Costa Rica is a midway country on the Pacific and Caribbean borders characterized by bumpy rainforest areas. The country is known for the implausible Costa Rica beaches, national parks, volcanoes, and biodiversity. Also, it is a staggering place that comes with serval astonishing things to do in Costa Rica

Things to Do in Costa Rica

Let’s know the details of different things to do in La Fortuna Costa Rica:

1- Look at The Magnificent Structures in San José

San José is the capital and midway city of Costa Rica that accommodates both urban and traditional American centers. The city is famous for containing magnificent historical structures. Visitors can enjoy its nightlife in cafes, restaurants, and bars.

San Jose
San Jose

You can also spend 2 to 3 days in the city to explore its old mansions and worth visiting the architecture, superb collections at the Jade Museum. San José is popular among international tourists because they display rare artifacts.

2- Explore Nature at Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park is a preserved wilderness spanning over 19,000 hectares. This site is particularly recommended for visitors who keep an interest in nature. The nature-preserved parkland area acquires several wetlands, lagoons, canals, Costa Rica beaches, and immense biodiversity for nature lovers.

This place is also famous for its unusual rainfall and freshwater sea beaches. It is a piece of paradise on earth, where visitors can see jaguars, red-eyed frogs, toucans, bright lizards, blue morpho butterflies, and white-faced monkeys. Visitors can also enjoy boating to take an entire tour of this paradise to explore its wilderness and animals.

3- Head towards Arenal Observatory Lodge and Arenal Volcanoes

It is an ideal viewing spot in Costa Rica, present in north-western Costa Rica. After visiting San José, visitors can head towards Arenal Observatory Lodge and Arenal Volcanoes present 90 km from the city.

Arenal Observatory Lodge
Arenal Observatory Lodge

The volcano is known as one of the most active volcanoes worldwide. It stands more than 5,000 feet high and provides fascinating views of molten lava and glowing rocks. The volcano has not always been active, but it has awoken twice since the twentieth century.

The quality of its beautiful views depends upon the weather because the Arenal volcano often remains concealed in the fog. However, you can enjoy beautiful scenes on the site without any hurdles if you go somewhere between February to April.

4- Try Bath in Tabacón’s Luxurious Thermal Springs

Tabacon Hot springs contain mineral-rich thermal water near Arenal Volcano. Moreover, if you are visiting Arenal volcanoes, save your time by spending a few hours at the thermal springs of Tabacon.

It is a place where visitors can release their stress and prepare for the next adventure. It is the best spot to reach, especially if you are searching for a place for a relaxing afternoon. The Tabacón Grand Spa Thermal Resort is costly to visit, but you will not feel that you have wasted your money.

Tabacón's Luxurious Thermal Springs
Tabacón’s Luxurious Thermal Springs

It contains approximately 98 percent rainwater and 2 percent magma and mineral-rich water. You can enjoy several facilities and spa treatments but never forget to take your water shoes.  

5- La Paz Waterfall Gardens

This magical garden contains five attractive waterfalls and unique wilderness in the bussing rainforest. Visitors can find several best things to do in La Fortuna Costa Rica, including in this alluring rainforest. Also, travelers say that the visitors who are coming first time to Costa Rica should visit this garden.

Its waterfalls are surprisingly beautiful, and visitors can also enjoy a glimpse of these waterfalls from the highway. This site is worth visiting for containing beautiful landscapes and exceptional wilderness. You can see butterflies, jaguars, howling spider monkeys, and croaking frogs in the La Paz Waterfall Gardens.

6- Visit Tropical Paradise Guanacaste and Enjoy On Its Gold Coast

Located in the north-western region of Costa Rica, the Guanacaste is a province of the country. Furthermore, this site is known for its Gold Coasts, beautiful Costa Rica beaches, and biodiverse parkland on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Tropical Paradise Guanacaste
Tropical Paradise Guanacaste

It comes with the best things to do in La Fortuna Costa Rica, where you can enjoy several water sports, surfing and birding. Its dry tropical forests and Santa Rosa National Park provides are known for bird watching as it contains more than 250 species of birds. Its beaches extend 125 miles along the Nicaraguan borders.

Visitors can also find remote fishing villages, cowboy culture, palm-studded Playa Carrillo beach, the Rincón de la Vieja National Park, and white sand flanking hotels in Guanacaste. 

7- Explore Rare Artifacts at Jade Museum 

It is an archeological museum situated in San José. The museum contains the world’s colossal collections of American Jade. 

Visitors can watch the daily life of pre-Colombian societies. The museum also holds cultural, musical, and historical events. Its rare artifacts exhibition and unique artwork are worth visiting. It remains open from Saturday to Sunday for its visitors from 9 am to 5 pm.

8- Enjoy a Full Day Tour at Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

It is a swampy wildlife refuge habiting thousands of waterbirds in the park. Also, it is the best place for birding, where you can see different birds, including cormorants, roseate spoonbills, jabiru storks, and ducks.

Caño Negro
Caño Negro

Visitors can stroll over the park, where several water creatures crawl through muddy swamps, including turtles, crocodiles, and sloths. You can visit the park any time around the year but avoid visiting the park from January to April as the muddy swamp gets dry and water creatures move from here.

The Bottom Line!

Visitors can enjoy riveting water-based activities, including canyoning, river rafting, and cave tubing on its beautiful beaches and lovely rivers. Moreover, one of the best things about this country is that it contains 500,000 species of animals, and visitors explore this country to see its wilderness. On the other hand, containing 200 volcanic formations, it brings several fascinating things to do in Costa Rica.

Do Costa Ricans, love tourists?

Yes, Costa Ricans are very lovely and love to do hospitality. Also, they are very polite and don’t say no directly to the visitors. 

What are the best places to stay in Costa Rica?

Here are some best and most affordable options to stay in Costa Rica:
1- Hotel Barceló San José
2- Oxygen Jungle Villas
3- Hotel Boutique Luz de Luna
4- Best Western Tamarindo Vista Villas
5- Pacuare River Lodge
6- Cascada Verde

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