from Nashville to Gatlinburg

If you are driving at night, make sure to use high beams when it’s dark out. If possible, avoid driving through tunnels during the daytime because they can be boiling and uncomfortable without air conditioning or ventilation.


After all about the journey from Nashville to Gatlinburg information, we discussed what you could do during your trip and places to visit for a better experience. Now, you can start your journey. Moreover, DriveTime can help you better with bookings!

FAQs about Nashville to Gatlinburg

What is Downtown Gatlinburg?

Downton Gatlinburg is the best city to enjoy museums, smoky mountains, theatres, candy factories, a marketplace, and more. You must visit this city whenever you plan your trip from Nashville to Gatlinburg.

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