Greenville is a hidden gem to experience adventures or encounter countless things to do in this city. Its culture, schooling, and natural wilderness adore every sight seeker, leaving them in awe. From the vibrant crafts, live melody, and culinary setting, there is something noteworthy for every individual. Yet, it has a damp climate, mild winters, and hot summer days. Nowadays, food bloggers are exploring the local cuisine of their motherland and going on solo trips to dig into the best eateries. Restaurants in Greenville, NC, is a great tourist site offering diverse cuisines, from local to international flavors.

Restaurants in Greenville, NC

Apart from various things to do in this city, there are delectable restaurants in Greenville, NC. Here you can eat and have joy with your family and friends.

1- Italian Fusion at aTavola Market Cafe

aTavola Market is a cozy cafe with a market associated with it. It presents a variety of dishes, from Italian masterpieces to fusion creations in dishes. You can eat a simple lunch or a complete family dinner in their immense dining room for up to fifteen guests. Order online from its website and pick up your meals from its convenient market unit.

aTavola Market Cafe
aTavola Market Cafe

You can find refreshed herbs, seasonal fruits, and preserved food here. Yet, you will find something to fulfill your taste buds. If you are a sweet lover, you can be satisfied with their homemade desserts, like tiramisu or cheesecake. Thus, enjoy the grade and freshness of their meals.

2- Local Cuisine of The Scullery

The Scullery is a captivating coffee hut. The interior includes walls of creamery, with few paintings. It serves tasty food and drinks in a warm and peaceful aura. You can even enjoy it on the balconies or the rooftop. So, begin your day with their fresh toasted coffee beans beverage, tea, or juices. Pick from their breakfast menu to complement your drink.

Just call them and order your meal if you are in a rush. They also have vegetarian and sugar-free options for dietary demands. It is a cafe to eat and a place to have fun. The live tunes, events, themed nights, and art shows will give you a classical vibe. Hence, it also makes ice creams in varied flavors to enjoy in a cone, mug, or sundae.

3- Indian foods at Cinnamon Bistro

Cinnamon Bistro is an original Indian cafe representing the region’s culture with its meals. Various dishes from different parts of India are served and are pretty famous. You can partake in the rich savors and scents of its cuisine. Enjoy your meal from the serving desk in their luxurious, relaxed dining room or outdoor terrace.

Cinnamon Bistro
Cinnamon Bistro

Furthermore, the food is delivered to your doorstep with a small delivery fee. Its menu list provides three options for every meal. It includes extreme spicy, moderate, or mild. You can select from their appetizers, stews, gravies, tandoori plates, biryanis, naan types, parathas, desserts, and more. You can take your meal at Legacy Park nearby. It is where you can relish India’s flavor.

4- Lunch at the Villa Verde

Villa Verde is a cafe serving Latin American cuisine, mainly from the Dominican Republic. You can appreciate a medley of dishes and pick from various meats, seafood, and veggies to fit your preferences. It uses organic ingredients and precise spices to form its dishes carefully and passionately.

Likewise, they also include a full line of wine, beer, cocktails, and juices to pair with your dinner. The market of this city is near this cafe. So, it is convenient to buy fruits and vegetables. Thus, here, you can experience the rich flavors and culture of the city.

5- BBQ party at Parkers Barbecue Restaurant

Parkers Barbecue Restaurant is a noted Eastern BBQ Cafe serving since 1979. It is famous for its unique BBQ; only the Parker family can lead it. They toast their pork gradually every day. Then, they cover it with their signature BBQ sauce, chop it, and serve it hot.

Parkers Barbecue Restaurant
Parkers Barbecue Restaurant

Moreover, their significant recipe has been the same for around 40 years. It also serves appetizing fried, grilled, or barbecued chicken and seafood. The chefs use the whole chicken, hand cut and seasoned with their signature formula spices, and cook perfectly. This cafe provides free refills. It is where you can eat the islands’ tradition and the taste of Southern cuisine.

6- Cheap Eats at Sup Dogs

Sup Dogs is a blend of a bar and cafe serving mouthwatering beverages, hotdogs, and hand-smashed buns. It is the best spot for East Carolina University learners. It is near Uptown Greenville, so residents often visit it. You can select from their wide assortment of hot dogs and burgers with siders, toppings, and flavorings.

Yet, it has a notable drink menu with Sup Crushes, Sup Swirls, and beer buckets. It provides plenty of hot dogs in just a single serving. Thus, you can relax inside or on the rooftop in a refreshing and energetic aura.

7- Outdoor seating at Cafe Duo

Cafe Duo is a community casual cafe. It is a small diner serving American meals with European marks in a warm backdrop. This cafe provides take-in and free home delivery options. Yet, it is locally held and managed by a team of chefs, a spouse and wife team with a shared affection for food and cooking.

Cafe Duo
Cafe Duo

Apart from all this, enjoy their inventive meals with a classic touch. It has a great aura with their family team’s cautious and convenient assistance. Thus, come here and eat the quality and portion of their food with your buddies.

8- Delights of Dickinson Avenue Public House

Dickinson Avenue Public House is a spirited and mixed cafe. It has a menu of scratch-made contemporary American dishes using regional elements. Encounter rich savors and scents in their elegant, cozy dining chamber or the beautiful patio. You can also order online.

There are various meat or veggie options, rice, or bread here. Complement your dish with their brownie sundae or pudding. It is located at Dickinson Ave. You can even eat at Rock Quarry Garden nearby.

9- Eat at Anchalee Thai Restaurant

Anchalee Thai Restaurant serves authentic Thai dishes from unlike regions of Thailand. Enjoy Thai cooking’s tangy, sour, sweet, and spicy flavors in their comfortable seating area. The interior is according to the Thai culture, with seating arrangements on the floor.

Likewise, you can have noodles, rice, curry, salad, or stir-fry options. They provide gluten-free options occasionally. With a membership card, you can get free side refills on meals. They use authentic and fresh spices and other ingredients. Yet, they also provide catering services for parties of any extent.

Anchalee Thai Restaurant
Anchalee Thai Restaurant

10- Sweet dishes at Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing Bundt Cakes is a bakery delivering delectable bundt cakes. They are covered with their signature cream cheese frosting and garnishings. You can select from chocolate chip, red velvet, or lemon flavors. Other flavors include carrot, white chocolate, raspberry jam, pear, cinnamon, and more. Similarly, choose from more than sixty unique handmade cake designs.

They can be personalized for any event. It includes birthday bashes, baby showers, marriages, graduations, etc. Yet, it delivers cakes in different sizes with retail items to improve your festivity.


Greenville is one of the must-visit destinations for every resident and a priority for any tourist. Food lovers are offered a diverse and classical capacity of restaurants in Greenville, NC. These cafes cater to distinct flavors and budgets. You can discover numerous cuisines in this city. You can also relish the regional specialties or the international cuisine. Whether looking for a casual taste, a family dinner, or a group lunch, you will see something to suit your temper.

FAQs on Restaurants in Greenville, NC

What are the typical local specialties served in the restaurants in Greenville, NC?

Some of the local dishes include a particular barbecue. It is cooking pork with slow-roasting and infusing it with a vinegar-based sauce. Its fried chicken is coated with flour and special spices. The seafood is prepared in various ways to serve.

What few resorts serve the best meals in this city?

A few resorts serving the finest meals in the city are Hilton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, and Candlewood Suites. These hotels have on-site eateries offering tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They also have room assistance and catering services for your comfort.

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