Did you know that Aliso Viejo has a population of about 50,000? It is located in the San Joaquin, a hilly area of Orange County. The suburb of Irvine is famous for the whole year’s favorable weather conditions and easy access to the famous Laguna Beach and coast because of its central location. This city is famous for its shopping areas, coffee shops, restaurants, parks, and hiking areas. Some festivals and events are held throughout the year, like the Water Lantern Festival and La Dolce Vita. In this write-up, here is a discussion of the 15 best things to do in Aliso Viejo.

Remarkable Things to Do in Aliso Viejo

Let’s discuss the details of these now.

What to Do in Aliso Viejo
What to Do in Aliso Viejo

1- Visit The Aliso Viejo Community Park

You have many things to do in Aliso Viejo Community Park; you will get many open green spaces. In these places, you can relax in the shade or the sun. Many facilities, like walking trails, two playgrounds, picnic areas, bike trails, and restrooms, are offered. Thus, you can also find places for recreation like a batting cage, soccer fields, and baseball diamonds.

2- Irvine Museum for Arts Lovers

You will meet with mesmerizing artwork from American Impressionist Periods in the Irvine Museum. This museum also shows rotating exhibitions throughout the years. So, you can get different artwork to see around the year. Guided tour services are also offered therein specific periods. Educational programs and other lectures are also hosted in this museum.

3- Ace At The Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club

It is surrounded by the eye-catchy scenery of Trabuco Creek, Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, and The Reserve at Rancho Mission Viejo. Trabuco Golf Club offers players top-notch class and challenging experience. If hunger strikes, you can also eat some edibles from O’Neil’s Bar & Grill. You can get the detailed menu there in which many items are available at dinner, lunch, and breakfast. But, Outdoor yards and full bars are there for enjoyment.

Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club
Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club

4- Take A Day Trip To Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park is in the neighborhood of Laguna Beach, and it has many beautiful natural scenes. If you are a nature lover, it is the best place. With natural scenes, there is also tidal pools, sandy beach, and backcountry wilds. Moreover, you will explore one of the biggest open spaces in this place. Other popular outdoor activities are also there, like surfing, fishing, scuba diving, cycling, hiking, etc.

5- Food Lover? Visit The Citrus Fresh Grill

It is challenging to maintain eat or diet balance when on vacation. But when Citrus fresh Grill helps you in this regard. They serve a variety of modern dishes made with locally sourced, fresh, and high-quality ingredients. You will find the best things in breakfast and lunch or dinner. From Citrus Fresh Market, you can find healthy items like smoothies and sandwiches.

6- Children’s Museum At Pretend City

Pretend City Children Museum is there where you can get both learning and fun experiences for children. If you ever go, there must visit this place. This place structures a small-scale city that is very attractive, and children love to see this place. Additionally, many other educational events are held in this museum throughout the year.

Child Museum Pretend City
Child Museum Pretend City

7- Explore The Secrets Of Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Sealion was created in the early 1970s, and now it is known as the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. It is beneficial for injured and sick sea creatures, especially mammals. After recovery, they release these injured or rescued sea animals into the wild. The animals cared for include sea lions, harbor seals, fur seals, and elephant seals.

8- Witness The Beer Making At Stadium Brew Co.

Stadium Brew Company is unique because it brews or serves its products on-site, but it also serves ideal brew compared to other local breweries. A dining area and sports bar are also suitable for a deliciously prepared meal. You can get many different things with food like chicken risotto, flatbread, roasted veggie, pretzel bites, etc. There are 25 big screens TV are there.

9- Visit The Boomers Park With Your Family

Boomer is an amusement park in Irvine, and it has varieties of water and land attractions for all ages. Go-kart, a rock wall, mini-golf is on the list of land attractions. Buccaneer is an excellent place if you want to play with water. There are bumper boats, spray loops, and water slides in water-based attractions. You can do a variety of things there.

The Boomers Park
The Boomers Park

10- Have a Natural Sauna Bath At Main Beach

Many beaches are there in Laguna Beach, but one of the popular and attractive ones is the main beach. This is located in the center. You can also see the lifeguard tower from 1929. Many people come there for swimming; you can do other water games like boarding and body surfing. Volleyballs and basketballs courts are there.

11- See a Live Show At Soka Performing Arts Center

If you are a lover of live art performance, then go to the Soka performing center. This venue hosts a variety of exhibitions and concerts all over the year, like classical and jazz musical performances, child events, and symphonies.

12- For a Vine Connoisseur: Bellante Family Winery

If you are a wine lover, you can taste the local wine from Bellante Family Winery. Several comfortable and modern rooms are there. These rooms are available for tasting the wines. So, you can enjoy your great tour and have an exotic drinking experience there.

Bellante Family Winery
Bellante Family Winery

13- Travel To San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

If you ever go to Irvine, visit the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary. It is one of the ideal places to spend the whole day if you have any interest in learning fauna and flora. The three hundred-acre freshwater marshland is home to geese, cormorants, herons, egrets, and eagles. Ten miles of walking trails are present in this place; while walking on this track, you will find wildlife like bobcats and coyotes.

14- Explore The Hortense Miller Garden

Hortense Miller Garden is the home of more than eight hundred species of plants, including 150 native to California. This garden is bounded by the gorgeous natural scenery of the Pacific Ocean and Boat Canyon. This site also has 2.5 acres, and this is home to raccoons, opossums, skunks, and foxes.

The Hortense Miller Garden
The Hortense Miller Garden

15- See Art At The Laguna Art Museum

Laguna art museum also provides different variety of fine arts. This museum is unique because it gathers, showcases, and preserves arts created by artists that only belong to California. So, You can see these arts from the old age 19th century, and make this tour very enjoyable.

Final Verdict

If this is your first-time visit to Aliso Viejo (CA), you can try doing these 15 best things discussed here. So, if you like the article, please let us know by sharing your thoughts by commenting below.

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