If you are going to visit East Point, you must need to know all about this place, including things to do in East Point, GA.

Lying less than 7.5 miles north, the East Point is a built-in city in the southwest of Atlanta, Georgia. It is the fastest-growing city originated by a few families around a railway terminus in 1870. It is a second MARTA stop from the airport collapse on the top of three major interstates. The East Point City also contains the grassy commons area that serves as a soul to its community, visitors, annual events, free concerts, and hosting seasonal festivals.

15 Amazing Things to Do in East Point (GA)

Here is a brief description of all things to do in East Point, GA.

1- Enjoy Picnic at Oakland Cemetery

Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery is used as a public park and cemetery, and it is also one of the favorite picnic spots among the public and visitors. Visitors can find an immense array of sculpture memorials, mausoleums, obelisks, and graves of many famous Atlanta personalities, including Margaret Mitchell. Moreover, visitors can also find the Krog Street food market and Krog Street Tunnel.

Enjoy Picnic
Enjoy Picnic

2- Take A Tour at Fernbank Museum of Natural History

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History is present About 20 minutes from East Point. Its entrance area is mind-blowing, where the dinosaurs are hidden in the flowerbeds. There is also an Argentinosaurus that is the colossal 37-meter long dinosaur. The glass atrium is a magnificent place to watch Fernbank Forest. You can also follow the informative display boards leading to the old-growth Piedmont plateau woodland.

3- See Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

Present in the northwest of East Point, the Cascade Springs Nature Preserve is the best location for visitors who want to hear the natural crushing sound of water. It is a natural place spanning over 50 hectares and lurks the mossy rocks damp with the spray of its beautiful waterfall. On the other hand, you can also find earthworks that formed part during the Civil War and the historic springhouse.

Cascade Springs Nature Preserve
Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

4- Gain Some Knowledge at Truly Living Well Center

It is an Urban farm serving natural organic products, farmer training, and a locally guided tour. It is the best eco-friendly fascination present within walking distance from central East Point. The Truly Living Well works as an educational resource and aims to reconnect the people and their communities with the land. It focuses resolve misunderstandings for the growing of fruits and vegetables.

5- Take A Tour at Apex Museum

The Apex Museum is present in downtown Atlanta, the city’s Sweet Auburn area. The museum discloses the history from the perspective of African-Americans and brings something new for all visitors. You can explore the short history of the African continent and its role in modern life. It also displays the African-American pioneers in the Atlanta region.

Apex Museum
Apex Museum

6- Visit the College Park Golf Course

The College Park golf course is present, about 2 miles south of East Point. It is more pleasant to stay with a sports theme than track cycling. The golf course was built in the early 1900s, with the regulation of 2,987 yards (2,731 meters), with a par of 36. On the other hand, there are nine challenging holes in the golf course, bringing your game to the next level. The raised greens, undulating fairway, and nine holes make it one of the most challenging in the Atlanta region.

7- Visit Dick Lane Velodrome

Dick Lane Velodrome was constructed in 1974, containing a concrete track banking 36° which covers a total length of 300 meters in an amphitheater-style arrangement. It is an open-air velodrome that is responsible for hosting regular race meets. Its atmosphere creates a cyclist’s race around the track at 60-plus km/h without any brake, with only a single gear.

Dick Lane Velodrome
Dick Lane Velodrome

8- Ride Ferris Wheel for Skyview Atlanta

It is another landmark in Atlanta you must visit, approximately 15 minutes north of East Point. Skyview Atlanta is a Ferris Wheel equivalent of a 20-story building at its top. You can ride the Ferris Wheel for Overlooking Olympic Centennial Park from its eastern boundaries and enjoy the spectacular views across the city’s heart. It is the safest ride with 42 air-conditioned gondolas.

9- Visit the Zoo Atlanta Near East Point

Atlanta is the Georgia state capital and close to the East Point, so it would be unfair not to visit its larger neighboring city while in the region. Don’t miss to visit the Zoo Atlanta, if you are moving with your family. It is a family attraction covering about 16 hectares and opened in 1889. The Zoo contains 1500 animals belonging to 200 different species, including some endangered species.

Zoo Atlanta Near East Point
Zoo Atlanta Near East Point

10- Buy Fresh Items from East Point Farmers Market

East Point Farmers Market is a place that offers a variety of foodstuffs available direct from the growers and producers. The market supplies Georgia’s famed peach and other fruits in plentiful supply during the season. Visitors can buy fresh items, including vegetables, fruits, freshly-baked goods, jams, and jellies. While the market also holds activities for entertaining kids and regular chef demonstrations.

11- Visit Starlight Drive-In Theatre and Flea Market

Starlight Drive-In Theatre and Flea Market contains four different screens with modern digital projections, maintaining its original art decor and design. You can also find an authentic snack bar where you can taste sample traditional US hot dogs. The market comes with rare goods and various food stalls to boot.

Starlight Drive-In Theatre
Starlight Drive-In Theatre

12- Take A Tour at Constitution Lakes

Primarily the place was the brick-making industry, but pits were filled due to the flood, leading to the birth of plants and fish in the lake. Now it is the best place for birding in Atlanta, where you can watch Georgia’s native bird species. A boardwalk also permits visitors to explore one side of the lake’s edges.

13- Visit the Delta Flight Museum

The Delta Flight Museum discloses the history of headquartered Delta Airlines. The museum displays videos, posters, and artifacts, where visitors can see the artifacts of more than 40 airlines. It also exhibits one of the earliest aircraft, dating from 1931. It was a tiny Travel Air 6000 on a silver DC-3 propeller-powered machine. You can spend some time in the museum if your flight is late.

 Delta Flight Museum
Delta Flight Museum

14- Visit The Delowe Loft Art Gallery

The Delowe Loft is a creative community space where you can watch all the art projects. The loft discloses the local and contemporary traditional art created by previous local and new competitive artists from the greater Atlanta metropolitan area throughout the year. You can also enjoy several evening events and art classes in the museum.

15- Take Full Day Tour at East Point Historic Civic Block

There are three significant historic buildings, and the city’s Victory Park in the Civic Block requires your attention. There are four historic sites in the block, dating from the 1920s and 1930s. The entire block is peaceful and covers a historical piece of land. So, there are many things to watch in this block, including the Park of President Franklin D Roosevelt’s, Colonial Revival, and traditional southern antebellum styles.

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