Situated on the northwestern side, Massachusetts is the 7th state of the United States, also known as a commonwealth territory in the New England region. The beautiful waterfalls in Massachusetts are what everyone longs for.

Top 13 Amazing Waterfalls in Massachusetts

Let’s have a look at the 13 impressive waterfalls in Massachusetts:

1- Royalston Falls

This waterfall is a masterpiece that is entirely running on a straight plunge at 45 feet of height. Another stunning feature of the waterfall is that the water rivulets from Fall Brooks run on a cylindrical gorge. The surrounding area makes it a perfect picnic place for families due to local facilitations.

Royalston Falls
Royalston Falls

You can also stay for a night in the nearest refuge. On the other hand, if you want to see the overall scenes of the waterfall, you can swim along the stream to see the waterfall. Royalston Falls is present on the reservation in Worcester County. 

2- March Cataract Falls

The March Cataract Falls spans over the rocks for just 1.4 miles, presenting its fan-like appearance. Due to its shortest expansion, it is known as the fastest waterfall in the state. The height of this one is merely about 30 feet.

The waterfall demolishes Mt. Greylock State Reservation near Williamstown, Massachusetts. You can enjoy hiking at the site, or if you are visiting it in the summers, you can also enjoy swimming there.

3- Doane’s Falls

Near Royalston, the Doane’s Falls drizzled in the Doane’s Fall reservation in Worcester County. The entire height of the waterfall is 175 feet in several plunges and cascades. It beautifully falls over the stone bridge, after which it interacts with Tully Lake.

Doane's Falls
Doane’s Falls

Hikers can conveniently approach the waterfall at about 0.2 miles. Water-based activities like diving and swimming in the cascade are not allowed, but still, they cannot distract the visitors there.

4- Trap Falls

Trap waterfall consists of 3 distinct plunges, while the middle plunge is the highest plunge and drops at 12 feet. The remaining two descents are shorter than the middle one and look like a punchbowl.

When the water flow is speedy, these three plunges incorporate their appearance like two. You can enjoy water drizzling into the lower pool. You can amuse yourself by hiking. On the other hand, the place is also a great picnic spot.

5- Twin cascades

Being a part of the cascade Brook, It’s a combination of two waterfalls in a single place. These two are pouring at different heights, where one is at 80 feet, and the other is falling at 60 feet in height.

Twin cascades
Twin cascades

The waterfall is private property, and the owner allows the visitors to come there without any restrictions. It is present in Berkshire County near Florida. 

6- Bear’s Den Falls

Bear’s Den Falls expended over the 6 acres in its reservations falls situated at New Salem, Massachusetts. Starting from its parking area walking trail is an entire 0.4 miles. You can stroll in the surrounding area to scout the more breathtaking views of dense rocks and waterfall. The cascade beautifully cleaves into two cascades with 12 feet drop.

7- Bash Bish Falls

It is the highest waterfall in the state, trickling in the southwestern Taconic Mountains of Massachusetts. Drizzled on the rocks, the water drops at 80 feet. Swimming is prohibited due to the shallow pools and menacing waves of water. You can do enjoy a family picnic there. However, hiking is also a difficult task.

Bash Bish Falls
Bash Bish Falls

8- Campbell Falls

The waterfall is streaming with all of its splendor in the lush green forest. It is a 50-foot waterfall reserved as a Campbell Falls State Park near New Marlborough, Massachusetts. Visitors can approach the waterfall from Connecticut and Massachusetts due to its dual side incorporation. You can also enjoy a water dive in Campbell Falls. 

9- Goldmine Brook Waterfall

Goldmine Brook is one of the solitaire waterfalls still out of sight. The waterfall is stashing inside the Chester-Blandford State Park woods. Because of its stashed feature, it is also named Elusive Falls.

You will lose your senses after watching its astonishing scenes. Its height is about 45 feet, while it collapses down through the horsetail into the plunges.

Goldmine Brook
Goldmine Brook

10- Tannery Falls

Tannery fall is the succession of outbreaking plunges falling within the shallow water pools, making it more alluring to the visitors. The sequence of tumbles proceeds for 80 feet entirely. Avoid visiting this place during the rainy season because the pathway leading to the Tannery Falls is tremendously slippery and slobby. The waterfall is present in the Savoy Mountain State Forest.

11- Race Brook Falls

Tumbling from 300 feet, Race Brook Falls is the giant waterfall in the state, which is its illustration. The water level can be divided into three parts where one can see only one extent of the waterfall. The other two groups of it are not directly visible.

Race Brook Falls
Race Brook Falls

To approach the remaining two parts of the waterfall, you have to be a skilled hiker. The waterfall is uncovering its beauty in the lush green mountainous region inside the Mt. Everett State Reservation in Berkshire County.

12- Whaconah Falls

It is a small waterfall to visit in the state. It is situated in North St, Dalton, under the reserved State park in Hinsdale, Massachusetts. The height of the waterfall is 40 feet. Swimming is not allowed here due to the danger of the speedy stream of water.

13- Umpachene Falls

If you want to swim in a natural atmosphere or search for a peaceful spot for a family picnic, Umpachene Fall is an excellent spot. You can also hike and climb the plunges because climbing is convenient here. The height of this waterfall is 40 feet, and once you climb up the hurdles, you will see more astonishing views.

Umpachene Fall
Umpachene Fall


Waterfalls are the most appealing sight in nature on this earth. Research shows that they can make you happy so, there are several facts about them. Besides their scientific effects, they also attract people by their beauty and nature. Waterfalls in Massachusetts are the most staggering ones in the United States to see.


What are some lesser-known waterfalls in Massachusetts? 

There are several beautiful waterfalls in Massachusetts, but here are a few of our favorites that tend to be a bit lesser-known:

  1. Rocky Glen Falls, in Williamsburg
  2. Shelburne Falls, featuring the famous Bridge of Flowers
  3. The Bash Bish Falls, on the border of Massachusetts and New York
  4. Crabtree Falls, in Jefferson
  5. The falls at Beartown State Forest, near Adams

What’s the best waterfall near Boston? 

There are a few incredible waterfalls near Boston. My personal favorite is the Great Falls in Lowell. It’s beautiful, and there’s a lot of history there too. If you’re looking for a little more remote, I recommend checking out Nahanton Park in Newton. The waterfall is pretty tiny, but it’s tranquil and peaceful.

Do you prefer the big or small cascades?

I prefer the immense cascades. The bigger the waterfall, the more majestic it is. Plus, a giant waterfall means more water flowing over it, and that’s always a beautiful sight.

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