No.1 Chinese restaurant has a long history in New York City, showing both the fusion cuisine developed by immigrants in the country and the culinary customs of almost every province in China. The majority of the food on their menu is Chinese, but there are a few other Asian options as well, such as Udon soup, shumai, Thai basil pork, Teriyaki chicken, and Vietnamese steak. In Middletown, New York, this restaurant is a highly regarded and well-liked Asian eatery that has been feeding the locals for many years.

They provide delivery, carry-out, and a variety of classic Chinese dishes. Also, they take great pleasure in offering their clients outstanding service at competitive prices. After a lengthy stroll around the Stone Street Historic District, come here to relax. Chinese food is famous worldwide, and customers recommend trying some at this restaurant.

Chinese Restaurants in New York
Chinese Restaurants in New York

1- No .1 Chinese Restaurant

You can explore the details before visiting the No 1 Chinese restaurant in New York. Furthermore, there are some other Chinese restaurants in New York.

Menu of No .1 Chinese Restaurant

They cook their cuisine using only the freshest ingredients for both their traditional and new versions. A Chinese restaurant serves different kinds of food (including spicy and non-spicy).

The menu is extensive, and a combo/combination selection has a roll, a dish, and rice (brown or white). Here, you may enjoy a good time while enjoying expertly prepared wontons, sesame chicken, and beef with your pals. Don’t leave without sampling some delicious biscuits. Drink options at the No. 1 Chinese Restaurant include tasty beer and fine wine. Plus, don’t pass up the chance to try excellent tea.

Chinese Restaurant Menu
Chinese Restaurant Menu

The Ambiance

Fast and friendly service. This restaurant is Basic but has a clean atmosphere. The waitresses and waiters can speak English. Many comments on how informed the personnel is and how excellent the service is at this restaurant. This place has a pleasant vibe.

2- East Wind Snack Shop

After enjoying delectable meals at this restaurant, you should check out Lesbian Herstory Archives. All guests will like Cantonese and Chinese food here. You may try deliciously prepared veggie spring rolls, bao, and dim sum in this location. Some of East Wind Snack Shop’s best-selling beverages are excellent ice tea, bubble tea, and juice.

This restaurant’s delivery service is a huge advantage. The competent crew gives this restaurant greatness by working hard and always being upbeat. One may describe the service at this restaurant as pleasant. The prices are reasonable, in the view of the visitors and you will like the serene ambiance and excellent design. 

East Wind Snack Shop
East Wind Snack Shop

3- Belle Harlem

After viewing Strivers’ Row, stay for supper. You could like the tasty fried chicken, spring rolls, and cheese rolls at this eatery. Try some delectable waffles, biscuits, and beignets soon.

Every customer will be able to discover something in the wine selection to suit their taste. One of the most popular beverages at Belle Harlem is delicious coffee. Many visitors think the staff is courteous. This restaurant offers what may be described as extraordinary service. There are rumors of democratic pricing here.

4- Dun Huang

It could be a good idea to stop by this barbecue after touring St. Mark’s-in-the-Bowery Church. Visitors suggest you taste the world-famous Chinese food at Dun Huang. You may get tasty spicy beef, beef noodles, and beef noodle soup here. A lot of visitors come here to eat delicious pudding. Some patrons at this restaurant advise drinking outstanding wine or fine beer. It’s pleasant to enjoy flavorful herbal tea.

Dun Huang
Dun Huang

Customers may order food for takeaway; this barbecue is excellent for folks who eat dinner on the run. People are always warmly welcomed by attentive personnel. At Dun Huang, reasonable prices are to be anticipated. Visitors may unwind here thanks to the elegant furnishings and attractive ambiance.

5- Wah Fung Fast Food

Come to this fast food and see the Mahayana Buddhist Temple. At Wah Fung Fast Food, everyone enjoys exquisite Cantonese and Chinese food. Come to taste the expertly prepared pig roast, roasted duck, and char siu served to you. They sell delicious flija, along with some excellent wine. Also, it’s time to try some delicious juice, bubble tea, or coffee.

You may place a takeout order at this restaurant. At this fast food, qualified personnel exhibits a high degree of quality. Prices are reasonable from the perspective of the visitors.

Wah Fung Fast Food
Wah Fung Fast Food

6- Peng’s Noodle Folk

Visit this eatery if the rain catches you off guard while strolling around the Church of the Holy Trinity. Peng’s Noodle Folk is the place to go if you’ve never had Chinese food. Trying perfectly prepared pig ramen, katsu, and vegetable broth is a beautiful experience. Do not leave without indulging in a tasty orange treat. One of the best beverages to order is a decent bottle of wine or a good beer. You may try delicious lemonade after a long workweek.

This one is famous for its excellent customer service and helpful personnel always willing to assist you. Prices are reasonable in this location, offering a great atmosphere and fantastic decor.


This article covers the No.1 Chinese Restaurant and some other Chinese restaurants in New York. You can go to these restaurants to taste some delicious Chinese food. Also, contacting the restaurant for more details and a reservation is good. In addition, if you go on tours regularly, it’s a must to contact the best travel insurance company for your safety!

New York Restaurants
New York Restaurants

FAQs about the No.1 Chinese Restaurant

How is the No.1 Chinese Restaurant rated?

The No. 1 Chinese Restaurant is rated by different travelers with 4.5 for food, 5 for service, 4 for value, and 4.5 for ambiance or atmosphere. However, the overall rating is 4.9.

What hours does the No. 1 Chinese Restaurant work?

The opening time for No. 1 Chinese Restaurant is 11:00 am–9:00 pm, Monday–Friday, and Sunday-Saturday 3:30 pm–9:30 pm. However, contact them before going here.

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