Named in recognition of President Abraham Lincoln, the city of Lincoln has several world-class interests and unique junctions, varying from the second-tallest capitol in the U.S. There are considerable reasons why you should visit this place. The city is also a hub for prehistoric architecture and live amusement. Now, it is considered a flourishing city in the Midwest. Whether it’s unblemished wildlife, charming settings, or one-of-a-kind landscapes you’re after, it’s no better site to visit with your close friends or on a solo trip. Here are the most promising things to do in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Things to Do in Lincoln, Nebraska

It is a place to meet new societies, have fun at destinations, and uncover various things to do in Lincoln, Nebraska.

1- Displays at the Museum of American Speed

You will value the Museum of American Speed if you love cars, racing, and related history. This gallery is reserved for holding and showing American automotive account antiques. You can view motors, speed kits, toys, and readers. Also, you can learn about the pioneers and architects who shaped the auto drive and customs.

Museum of American Speed
Museum of American Speed

Around 150 great vehicle shows can be witnessed. It includes a few recorded race cars, hot batons, muscle autos, and motorbikes. The showroom covers three floors and is a great space. So, you will have a bunch to explore and adore. Book an instructed tour for an additional fee.

2- Buildings at the Nebraska State Capitol

The Nebraska State Capitol is the center of the state and a landmark. It is a captivating model of Art Deco construction. The designer Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue designed it in 1920. This capitol has a 400-foot building that can be seen up to 20 miles away. It has a gold-tiled crown and a figure of The Sower, indicating the farming roots of the state.

Furthermore, it lodges the governor posts, highest courts and pleas, congress, and unicameral state congress in the U.S. Take a free tour of the site and learn about its record, art, and process. They are delivered every hour. So, visit the compliance decks and relish the views from 245 feet beyond the base.

3- Wildlife at Pioneer Park Nature Center

Visit the Pioneer Park Nature Center to rest and view the nature. It has a vast land offering a variety of habitats for all eras. You can wander on more than ten leagues of paths that wind through tall grass, woods, marshes, and a stream. See non-releasable predators and a flock on display.

Pioneer Park Nature Center
Pioneer Park Nature Center

Yet, the nature camp has two active facilities that shelter hands-on shows and types of animals. You can play in the playground for kids, relax in the theme garden, or join any event. Get involved in year-round ventures, like preschool, boot camps, school walks, birthday bashes, and other events.

4- Events at Pinewood Bowl Amphitheater

If you enjoy music and other entertainment, visit the Pinewood Bowl Amphitheater. It is an exclusive outdoor outlet in the hub of Pioneers Park. This hall organizes various concerts and events yearly. It features local and federal artists from other genres.

Moreover, you can dance at the live shows under the sky, covered by evergreens and wilderness. The arena has various yet relaxing seating and superior sound quality. Bring your snacks or buy them from the food stands. Remember to adore the views and various shows at this arena.

5- Flowers at the Sunken Gardens

If you want a spot to unwind and view the beautiful flowers, go to the Sunken Gardens. It is a historic botanical garden dating back to 1930. This garden has three central grasslands. It includes healing, perennials, and an annual garden. The Healing Garden has a white theme that signifies harmony and hope. The Perennial Garden is a bright garden with plants that blossom in the seasons.

Sunken Gardens
Sunken Gardens

Further, the Annual Garden varies annually, showing thousands of plants in complex designs. It also has a pond, a cascade, a pavilion, and a rose park. Stroll along the trails and enjoy the scent and scenery. Therefore, you can also take a gardening course for a small price.

6- Football fans at Memorial Stadium

For football lovers, Memorial Stadium is ideal. It was created in 1923 to praise the locals who aided in the World War and Korean War. The arena covers a great capacity. It is called “The Sea of Red” because faithful fans wear red to back their team.

Yet, it has a memorial wall that marks fallen idols, a legendary trainer statue, and an array of trophies. You can observe a game and undergo the excitement and practice of Cornhusker football. Thus, learn about its history as the tours are shown on except weekends.

7- Haymarket at Pinnacle Bank Arena

Pinnacle Bank Arena is a trendy, immense indoor hall that organizes various events. It is the hub of the state men’s and women’s basketball squads, which play in the Big Ten Conference. The stadium has a great capacity for center-stage shows. It also has managerial suites, club lounges, and a student area.

Pinnacle Bank Arena
Pinnacle Bank Arena

Moreover, it is located in the West Haymarket District. It is a revitalized area with eating, shopping, amusement, and parking lots. The stadium is accessible, with projects like a new garage, resort, and local bridge. Yet, it flared in 2013 with an opening ceremony for the institute.

8- Lives at Lincoln Children’s Zoo

Animal lovers can have fun and scholarly experience at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo. This zoo is ranked among the most pleasing zoos for kids by Parent Magazine. It shelters around 400 animals, including endangered, exotic, and land. You can interact with a few animals, feed, watch, or ride on them.

Further, the zoo has active Zoofari posts with Larry the Cable Guy. Here, you can learn about their facts and tricks. It offers annual programs like Zoo Lights and Zoo Camps. Likewise, you can sponsor it by becoming a fellow or adopting a creature. Yet, it is free for children under two years old.

9- Trails at Holmes Park & Lake

To enjoy the outdoors, you should visit Holmes Park & Lake. This grassland is a 110-acre waterhole created by the U.S. Army for flood direction and play in 1962. The city also sustains the park and delivers various luxuries and activities for all generations. You can boat or fumble on the lake. You can even bike on the tracks that wind through the grassland, linking to other trails in the city.

Holmes Park & Lake
Holmes Park & Lake

Moreover, the grassland has several refuges, picnic spots, gardens, ballfields, and volleyball courts. Go to the Holmes Golf Course and Hyde Observatory nearby. This golf course offers a challenging and panoramic venture for golfers of all skill levels. Hence, the tower is a public building that delivers free astronomy views and telescope viewing.

10- Ventures at the Nebraska Mountains

 It would help if you mounted to the Nebraska mountains to explore some of the most elevated points. Many cliffs and hills offer dazzling views and hiking options. It is one of the finest things to do in Lincoln, Nebraska. This slanted hill advances from the nearby plains. Yet, it features a rock marker, visitor register, and flagpole.

Scotts Bluff is a landmark that ascends 800 feet. You can walk on several paths leading to the summit along the base. Moreover, Wildcat Hills are a series of solid hills extending about 40 leagues of the North Platte River. You can also view the Wildcat Hills Scenic Byway. It is a 30-mile path that provides classical vistas.


This city of Nebraska covers something for every tourist worldwide. Whether interested in landscapes, past, civilization, wildlife, or sports, you will see many things to do in Lincoln, Nebraska. You can visit the galleries, the parks, the zoo, the playground, the lake, the cliffs, and more. Likewise, enjoy the tune, the skills, the food, and the society. It mixes a small town’s charm with a big city’s comforts. It is a city that you will adore visiting.

FAQs on Things to Do in Lincoln, Nebraska

Is Lincoln easily accessible?

Yes, it is accessible by various modes of transport. Interstate 80 and Route 6 and 34 are the central highways. The central bus station is the StarTran Bus Terminal, and the train depot is the Lincoln Station. However, the Lincoln Airport will lead you.

What are the finest cafes to eat in this city?

Lincoln has a tasty culinary set with various cuisines and tastes. Honest Abe’s Burgers & Freedom is a casual eatery serving fast food. Blue Orchid Thai Restaurant is a refined place that serves Thai meals. Misty’s Steakhouse & Brewery suits quality beers.

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