Driving in Russia

Rules for Safe Driving in Russia as a Tourist

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Driving in Russia is not problematic because it has advanced vehicles and motorways. On the other hand, it is not easy for travelers because they don’t know what to expect from other drivers and driving rules. Some rules are clearly described on signboards and handbooks though it depends upon local expectations than official driving rules.

Rules & Regulations for Driving in Russia

See the following rules and regulations if you want to do driving in Russia as a tourist.

1- Driving License Requirements

A driving license is the first requirement to drive worldwide. However, every country comes with its own rules and regulations requirements. International travelers can use their country’s driving license in Russia to stay for less than six months.

Russian Driving License
Russian Driving License

On the other hand, if you need to stay longer than six months, you need to convert your driving license to the Russian language. An international driving permit (IDP) license is also valid to drive in Russia.

2- Register Your Car Again After Every Time Renewing Your Visa

International travelers and visitors are always eligible to purchase a car on their valid visas. They register visitors’ vehicles on their Visas and associate them with the driver. It looks easy to register your vehicle on your Visa, but it can create problems after renewing your Visa. Visas require modifications, so they must be renewed over time.

After recommencing your Visa, it gets confusing because you need to register your car again after renewing your Visa every time. But the solution is that you can register your vehicle as a permanent resident if you have a family connection. It will make it easy to drive in Russia.

3- Turn on Dipped Headlights All Time

In other countries, drivers have to turn on their dipped lights half an hour before sunrise and half an hour before sunset. In short, you need to turn on dipped headlights in darker. On the other hand, if you are driving in Russia, you need to turn on dipped headlights all the time during the day due to the foggy environmental conditions.

Turn on Dipped Headlights
Turn on Dipped Headlights

An excessive quantity of air pollution effect visibility and makes it necessary to turn on the dipped headlights of your car.

4- Driving Is Not Allowed Before 18

Age limitation for driving depends upon the region where you are driving. Different countries have different rules for driving. There are several countries where you can handle a vehicle if you are 16’s. Even some states in the United States also allow driving at 14’s. However, driving in Russia is not allowed before 18. 18’s or under 18’s are strictly and legally not allowed to run your car.

5- Honking is Prohibited in Town

Russia is the calmest country and is sensitive to noise. Honking in town is not permissible, and drivers can use the alarm to use it in danger. The use of the horn has also been seen less on motorways and is not legal in cities.

No Honking in Town
No Honking in Town

6- Speed Limits for Driving in Russia

The speed limits for smaller vehicles like motorcycles and cars in Russia are as follows:

  • You can drive up to 60 km per hour in underdeveloped areas
  • One can go up to 110 km per hour on expressways
  • You can drive up to 20 km per hour in residential areas
  • On other roads, you can drive up to 110 km per hour

The speed limits for larger vehicles like heavy cars in Russia are as follows:

  • You can drive up to 60 km per hour in underdeveloped areas
  • One can drive up to 90 km per hour on expressways
  • You can drive up to 20 km per hour in residential areas
  • On other roads, you can drive up to 70 km per hour

You will pay a violation fine in case of a minor violation. On the other hand, traffic police can also arrest you for crucial violations. You will get a fine slip in case of a minor breach that you can pay in a bank.

7- Drive & Drink Law

Russian law doesn’t allow drivers to drive if they are susceptible to drunk. If you are driving in Russia and crossing the speed limit, you must give a blood sample. Police can arrest you, and you can face a long-term jail if found guilty.

No Drinking
No Drinking

Recently the Russian government presented saliva tests on the spot in Moscow. Traffic police can perform this test on a person susceptible to drunk, drugs, or narcotics.

8- Car Rental Options

If you are traveling to Russia to see its attractions, you can go for car rental options. Car rental from local agencies is convenient and cheap for travelers. However, it is also recommended to start with this option from international European countries. If you want to borrow a car from any International company, there are certain limitations and requirements of these companies:

  • You have to be 21 years old.
  • You should have a Russian driving license.
  • If you don’t have a Russian driving license, you should have International Driving Permit IDP for one year.
  • If you are below 25, you will pay a young driver surcharge.
Car Rentals
Car Rentals


Undoubtedly, Russia is an exciting spot for foreigners and brings several things to see and do, but you must know ways to reach your destinations. Russia presents a different sense of driving from anywhere else because it shares climate ranges from eastern Europe and northern Asia.

Why does driving in Russia require more paperwork?

Driving in Russia requires more paperwork due to its rules and regulations. You need to carry your license, registration, and insurance if you are a resident. On the other hand, if you are an international traveler or tourist, you should keep Visa, passport, migration card, registration card, and IPD while driving in Russia

Why should you not drive to Moscow during busy hours?

Moscow is known for bad traffic jams because just three main roads operate for traffic in Moscow. Travelers can plunge into traffic jams during busy hours. So, avoid driving in Moscow during working hours, especially in the morning and evening.

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