Foreigners can expect Russian jobs depending on their background qualifications and skills. Russia is known for its best economic progress. Moreover, the major profitable centers of Russia are St. Petersburg and Moscow, offering the best job opportunities.

However, Moscow is known for accommodating the highest employment rate in Russia and contributes a quarter of the total GDP in Russia. 

Job Opportunities in Russia

Foreigners can try in the following sectors if they are finding work in Russia:

  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Business development
  • Human Resources
  • Technical specialists
  • Engineers
  • Business development
  • IT
  • Sales professionals
  • Drivers
Job Opportunities in Russia
Job Opportunities in Russia

Besides these professions, you can also consider an English teaching post if you search for work opportunities in Russia. You are eligible to apply for this post if you are a native English speaker or have a strong qualification background in English studies.

Expected Job Salaries for Foreigners in Russia

The minimum salary for Russian jobs is about 12,130 Ruble equals about 160 US dollars. The average salary ranges from 52000 Rubles to 55000 Rubles, equal to 700 to 750 US dollars. However, the foreigners doing Russian jobs in Moscow can earn up to 75000 Rubles, equivalent to 1000 US dollars. On the other hand, read more if you don’t know how to find a job in Russia

How Can Foreigners Find Job Opportunities in Russia?

Those who are highly qualified and are finding work in Russia can target recruitment agencies and job websites. Several recruitment agencies and job websites provide job opportunities in Russia, especially in Moscow and St Petersburg. Foreigners can also choose sizeable corporate companies; these companies require your CV to be in English.

You can directly submit your CV on their website, and you can directly contact Russian agencies and mail your CV in English. Your recruitment chances get double if you directly contact the foreign countries because these agencies are more likely to hire foreign experts to work in Russia.

 How Foreigners Find Job
How Foreigners Find Job

Foreigners can find work opportunities in Russia by following websites:

  1. Moscow.Job.Net
  2. HeadHunter
  5. superb
  6. Rabota

What Do You Need After Recruitment?

Every foreign worker needs a legal work permit as a foreign citizen to avail of work opportunities in Russia after your recruitment. Also, the Russian government strictly follows its rules, and foreigners cannot do any job without work permits.

On the other hand, violence can lead to heavy fines for the company and foreign workers. The work permit for a foreign citizen is a verification that attests to the right of a foreigner to work in Russia. Moreover, this permit card accommodates the personal data of foreign workers in the form of a unique code.

How Can a Foreigner Get a Work Permit in Russia?

A foreign worker should agree on the employment terms for getting a work permit in the Russian Federation. Also, the workers need to draw the documents on behalf of the company, and they cannot omit this stage.

Terms and conditions for obtaining a work permit in Russia are different for highly qualified specialists, quota, and beyond the allowance. International workers can get assistance from Travelmart because it helps register workers for quota and above positions and aids highly qualified specialists in obtaining their work permits.

Work Permit in Russia
Work Permit in Russia

In other circumstances, you should prepare your documents and submit your documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. After that, you can obtain your permits for above quota workers. Workers need to understand the labor law before getting their work permits. 

Try Through Russian Recruitment Agencies

Those foreigners finding work in Russia can also try through the Russian recruitment agencies as these agencies are the key mediums to find job opportunities in Russia. Several agencies accept online registrations and also enable their seekers to submit online CVs for Russian Jobs. You can try these agencies to find work in Russia:

  1. is a Russian agent and provides job opportunities in Saint-Petersburg.
  2. GlobalVision is an international agency, and foreigners can try for Russian jobs here.
  3. Texon It is a Russian agency responsible for job opportunities in Moscow.
  4. Is a Russian agency that recruits foreigners in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, and Russia.
  5. Genius This Agency helps foreigners to get Russian Jobs all over Russia.

Foreign Workers Should Know the Labor Laws in Russia 

Three leading laws apply to foreign workers. Every foreign worker needs to choose one of three laws for Russian jobs.

1- Contract for Employment and Free Text 

This law accommodates the condition of termination, and also, it has no specific term of validity.

Employment Contract
Employment Contract

2- Defined Time Contracts

According to this law, foreign worker contracts for five years, and after that temporary worker can be a permanent worker.

3- Seasonal Worker Contract

This contract is valid for only two months.

Labor Rights for Foreign Workers in Russia

Foreigners can work approximately 40 hours a week in Russia because these are ordinary working hours for Russian jobs. However, workers can also work for 50 hours a week. Besides supplemental public holidays in Russia, workers can enjoy 28 days’ annual leave.

A notice period of termination is also defined for Russian and foreign workers. Companies should notify the workers about two weeks before termination. Russian law gives equality to the workers and masters, so foreign workers must understand their rights while working in Russia.

Russian Labor Rights
Russian Labor Rights


Finding Russian jobs is not a big deal. There are a lot of opportunities for foreigners in retail, education, tourism, and health departments in the country. However, it offers more options for English speakers, and they can work for multinational countries in the construction, energy, and finance sectors.

How finding Russian jobs is not hard?

Finding the Russian jobs is not hard, and only you need to have an authentic forum to understand its eligibility criteria and procedures.

Can a foreigner get job opportunities in Russia?

Yes, foreigners can get job opportunities in Russia based on their background qualifications. They Can try in several departments, including business development, IT, English teaching, Medical and pharmaceutical, and human resources.

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