Salem offers a peaceful backdrop and a more relaxed climate than Portland. The state capital has a rich record, culture, parks, and natural beauty. There are some reasons why people travel from Portland to Salem or plan a family holiday. Salem has a mild weather with four typical seasons. The summer season is a bit warm, making it hard for tourists to survive in crowds. The winters are calm and chilly, and the snowfall occurs periodically.

It gets roughly 40 inches of rain annually, so many attractions are sealed during peaks. Still, it depends on the day you get off from your hectic routine. This city is smaller and quieter than Portland. Additionally, it has a lower cost of traveling to various sites. You can save cash on housing, edibles, and transport. You can even explore unique attractions, like the Oregon State Capitol and Schreiner’s Iris Gardens.

Brief About Salem

Salem is the captivating city of Oregon. It is located in the seat of the Willamette Valley. This city was founded in 1842 by Methodist preachers. They called it after the Arabic term for peace. It became the state capital in 1859. This city includes a rich legacy, parks, customs, and marvels. Hence, it is home to several institutes.

Connections with the airport

You can travel from Portland to Salem easily. Salem is associated with the Portland Airport by various modes of conveyance. It includes bus, shuttle, train, cab, or town car. The Groome Transportation shuttle service is the most convenient option. It suggests daily travel with online booking and deals. Other choices include taking the Amtrak train, MAX light train, or leasing a taxicab.

When is the best time to visit this peaceful land?

The satisfying time to visit this city depends on the choices. For outdoor activities, spring is exemplary for exploring the parks and vineyards. If you are curious about carnivals, summer is a time to undergo the World Beat Festival. October is ideal to watch fall blooms.

Trip to Salem
Trip to Salem

When to travel to Salem

It all depends on your family holiday or when you get time to flee from the hustle of your hectic life. Wander along the tracks in and near the city. Likewise, enjoy the Oregon State Fair with your mates.

Accommodations in Salem

This city features various capacities to suit distinct tastes and budgets. You can locate it whether you are looking for a resort, a spa, a suite, a vacation rental, or an exceptional place to visit. For an unusual experience, you can stay in the unique sites that offer charm, charisma, and style.

Shilo Inn Suites

From Portland to Salem, this suite is the perfect place to relax. Shilo Inn Suites is a resort in Salem that offers relaxing and suitable housing for tourists. Major facilities and Oregon State’s Fairgrounds are near this suite. It is also near the L. B. Day Amphitheater and the Willamette Valley Vineyards. The facilities include air-conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi, and LED with free premium channels.

You can access a microwave, a mini fridge, a coffee kettle, and ironing facilities in the room. This suite has many amenities, like an indoor swimming pool, sauna, and a business club. It also provides a complimentary breakfast for visitors. Hence, this hotel has competitive deals with memberships.

Shilo Inn Suites
Shilo Inn Suites

Hampton Inn and Suites Salem, OR

Hampton Inn and Suites Salem is a hotel that accommodates tourists from worldwide. It is a grand resort with friendly staff, a classic interior, and various facilities. View the Willamette Valley Vineyards from the balcony of your room. The rooms are spacious, with both cooling and heating facilities.

There is a side-sitting arrangement in each room with all amenities. You can opt for different rooms, like mini-suites and meeting suites. There is a gym, a meeting room, and a laundry service. Apart from all this, the resort is pet-friendly with a paltry fee.

Popular spots near the Suites

There are popular sites near the suites of Salem. It includes Salem’s Riverfront Carousel, which has hand-painted rigid horses to ride. Oregon State Capitol is a historical landmark. Schreiner’s Iris Gardens shows around 500 varieties of exotic flowers and plants. Minto-Brown Island Park has more than 30 miles of trails, a dog park, and a paddle boat location.

Activities you can do besides lodging

Public gardens like Schreiner’s Iris Gardens can be visited. Admire the multicolored flowers, learn about the history and culture of the gardens, take a guided tour, see the murals and craftwork, or climb the tower for a scenic view of the city. You can even see the wool production or museums.

Schreiner's Iris Gardens
Schreiner’s Iris Gardens

The House of the Seven Gables

The House of the Seven Gables is a documented house and museum. It was created in 1668 by John Turner, a dealer and shipowner. Later, it was owned by his offspring. It is noted as the location of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1851 story. This museum reveals a Gothic story of a cursed family.

The house has seven gables that give it a distinct impression. It has wooden shafts, chimneys, and secret alleys. Travelers can learn about its past, architecture, and literary value here. Thus, this museum includes other historic structures, like the Nathaniel Hawthorne Birthplace.

Peabody Essex Museum

Peabody Essex Museum is a classic art museum. It shows global art and culture with complex designs. It has a display of around 1.8 million works of artwork. The gallery has various exhibits and programs of different themes. It includes nature, past, originality, and creativity. 

The campus features multiple gardens and 24 historic effects. A library and research center offer entry to rare readers, manuscripts, photos, and other clothes. Enjoy a meal at the Atrium Café or the Garden Restaurant nearby.

Peabody Essex Museum
Peabody Essex Museum

Traditional Salem meals

Salem has an eclectic and delicious cuisine influenced by its culture and geography. Some classic Salem dinners are oysters completed with a mixture of butter and herbs. Its apple pie melted chocolate over crackers and ham in beer are flawless.

Tangerine – the World Kitchen

Tangerine – the World Kitchen is a cafe offering cuisines from various regions. It is inside the Radisson Hotel on the Bangalore Highway. You can easily access it by car or avail public transport.

The cafe has a menu that features plates from Indian, Asian, Continental, and Seafood cooking. It has a pleasing and spacious aura, modern decor, and comfy seating. There is a live kitchen for both simple and formal events. Yet, the cafe has cheap prices for its quality of meals.

Grills by the Promenade

Grills by the Promenade is a diner specializing in BBQ dishes from various parts of India. You can eat soups, fresh salads, appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and drinks. Some famous dishes include oysters, Rockefeller, cracked apple pie, saltine toffee bars, and beer-marinated ham.

Grills by the Promenade
Grills by the Promenade

You can access their back kitchens and see the chefs prepare your food. Apart from all this, the cafe has an attentive staff who deliver exceptional service and personal attention to the visitors. They also offer tips and offers for your food choices. Thus, this place is ideal for the grill lovers in a perfect setting.


Salem presents much to travelers looking for a calm and relaxing goal. It has a prosperous history, customs, and natural looks. You can see the Enchanted Forest Theme Park, the Schreiner’s Iris Gardens, or the Minto-Brown Island Park. Enjoy the festivals yearly.

It includes the World Beat Festival and the Salem Art Fair. Locate various housing, from hotels, motels, and vacation rentals to stay. Taste delicious cuisine and traditional dishes. It will give you a remarkable experience.

FAQs on Portland to Salem

What are some activities at Minto-Brown Island Park?

The park has around 30 miles of paths, a garden, a reservable refuge, picnic spots, a parking lot, fishing sites, and a gazebo. You can even rest on the ground and enjoy the breeze.

Brief about the World Beat Festival.

The World Beat Festival is a multicultural event. It marks more than 60 cultures through melody, meals, dance, and theatre. It is a family-friendly festival with economical tickets. See, the cultural carnival aims to create an open and learning setting for everyone.

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