Star is a northwestern city in Idaho, and some of its parts are also stretching into the nearest Canyon County. It was named by the travelers on their way to Middleton and Boise in the 19th century when they used a star for approaching east and west directions. This star was not a celestial star that helped travelers along the way. Moreover, there are several other best things to do in Star like golf courses, cultural venues, and nature-rich banks of the Boise River.

The city was the star that the inhabitants pounded on the top of the building after building the house school. Afterward, this star became a silent guide for travelers coming around. The city contains one of the best amusement parks in Idaho. 

Star, Idaho
Star, Idaho

Some Amazing Things to Do in Star (Idaho)

Let’s dive deep into the details of all the amazing things to do in Star!

1- Take A Part in July 4th Hometown Celebration

Star celebrates the 4th of July in style at the annual Hometown Celebration for more than a decade. It is an actual local community event subsidized by the parades, quirky events like a pie auction, fun activities, local businesses, and several amusement options for kids.

Hometown Celebration
Hometown Celebration

The day ends with displaying fireworks in Hunter’s Creek Sports Park, which usually takes place around 10:35 pm. Visitors and residents start to gather there about one hour before the beginning of the firework with their picnic baskets.

2- Take A Tour at the Nearest City Boise

You can visit the nearest capital city of Idaho, which is just 27 kilometers away from the Star. Boise captivates many visitors because there are several things to do in the city. People visit Boise for family attractions from interactive museums like the Discovery Center of Idaho, to visit Zoo Boise, to explore the history of the State Capitol and the forbidding Old Idaho State Penitentiary, and the Idaho Botanical Garden.

The Banks of the Boise are other attractive destinations of the city that are bordered with some parks and offer pedestrians and cyclists by the Boise River Greenbelt and other natural areas. These areas contain 20 miles of riverfront and begin just east of Star in Eagle. Moreover, you can also approach your favorite site Hip Garden City, if you are an artist or startup craft breweries and wineries.

3- Try Horseback Riding at Eicher Horsemanship

Eicher Horsemanship is a leaning place that sits on the road to Middleton four miles west of Downtown Star. The institute runs by Brittany Eicher, who has 20 years of experience in natural horsemanship and balanced riding. Instead of just horseback riding, he can also teach you how to understand the different characters and behavior of the horse.

Eicher Horsemanship
Eicher Horsemanship

He can also assist you in speaking with your horse developing a relationship between you and your horse. You will get positive results even if you are a beginner at horseback riding. The institute can also serve you a quality hose from their herd if you haven’t your own.

4- Taste Some Food at El Mariachi Loco Restaurant

El Mariachi Loco Restaurant serves authentic Mexican food with and visitors travel long to taste its food because it is the best Mexican restaurant in Idaho. You can choose your favorite eatable from the menu as it includes tamale, burritos, chimichangas, enchiladas, tostadas, and fajitas. They have a quick service with friendly staff.

Their staff is helping and trying you to feel at home. On the other hand, they serve a generous portion of food at low prices. You can also try the crane Asada with guac and a salad. If you want to try a fresh drink, Margarita is the definite choice, or you can also try peach and strawberry flavors.

5- Hit the Slopes at Gateway Parks

You can approach the Boise Range approximately an hour away from the Star, where you can enjoy skiing on the slopes in winters. It is a closer destination, perfect for teenagers and kids. You can enjoy snow activities at Eagle Island State Park from November to March. You can also ride a magic carpet pulling your tube on the top of slop, and you will run down along a terrain park skiing and snowboarding.

Gateway Parks
Gateway Parks

6- Visit a Gorgeous Place Red Chair Lavender

It is a farm founded by Bill, having more than thirty varieties of Lavenders. Red Chair Lavender was proposed by Wendy, who was the assistant of Bill’s when they were thinking for the company name. They decided the name of their company on a Red Metal chair they had purchased some years back. You can visit these lavenders in buzzy bees with their mind-blowing fragrance.

The lavenders are surrounded by the lush decor, where you can enjoy wine in a relaxing environment. Lavender festival is the best time to visit Red Chair Lavender farm. 

7- Visit Motorsport Racing Venue in Firebird Raceway

It is a motorsport racing venue present in the western United States, in the capital city Idaho of the metropolitan area. The raceway was established in 1968 under the supervision of racing enthusiasts Bill and Ellanor New. It is a popular spot for weekend tracks, street outflows, and camping, where you can meet racers and take autographs.

Firebird Raceway
Firebird Raceway

You can also join events at Firebirds that happen across the firebird, like in August the Nightfire Nationals, Fox Hunt in June and the Nightfire Nationals, and Idaho’s premier racing event. These events have been happening in Firebirds for more than 50 years. You can also join their other seasonal events, such as swap meets and car shows.

8- Entertain Yourself at Ford Idaho Center

It is a sports complex venue where you can entertain yourself. The Ford Idaho Center is present about 15 miles away from the center of Boise in Nampa, Idaho. Visitors can visit live nation areas, live music performances, indoor theaters, Ford Idaho Horse Pak, and VIP lawns. The hotels are also easily accessible from the venue, and you can also grab some food. You can also go to the Monster Jam truck for food at the lowest cost.

9- Visit River Birch Golf Course

It is a public place for enjoying Golf Courses in Star, Idaho, United States. River Birch Golf Course is one of the best golf courses in Idaho, kept well and sizeable to play golf. This place is worth it for its beautiful course, and you can access the site conveniently if you are in north Meridian or Eagle. Playing gold in this course prompts you to face several challenges and views that take your game to the next level. This course opened in 2004 with 8-hole and par 73 from the longest tees.

River Birch Golf Course
River Birch Golf Course

10- Taste a Tasteful Wine at Dude DeWalt Cellars

It is a newly opened winery present into the hills of Idaho while the company took its name from an adjoining Gulch. They prepare wine from grapes grown in different regions, like grapes of the Walla Walla Valley in Washington and the Snake River Valley. You can try a roust Petit Verdot, fruity Sémillon, and full-bodied Rosé that tastes pretty good. The winery is organized in a pleasing way where you can take a seat under the shadow of the trees.

11- Enjoy Outdoor Activities Hunter’s Creek Sports Park

It is a spacious park designed in a contemporary way having a sporty environment for outdoor activities. So, it is the right place for outdoor recreation in the northern side of Star, Idaho. The park is embellished with several sports amenities for sports activities. It contains open green areas, football fields, and baseball courts.

This park is also an attractive place for highly talented skaters as it is furnished by the smartly laid-out Tom Erlebach Skate Park on the northwestern side.

Hunter's Creek Sports Park
Hunter’s Creek Sports Park

12- Sip Wine at Sol Invictus Vineyard

It is a family-friendly place designed for personal attending to sip a flavored wine. The vineyard is also open for special gatherings and events. You can enjoy individuals attending a beautiful tasting room with their tasty wine with glee soft background music. You can also get some local wine and gifts in their local holiday bazaar. Visitors can receive royal treatment because it is not a populated place.

13- Recreate at Eagle Island State Park

It is a public park on the southwestern side of Eagle, Idaho, covering 545 acres of land. Also, the state park is lined by the south and north channels of the Boise River. Moreover, you can enjoy several activities in the park-like picnic, swimming, and water slides. It comes with having an open field interlaced with canal ditches. You can also bring your dogs as dogs can fetch, swim, and play.

Eagle Island State Park
Eagle Island State Park

14- Take a Skydive on DZone Skydiving

It is an adventurous place for enjoying a Skydive on DZone Skydiving in Idaho. Take this adventurous ride if you are curious about how the world looks with a bird’s eye. The staff is friendly and helpful, and you can take even your first ride without fear. Everyone is professional, kind, and has a great experience. So, never miss this adventure if you are moving by the city.

15- Enjoy Star Riverwalk Park Trails

It is a charming dirt trail extending along the Boise River in Star city. Also, it is a beautiful area for a morning walk and a stroll across the park. It is a peaceful, family-friendly park always covered with snow in winters. The place is worth visiting because of its scenery.

Visitors can take pictures with trees along the river to capture a scenic view on camera. You can enjoy a long walk with your partner through the well-maintained trails enjoying unpaved pathways. Though improvements are required, it retains the best trails throughout the park.

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