If you are a museum fan, you should plan a Forest Park (GA) tour. Also, you must know the things to do in Forest Park. Being nearest to downtown Atlanta, it was first established in 1908 to the east of Atlanta’s main airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International. The die-hard fans of the Georgian state would love this forest park. Also, there are excellent choices to explore this park.

Things to Do in Forest Park, GA

Here is a list of the 15 profound things to do in Forest Park (GA) and their details!

1- Delta Flight Museum

Delta Flight Museum is the first place that we recommend you visit. This fantastic museum is very close to the forest park, and you can walk to this park. The museum portrays the Flight industry revolution memories of 1940, and the visitors love witnessing this scene.

 Delta Flight Museum
Delta Flight Museum

The Delta Flight museum focuses explicitly on the flights of delta airlines, and there are enough historic spacecraft ranging from 6-seaters to 767 seaters, which we call a Spirit of Delta.

2- Reynolds Nature Preserve

Reynolds Nature Preserve is an excellent choice if you can walk down to another 3 miles. It has an area of 150 acres and displays the perfect woodland view of Morrow’s neighboring city. People visit this nature preserve park at any time of the year and enjoy the evergreen scenes of this fantastic place.

You can also see some of the historic structures of the post-civil war from 1867. The biggest one you can witness is the Huie Barn.

3- Spivey Hall

Spivey Hall is located on the Clayton State University campus. It’s part of Clayton State University and stands next to Morrow Lake, which has a perfectly appropriate name. It is notable for being the first concert hall in Taiwan to have a state-of-the-art sound system that allows fans to enjoy concerts whenever and wherever they choose.

Spivey Hall
Spivey Hall

Moreover, it receives worldwide audiences because of its excellent acoustics and comfortable seating. The Albert Schweizer 4,400 pipe memorial organ was built as part of the project. It is dedicated to Dr. Albert Schweizer, who was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952.

4- Atlanta Farmers Market

If you are a nature and agriculture lover, then the Atlanta farmers market is the perfect place for you. You will also know it as the peach state, as most freshly picked fruits are distributed from this farmer’s market.

If you’re hungry, don’t worry, as some of the best cafes and restaurants are here to disappear your appetite. The owners make all the food from the freshly picked fruits and vegetables.

5- Panola Mountain State Park

Panola Mountain is one of the best sites you will want to visit during your US tour. This Panola mountain state park has an amazingly built area for hiking. So, if you love hiking and exploring nature, Panola mountain state will be the best place for you to visit. You can also take high-quality pictures in this mountain state park for your social media!

Mountain State Park
Mountain State Park

6- Starlight Drive-in

Starlight drive-in theatre is another tourist place that you will be dying to see when you reach GA. It’s not very far from the forest park and has only a distance of six miles from the park. 

The theatre has the option to watch movies within your cars and have enjoyment like just at being at a real theater. But all this without the need to leave our car. You can visit this place, enjoy the best hot dogs of town here, and see the recent innovation in American technology that leads to these drive-in theaters!

7- Constitution Lakes

The constitution lakes is another place to visit near the forest park. You would not see any artificially planted tree and flower there. It’s nature’s marvel that all the beauty of nature you witness there is all-natural. You will also see the bird watching scene, which is why people visit this place!

Constitution Lake
Constitution Lake

8- East Point Historic Civic Block

The East Point Historic Civic Block in south Atlanta is just 7-8 miles away from Forest Park. This is an important place for anyone who cares about history and doesn’t want to miss anything related to this. You will see some of the best buildings here, such as:

  • City Hall
  • The New Deal Library
  • City Auditorium.

It connects people who have a military background and all those who want to enjoy the patriotism spirit.

9- Road to Tara Museum

There’s another museum surrounding Forest Park (GA). There’s something special about this park. This road to the Tara museum is one of the best things you will see. The reason is that the highest-grossing movie shot during the 2nd world war, GONE WITH THE WIND. Some of the shots are taken here.

10- Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area

Arabia Mountain near Forest Park is only an hour’s drive you can visit. The mountain rock has been there for at least 500 million years. Historians and archeologists would love to stop by here and do their little research. Hence, if you also have a keen interest in these things, don’t forget to visit this Arabia Mountain!

Arabia Mountain National Heritage
Arabia Mountain National Heritage

11- Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Our 11th place to visit near Forest Park (GA) is another museum. The GA state is also something we call the city of the museum. The Fernbank Museum of Natural History should be your next stop visiting this epic place.

The museum has the remains of the Giganotosaurus, who lived more than 100s of million years ago. There’s a skeleton of Argentinosaurus that you will be amazed to know and related to the Jurassic Park movie!

12- Uptown Comedy Corner

People who love comedy and want to see some of the best standup comedians should visit this uptown comedy corner. It has been amusing the people for over many years, and now it’s become the hub of comedians. Many famous stars also visit this place, so you might run into them if you get lucky!

Uptown Comedy Corner
Uptown Comedy Corner

13- Clayton County International Park

Would you like to see another exotic place created from the Summer Olympic Games 1996? Then, here’s is the Clayton County International Park for you right here! This park is only a 20 minutes park from Forest Park, GA. So, you can walk to this place. Walking is easy if you’re not a person who’s quickly exhausted and loves walking and being healthy!

14- Krog Street Tunnel

The Krog Street tunnel isn’t like the regular tunnels you would see anywhere. It’s the Holiest place on earth for the GA’s street artists. The tunnel has a lot of artwork, graffiti, and several other art forms that will drop your jaw. Thus, one should visit this place when planning a GA tour to the forest park.

Krog Street Tunnel
Krog Street Tunnel

15- SkyView Atlanta

The last place you can visit near Forest Park (GA) is Skyview Atlanta. It will give you an experience of the previous centuries, and the building there which is a 20-story will be the most attractive one there! So, plan your next visit to SkyView Atlanta to enjoy your forest park view visits!

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