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The Top 10 St George’s Hotels to Stay

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The town of Saint George has a lot to offer to its visitors or tourists. There are different activities that tourists can enjoy, along with the serene scenic views and some peace. To best enjoy these amenities, it is essential to find yourself a hotel that offers the perfect stay and serves you according to your needs. Hence we have amalgamated a list of 10 St George’s hotels where you can easily stay and ensure that your stay in the town is as peaceful and serene as the town itself.

Best St George’s Places to Stay

Here are some of our top picks: 

1. Coyaba Beach Resort: 

On the island of Grenada, this secluded yet beautiful resort will give you the peace of mind you need away from the hustle and bustle of life. This resort has so many amenities to offer that it’s’ even hard to enlist them all in one post.

Coyaba Beach Resort
Coyaba Beach Resort

From pools to messages and transportation, everything is covered by them to make your perfect holiday destination. Located on Grand Anse beach, a beach known worldwide for its beauty and scenic views, this resort offers everything you could need to enjoy a perfect vacation.

2. Maca Bana:

This hotel is among the best places to stay for a perfect intimate summer holiday. It offers a serene and private environment through its 7 “banas” designed to appease your sensual taste buds with artistic taste and messaging hot tubs to give you the whole experience of an intimate environment while you enjoy your holiday.

Maca Bana

The views of the ocean and the laid back luxury of this place will ease you into the warmth and appreciation for this place. Again, the hotel has many amenities and privacy that you can only wish for.

3. Silversands Grenada: 

For a perfect beachfront hotel, you can choose to stay at Silversands Grenada, located on Grand Anse Beach. One of the St George’s hotels with impressive beachfront views and exceptional services, along with an extensive list of amenities and contains much more than just laundry or a perfect swimming pool.

Silversands Grenada
Silversands Grenada

The hotel has enough rooms for the whole family as it has four three-bedroom hillside villas and five four-bedroom beachfront villas. It provides the perfect accommodation and the foods of the land with the top two restaurants that offer exquisite meals that are specialties of that region. 

4. Grooms Beach Villas and Resorts: 

Located near Grooms beach, this hotel offers the most convenient and comfortable stay for your family. Its rooms come with kitchens for convenience, and other amenities include laundry rooms, poolside bars, lush scenic gardens and restaurants.

Grooms Beach
Grooms Beach

If you want to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable stay only a stone’s throw away from the beach, then this is the perfect place for St. George’s booking in your next vacation.

5. Secret Harbour Boutique Hotel and Marina:

This hotel is located in Lance Aux Epines; this is a beautiful resort with 20 cottages that offer complete privacy and luxury. Your stays are made super exciting and fun since it’s’ only a few minutes away from the Grand Anse beach.

Secret Harbour Boutique Hotel
Secret Harbour Boutique Hotel

Not only that, this hotel has greenery and vegetation to explore and offer a scenic view of the bay and the marina. Your stay is made perfect with the international cuisines provided at the restaurant it homes. There is a lot to enjoy with the amenities offered at this hotel, as the list goes on forever. 

6. Bougainvillea Apartments:

Are you thinking of staying at an Airbnb? If yes, this is one of the incredible St George’s hotels to stay, which offers just that and much more. The apartments are furnished and have two bedrooms, one with a queen-sized bed and another with twin beds. It has a family-friendly atmosphere with functional kitchens, TVs, linens and Free Wi-Fi.

Bougainvillea Apartments
Bougainvillea Apartments

This hotel has much enjoyment as it is located near all the exotic locations at Saint George. You can expect to get amazed by the service and the utility of staying in a private and room designed to offer you’re’ all the amenities you require.

7. Wave Crest Holiday Apartments: 

Making your stay at Saint George’s hotels, this place offers the same amenities you will find in all the big resorts and hotels in a much more budget-friendly environment. With all the nearby sights and beaches just a few minutes walk away, you enjoy your stay at this hotel and have the privacy you need.

 Wave Crest St. George Hotels
Wave Crest St. George Hotels

The room service and free parking make it easy to customize your stay and have the most fun. The amenities are again countless, and the hotel offers everything you can ask for. 

8. Gem Holiday Beach Resort: 

This hotel makes your stay perfect from start to finish, from currency exchange to express check-in. This is one of the best among the Saint George’s hotels and offers all the amenities you could ask for. There is excellent room service along with all the sights to see nearby. Your stay is made even more precious with its perfect room service and friendly staff that keep tourists returning to this hotel every year. 

Gem Holiday Beach Resort
Gem Holiday Beach Resort

9. Woburn Villas: 

Woburn Villas are among Saint George’s hotels, the best self-catering hotel you will find. This hotel offers greenery and vegetation, scenic views from the balconies, perfect nighttime views of the bay, and more. The rooms have twin, king-sized or sofa beds along with TVs, free Wi-Fi and much more. 

Woburn Villas
Woburn Villas

10. The Relax Inn: 

Enjoy the views and a peaceful environment at this hotel in an affordable manner. All the rooms have free Wi-Fi, room service, king, queen and twin beds. Along with all the other services and amenities that make your stay perfect. All the exotic locations of Saint George’s are only a stone’s throw away from this hotel, and you will have the ideal place to stay on a budget.

The Relax Inn
The Relax Inn


After knowing the best St George’s hotels to stay at during your vacations, you must be thinking about St. George’s bookings. You can easily carry out this process. Now, what are you waiting for? It’s’ time to go on vacation!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there free Wi-Fi in St George’s hotels?

Yes, some hotels in Saint George offer free Wi-Fi, including Bougainvillea Apartments, Woburn Villas, and The Relax Inn.

Which hotels are offering the facility of pool?

Three hotels in this list have pool facilities, i.e., Coyaba Beach Resort, Silversands Grenada, and Grooms Beach Villas.

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