Castle Aesthetic has always fascinated everyone; there’s a special thing that attracts visitors from around the globe. Medieval Castles represent the royalty era that dominated the remote past, and we had an opportunity to visit some of the famous fairy tales’ fantasy castles. Out of those 17 Medieval Castles, one stood out and blew us away with its aestheticism and historical story.

We will discuss Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, in this blog post. Let’s dive into the details of the Castle Aesthetic now.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland – The Best Castle Aesthetic

Edinburgh Castle is in the center of Scotland’s capital city and dominates the skyline. The castle aesthetic has a long and complex history, and today it is one of Scotland’s most popular tourist attractions. Edinburgh Castle is famous for its imposing architecture and many historical artifacts and exhibits.

The Oldest Building In Scotland

It might surprise you, but the St Margaret’s Chapel in Edinburgh Castle is the oldest building that the Scottish government has officially registered.

Scottish Castles
Scottish Castles

Location and Historical Background

Address: Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NG, UK

Edinburgh Castle is a fascinating historical building that David built around the 1100s. 

Initially, the castle was not a good tourist point but was a church in the name of David I’s mother. It was a private church that remained close to the public until the officials seized it in the 1900s.

Edinburgh Castle: Home Of Crown Jewels

Did you know that Edinburgh Castle has tons of jewels and treasures that were the legacy of the kings and queens?

Yes, you heard that right, and one of the most famous Edinburgh castle jewels is the Stone of Destiny.

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

Built and Design By King David 1st

David 1st was the guy behind the castle’s construction, and he did that for her mother, Saint Margaret of Scotland. The castle was a marvelous creation and a very popular chapel worshiping only rich and royal families.

David, I also inspired and finalized the design and gifted the chapel castle to his mother.

Statues Inside Edinburgh Castle

Going on a visit to Edinburgh Castle will give you Goosebumps, as many sculptures and statues are there that grab the attention of many people out there. Two of the statues you may find interesting to watch are:

  • William Wallace
  • Robert Bruce

A Weird Tale about Edinburgh Castle: The Black Dinner!

Of many surprising things we know about the Edinburg castle aesthetic, we found a weird thing.

Aesthetical View
Aesthetical View

During the Era of Livingston and Crichton, a dinner was arranged for Douglases, their rivals. But the unfortunate dinner was the last dinner of the Douglases, as this remarkable castle aesthetic is known for their death during dinner!

6 Attacks on Edinburgh Castle in History

How was Edinburgh Castle attacked? You might be shocked to know that six times were marked when the Edinburgh Castle Aesthetic was seized by the invaders but miraculously saved after that.

A Trip to Edinburgh Castle

If you ever decide to visit Scotland, this Edinburgh Castle aesthetic must be among your top places to visit.

6 Things to do During Your Visit to Edinburgh Castle

There are more than enough things to see and do at Edinburgh Castle, an excellent museum and a tourist place with a chapel that will be the house of marriages. Several concerts also occur at this Castle aesthetic, and you can check the music festivals and the ticket prices on their official website.

Medieval Castles
Medieval Castles

We’ve created many things to do at Edinburgh castle, and we believe you will love them too!

1- The Royal Palace, Edinburgh Castle

The Royal Palace, which served as the prime residence of many kings and queens, is the first thing to witness. It’s very packed during the peak hours, and you can see the royal things there!

2- The Scottish Crown Jewels and the Stone of Destiny

You already know that this castle aesthetic was the home for many jewels and crows, but one thing was extraordinary that charmed many princesses and queens.

Stone of Destiny
Stone of Destiny

The stone of destiny is the charming stone providing protection and legacy insurance to the royal families!

3- The Great Hall

The Great Hall was built in the late 1500s, which was then used for political and other important ceremonies and is a stunning place to visit!

4- Scottish National War Memorial

A memorial for the people who gave their lives during World War I is present that’s very emotional to witness. All the data of people who fought for the country’s integrity and the animals with the army are also current in the records!

Scottish National War Memorial
Scottish National War Memorial

5- The One O’Clock Salute

In 1810, during the Napoleon War era, Falkirk built the cannon, which is a remarkable thing to see during your visit to Edinburgh Castle Aesthetic. Every week, at 1ppm, a cannon is fired to remember war events!

6- St. Margaret’s Chapel

The primary and oldest building is the chapel. It’s now officially open for everyone to register their marriages and find a husband!

St. Margaret's Chapel
St. Margaret’s Chapel

Back in 1100, King David I was the original person who designed and built this church for his mother, the private worship place of that time for all the royal families until the UK was formed!

Facts about Edinburgh Castle

Now, we don’t know your Castle aesthetic knowledge, but we’ve got some very fun facts for you here:

  • The castle sits atop a volcano.
  • It is the besieged place in Great Britain.
  • Also, the Scottish crown jewels got lost in the castle for years.
  • The ghost of the Lone Piper haunts the castle gun that’s kept time since 1861.

Final Verdict: Castle Aesthetic

Castle aesthetic in the medieval ages are the most beautiful scenes to witness. Of many castles, we loved Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, the most.

This castle is the oldest building ever in Scotland and was officially built by David I. You can find some interesting stories about the castle. Still, you visit the Edinburgh Castle aesthetic for a complete tour!

Famous Fairytales Fantasies
Famous Fairytales Fantasies

We’ve included some interesting things to do in Edinburgh Castle and some basic information about it as well! Make sure you read all these things before getting into the castle!

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FAQs about the Best Castle Aesthetic

Which is your favorite best castle aesthetic? 

I enjoy the architecture and aesthetic castles of medievals. Specifically, I love how they can be both imposing and majestic while having a homey feel. I love the architecture of medieval castles, and my favorite is probably Warwick Castle in Warwickshire, England. It’s so beautiful and well-preserved!

What are the other best castles worth visiting in your area or abroad? 

There are a ton of aesthetic castles to visit all over the world! If you’re looking for something astonishing, I’d recommend checking out some of the incredible castles in Scotland. This is the fantastic, dark aesthetic castle that makes them so eye-catching. But if you’re looking for something a little more exotic, I’d suggest exploring some of the castles in India – they have such beautiful, intricate designs that are worth seeing firsthand.

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