If you are considering a trip to California, you must also have a look at some mind-blowing things to do in Palm Desert, California!

Palm Desert is a city present in the Coachella Valley, which is the area of Riverside County, California. The place is famous for its hot weather and provides refuge to visitors seeking shelter from the cold winter back home. You can find several fascinations in Palm Desert City, including boutique shops, golf courses, entertainment venues, restaurants, art galleries, and many parks. The city also holds many events throughout the year, such as The Armenian Festival, the Desert ARC Italian Festival, and the Greek Festival.

Palm Desert California
Palm Desert California

Things to Do in Palm Desert

Here are the details of all the things to do in Palm Desert!

1- Taste Local Craft Beers at the Coachella Valley Brewing Company

You can get a golden chance to taste some local craft beers near Thousand Palms at Coachella Valley Brewing Company. Visitors can also look at the breweries and how they are made. The breweries offer local tours on certain days of the week. Visitors can taste more than 20 flavors of breweries prepared with local ingredients.

2- Get Relaxation at Palm Desert Aquatic Center

Palm Desert is usually hot, and visitors like to move towards the Desert Aquatic Center when the temperatures soar. The Desert Aquatic Center is a waterpark that remains open around the year with several fascinations suitable for all ages. Visitors can find water slides, spray areas, and swimming pools.

Palm Desert Aquatic Center
Palm Desert Aquatic Center

3- Take an Adventurous Ride-on Desert Adventures Red Jeep Tours

If you want to have an unforgettable day out in the landscape surrounding Palm Desert, the Desert Adventures Red Jeep Tours is an establishment that can help. They offer several tours such as Wilderness Area, Painted Canyon, and Palm Springs Indian Canyons. Besides surrounding tours, the company also has an 800-acre range where visitors can enjoy sightseeing wagon rides and hiking.

4- Learn About the Desert Life at Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

A desert is always a fascinating site containing diverse ecosystems, including unique wildlife and plants. You can see Living desert gardens and a zoo where you can learn all about desert life. The Living desert botanical garden and zoo contains a variety of plants and different species of animals that are native to the Earth’s deserts. Moreover, you can also visit the butterfly garden in the desert, including several nature trails and a petting zoo.

Desert Zoo and Gardens
Desert Zoo and Gardens

5- Try Local Spirits at Desert Distilling

Have you ever come across the distillery handcrafting? If not, you can visit the Desert Distillery distilling handcrafted spirits, rum, and gins. You can try top-quality spirits in the taproom on the site. Also, you can watch how they prepare spirits and rim daily, as the distillery on certain days of the week. You can also purchase bottled spirits that are available to buy.

6- Enjoy A Road Trip Along with the Palms to Pines Scenic Byway

Palm Desert is known for its stunning scenery, but visitors can see the best of the area drive along with the Palms to Pines Scenic Byway. This Windy route spans over 67-mile in the desert landscape. You can also enjoy the beauty of the snow-peaked mountains at Banning Pass outside Palm Desert. By driving along the Palm to Pines, you can also watch vastly different ecosystems and landscapes. 

7- Shop Things at the Palm Desert Certified Farmers’ Market

The Palm Desert Certified Farmers’ Market offers a wide assortment of fresh, local vegetables and fruits takes place once a week. You can also find other items in the market, including cheese, nuts, olive oil, flowers, pastries, herbs, cheese, nuts, honey, eggs, baked sweet treats, and handcrafted soap. You can also enjoy pleasantly background live local music performed in the market.

Palm Desert Farmers Market
Palm Desert Certified Farmers’ Market

8- Enjoy Hiking at the Bump and Grind Trail

This hiking trail is famous by several names in the desert, but no matter what it’s called because the main thing is what can you do in the market? The fact that Grind and Bump Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in the region undoubtedly. It is an elevation of around 1,000 feet with 4-mile loop trail climbs, which is the best place for fun and challenging way to sneak a workout into your vacation. You can also see the stunning views of Palm Desert and pretty wildflowers along the way. 

9- Visit the Palm Springs Art Museum

You can explore a vast collection of artworks from around the world at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Visitors can see several types of art, including a vast assortment of paintings and sculptures from various periods and locations, Western American art, and Native American Art. You can also take a guided tour for detailed learning. On the other hand, you can also enjoy live performances in the museum.

Art Museum
Art Museum

10- Take A Tour at the Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve

Expanding over 20,000 acres, the Thousand Palms Oasis Preserves a pristine wilderness area in Coachella Valley. The naturally preserved area is approximately 20 minutes away from Palm Desert. This attractive desert nature area contains a series of hiking trails and some picnic areas. You can spot stunning landscapes, unique plant life, and wildlife. You can also enjoy themed guided hikes if you move on certain days.

11- Taste Sea Food at the Desert at Pacifica Seafood Restaurant

You can visit Pacifica Seafood Restaurant to taste some quality seafood eateries in Palm Desert. It is the site where you can enjoy delicious seafood in a cozy environment and beautiful setting. Their menu contains a wide variety of items, such as salads, entrees, and appetizers. However, they are masters in Chilean sea bass, shrimp scampi pasta, filet mignon, and sugar-spiced salmon. They have an indoor and outdoor seating plan, but the outdoor seating is more appealing as it has views of the nearby mountains.

Pacifica Seafood Restaurant
Pacifica Seafood Restaurant

12- Enjoy Golfing at Desert Willow Golf Resort

The Desert Willow Golf Resort is considered the best in the region because of access to two top golf courses and one award-winning 18-hole course. You can also try the Firecliff Course for a challenging task. You can also visit some restaurants close to the golf course to eat delicious food.

13- Fly Over Palm Desert with Balloons Above

There are some intriguing ways to explore the beauty of Palm desert but flying over the desert is one of the best options for taking a surrounding look. It is a surprising way to take a flying glimpse at the surroundings and Coachella Valley in hot air balloons. This experience is always much different for the visitors than a helicopter and other air options.

Fly Over Balloons
Fly Over Balloons

14- Visit Civic Center

Civic Center Park is the colossal community park in Palm Desert, spanning over 70 acres. Visitors can spend an active and relaxing day in its open grassy areas. Moreover, the park contains several playgrounds, picnic areas, restrooms, a rose garden, and public art museum.

15- Explore Things at Cabot’s Pueblo Museum

Once, the Cabot’s Pueblo Museum home was built in the early 1940s by Cabot Yerxa. It is a four-story home containing 35 rooms, but the structure is incomplete as the Yerxa passed away in 1965. So, this property is devoted to the public museum where you can see Pueblo revival design and galleries filled with art and artifacts.

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