New Orleans weather in October is the most beautiful time throughout the year. The temperature is warm, bright, and cheery. Likewise, the fall festival covers the complete full swing of intricate art, melody, film, and other occasions for the best nightlife. You can view second-line marches via the old areas every Sunday. Also, Oktoberfest engages locals and tourists with a carnival of German civilization and edibles. Apart from all this, there are many places you need to cover within a very short period, i.e., in October, like the French Quarter and more.

New Orleans Weather in October

There are many places to visit in October. You can enjoy or peacefully relax along the New Orleans weather in October.

Average temperature

After a burning summer, New Orleans weather in October begins to cool down. But it is still reasonably warm. The average high temperature is about 27°C, and the moderate low temperature is 15°C. Also, October is the aridest month so you will witness much sun.

New Orleans Weather
New Orleans Weather

Further, it is ideal weather for dining out at some of the city’s mythical cafes and walking around the French Quarter. You can visit New Orleans’ unusual above-ground graveyards. Thus, the average rainfall in October is 3.4 inches. The humidity drops from almost 50-19% as the month advances.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane time in the Atlantic region varies from June to November, with mid-August to October existing as the most challenging time for a significant storm to make landfall. Check the prediction a few days before your travel to see if any storms hover in the Gulf of Mexico.

If so, make strategies to recreate your voyage. If you are already in New Orleans when the tropical hurricane is about to hit, leave as soon as possible. Even sidestep being stuck in an alarming crisis in your hotel.

Things for a backpack

During the daytime, the climate is warm. You can get away with small sleeves, shorts, dresses, and capri pants. But have some gloves on your hand if it chills down at nighttime. Also, you can spend some time in an extremely AC restaurant. Please carry a lightweight cotton sweater or leather jacket. So, plan to wear it at night. Lastly, packing the right walking shoes or comfy sandals is helpful.

Things for a Backpack
Things for a Backpack

Events to cover

You can check the facts and event websites. New Orleans offers annual arts carnivals, Halloween and Latino marches, and meals that will add something unusual and bright to your trip in October. Art for Arts’ Sake altered from one night to many days, and I enjoyed the fun at the massive art walk from the 3rd to the 10th of October.

Likewise, Carnaval Latino offers parades, meals, and melodies from near America, connecting modern New Orleans to its history. Occasions are kept in the French Quarter on 10th October. Similarly, the New Orleans Film Festival shows feature movies worldwide. This regional festival is renowned for distinction and draws several celebs each year.

So, Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival is a 2020 event with a free and virtually held event from October 16-18. This festival, held in Lafayette Square, honors the soul of the south with the blues and BBQs. Krewe of Boo Halloween Parade throws a march. This Halloween edition rolls via the French Quarter and is similar to what you might see at Mardi Gras.

Travel tips

The hurricane forecast is the most crucial thing to be cautious of in October. If a hurricane is predicted to be in this area when you are, it’s time to review your plans. Otherwise, New Orleans is year-round, and the summer is over this month. There is still a great demand for hotel rooms and cafe seating on weekends in October. Also, take care of your documents while traveling here.

Hurricane Forecast
Hurricane Forecast

Things to Do in New Orleans

Except for the array of thrilling events and sports, New Orleans has to present for tourists in October. It would help if you took the edge of these iconic junctures, local choices, and places rich with artistic legacy. Thus, you will get insights into the best things to see and do to make the finest of your visit.

1- Attend the Voodoo Music and Arts

The Voodoo Music plus Arts event is a three-day melody carnival in the regional park on the month’s final weekend. The carnival has a mixed lineup of players. It includes both local and global acts.

In addition to the melody, there are even art facilities, food sellers, and interactive ventures. Further, the carnival has a unique, cheerful, and warm climate. It makes it a must-attend occasion for anyone seeing New Orleans in October.

2- Go to the French Quarter

New Orleans is noted for its haunted past. Likewise, there is no better time to explore it than this month. Many ghost tours are open in the French Quarter. Each tour has its unique spin on the city’s spooky past. Some trips focus on the past of voodoo in New Orleans.

French Quarter
French Quarter

At the same time, other tourists take you to the city’s most haunted places. No matter which tour you pick, you will learn something new about the city’s mysterious past. Hence, the classic spots in this area are great to visit this month of the year.

3- Visit a haunted plantation

New Orleans has multiple haunted plantations. Each has a notable history and spirit stories. Some of the most prominent ranches to visit are Oak Alley, Laura, and Houmas House. These farms offer directed tours. So, it takes you through the houses and lands and shares tales of the families there.

Here, you can even see the ghost’s portraits still haunting them. Most tourists walk here, but both the cars and a couple of bus lines drive nearby. However, you have to decide how to get here, but Google Maps link for directions. Thus, it is one of the top tourist destinations to visit and enjoy.

4- Sight to Jackson Square

Jackson Square is covered on the daily pay tours of the French Quarter. It is across the highway from St. Louis Cathedral and treks away from the Mississippi River. This square and its prominent memorial have become one of the most famous places for travelers to take selfies. This point has many walkways that wander through formal grasslands and a black iron wall covering the square.

Jackson Square
Jackson Square

Moreover, the park was named in the praise of General Andrew Jackson. His statue in the center of the park was pitched in 1856. The community of players, magicians, dancers, and gymnasts make their living here by working together all day to share the space. Typically, you will see a constant course of acts in the day.

5- Smell at Garden District

In the lovely Garden District, oak-shaded roads are lined with various homes. It includes single-story places, grand historic villas, and the lavish greens of St. Charles Avenue on the Mardi Gras march route. Also, Leafy Lafayette Cemetery is loaded with ornate, 19th-century burials. Items of clothing and antique shops sit along fine-dining diners and casual lunchrooms on and around the street.

6- View the Krewe of Boo parade

The Krewe of Boo parade is a Halloween-themed march. It takes place in the French Quarter during the last weekend of this month. The march has floats, parading bands, and costumed partiers throwing candy and sweets to the public. Thus, the parade has a family-friendly aura and is a great way to mark Halloween in the area.


A trip to the Mississippi River will ultimately force you to visit New Orleans. October is a terrific month to see here, as the climate is warm, sunny, and cheery. Apart from all this, New Orleans weather in October shows an average temperature. The humidity and rain are low. Also, the fall celebration is full of art, music, movies, and food fest. You can enjoy the city’s cultural interests, like the French Quarter and the sports venues.

FAQs on New Orleans Weather in October

Uncover all about Oktoberfest NOLA as an event.

This occasion has been annulled for 2020. The Deutsches Haus, a German legacy group that has lived in New Orleans for nearly a decade, carries this annual festival. It has German food, dialect, culture, wild parks, and ​restaurants. It is held at the Deutsches Haus.

How extended is the drive from here to San Antonio?

The straightforward drive from New Orleans to San Antonio is 871 km. It takes 8 hours and 10 minutes in regular traffic scenery. There are some great stops along the route. It includes Houston, Austin, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, and San Marcos. So, enjoy according to your convenience.

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