Perry is a city in Florida situated in Taylor County. It is a little town with an excellent appetite for fine food. Here you can look for refreshed seafood, genuine Italian, or a delicious barbecue. You will discover it in one of the many restaurants in Perry, FL. It includes family-friendly lunchrooms to relaxing cafes. There is something to deliver to everyone in this beloved community. Suppose you are a food lover or a social media blogger, trying almost all eateries at the Perry.

Best Restaurants in Perry, FL

This article will instruct you on some of the best restaurants in Perry, FL, that you must visit.

1- Exceptional Seafood at Deal’s Famous Oyster House

You should run to Deal’s Famous Oyster House if you desire fresh and tasty seafood. This eatery has fitted the best oysters, shrimps, crabs, and various fish. The chefs have been providing quality seafood since 1965.
Deal’s Famous Oyster House

You can relish fried, grilled, boiled, or raw seafood with multiple sauces and toppings. The cafe has a comfy and friendly atmosphere. It fills with a complete bar and a live piece of melody on weekends. This house is a must-visit for seafood fans in the town.

2- Italian Food at Mama’s Italian Family Restaurant

Mama’s Italian Family Restaurant provides a family-type aura. It is a place with authentic Italian food. The chefs committed and entered from Italy and handed its customs and dishes to its descendants. You can savor tasty pizza, pasta, salad, and more at this cafe.

It is made with new elements and homemade spicy sauces. Try their chef’s specialties in an ideal price range. The restaurant delivers dine-in, take-out, delivery, and online ordering services. Therefore, it is a taste of Italy in your hometown.

3- Southern Flavors at Goodman’s Real Pit BBQ

Goodman’s Real Pit BBQ is a cafe and caterer in the town that deals in BBQ but also has an extended menu that includes the fast food category. The eatery uses USDA Choice Certified Angus Beef and superior pork baby back ribs for their BBQ platers. It smokes for hours over hickory timber. You can select from various toppings and herbs to suit your taste buds.

Goodman's Real Pit BBQ
Goodman’s Real Pit BBQ

You can also enjoy their fresh salads, soft and juicy sandwiches, thick soups, creamy desserts, and chilled drinks. This restaurant shows take-out benefits to its consumers. It also has a drive-thru window for fast order pick-up. Now, they are also dealing with any special occasion, formal meeting rooms, or any menu request accordingly.

4- Baked Bread at Johnson’s Bakery

Johnson’s Bakery is quite a wide baker’s house. It caters to its customers with a broad range of baked items that will soften in your mouth. This bakery has benefited the district since 1952. It is why it is well-known and recognized in almost all towns. It includes fresh bread, donuts, tarts, double-layered cakes, pies, plain cookies, and more.

You can appreciate their classic choices and try their specialties, like the creamy horns, the chocolate eclairs, or the Danish cheese. The bakery also fits breakfast and lunch items. If you are a bakery lover, it will treat you with new baked goods.

5- Mexican Delight at Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant

Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant is a Mexican delight where you can relish a spicy happening with Mexican cuisine. The restaurant presents a variety of plates that will benefit your cravings. The staff can also communicate in the Mexican language with tourists.

Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant
Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant

This area is ideal for sightseers who desire food but at a cheaper price. This eatery has colorful walls with paintings. It offers a festive environment with the top pubs in the city. It is a must-visit goal for Mexican food lovers, with a large portion and quality food.

6- Taste at the Backdoor Bistro & Coffee Shop

Backdoor Bistro & Coffee Shop is a soft spot for coffee lovers. This cafe serves freshly prepared coffee and other flavors in a unique style and different mugs. The additional drinks possess smoothies and liquids. 

You can also savor their homemade juicy sandwiches, salads, thick soups, and tarts made with local components and organic bread. The nightclub has a warm and inviting aura, free Wi-Fi, and a weekend live music nightlife. It is a shop that is perfect for chilling and recharging in town.

7- Hot Dogs at 3 Nelsons LLC

3 Nelsons LLC is a simple place to relish burgers and hot dogs. The cafe suits fleshy burgers and hot dogs served with numerous sauces, and fries, onion rings. The quality and quantity are up to the mark, and it is a pretty affordable restaurant.

3 Nelsons LLC
3 Nelsons LLC

You can also test their signature dishes like the Chili Cheese Dog or the Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap. The diner has friendly and quick service, with a drive-thru window for comfort. It is a terrific place to grab a quick bite in the county.

8- Hidden Gem at Revell’s Oyster Bar & Grill

Revell’s Oyster Bar & Grill is a glory with oysters and seafood. The eatery is on the way before you get to the river, but it is worth preventing. The cafe serves fresh and delectable oysters, shrimp, crab, fish, and additionally boiled to your taste.

The seafood is usually boiled and served with various delicious toppings, herbs, and a bowl of hot broth. The interior is quite beautiful and has a casual and friendly aura. If you are a food lover or simply craving quality seafood, this is a great spot to enjoy seafood.

9- Crispy Joy at Cucinella’s Brick Oven Pizzeria

Cucinella’s Brick Oven Pizzeria is a crispy treat with brick oven pizza. The pizzeria utilizes untouched dough, homemade dressing, and quality components to make their pizzas baked in a brick oven for a flaky crust and smoky taste. You can select from different toppings and measures.

Cucinella's Brick Oven Pizzeria
Cucinella’s Brick Oven Pizzeria

Please have a try at their forte pizzas. They are catering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers. The chefs are specialized to provide you with customized pizzas. This hut is a taste of Italian pizzas.

10- Classical Meal at Huddle House

Huddle House is a traditional diner that suits breakfast and brunch. The restaurant suggests a combination of plates that will fill you up. It includes eggs, bacon, pancakes, and waffles. You can also try their signature dishes, both breakfast and brunch suiting.

The diner also serves lunch and dinner entities like burgers, sandwiches, mint salads, beef steaks, and more. The restaurant has a cozy, relaxing ambiance, friendly assistance, and affordable prices. This place is ideal for starting to end your day in this charming town.

The Bottom Line

Perry is a vibrant and energetic city in Florida. It has much to present related to the dining choices. You can relish a mixture of cookeries, tastes, and environments in this town. It is up to you whether you are seeking a fast bite. You can have a romantic date with a loved one or a hearty meal. Here you will find it in one of the cafes in Perry. So, the next moment, you are in the space.

FAQs on Restaurants in Perry, FL

How greatly should I tip at the cafes in Perry, FL?

Tipping is a private option. You can tip better or less, counting on the service rate, meals, and aura. Some diners may charge a premium for big parties or particular occasions, so review your invoice before tipping.

How much do the cafes in Perry, FL, set for their plates?

The dishes’ costs vary depending on the type of cuisine, cafe, and portion size. Some diners may present specials, deals, or vouchers, so look out for those. You can also review the menus online or call for a view of the prices.

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