Welcome to Tombstone, a place full of history and amazing food! This town is famous for its Old West legends, such as gunfights, the gold rush, and famous outlaws. But what’s exciting about Tombstone is the delicious food you can find here. Tombstone restaurants have everything from mouth-watering barbeque ribs to juicy steaks and burgers. This blog has compiled a list of the best Tombstone restaurants.

Best Tombstone Restaurants

Let’s look at the reviews of different Tombstone restaurants!

1- The Longhorn Restaurant

Are you a fan of delicious, non-vegetarian food? Then you have to try The Longhorn Restaurant in Tombstone! They have the best BBQ pork and hamburger ribs in town. The pork ribs are incredibly tender and have a rich, smoky flavor if you wait until the evening to order them. The Longhorn is an extraordinary place with a lot of history. Back in 1881, on December 28th, some bad guys shot at the famous Marshal Virgil Earp from what was then a new building on this Allen Street lot.

The Longhorn Restaurant
The Longhorn Restaurant

But Marshal Earp survived! The original building was also home to Meyer’s Bros. Apparel Co and became the Bucket of Blood Saloon. In 1909, it was renovated and turned into the Owl Cafe’ and Tourist Hotel. The building was built in the 1950s and became The Longhorn Restaurant in the 1970s.

2- Crystal Palace Saloon

The Crystal Palace Saloon is a unique restaurant in Tombstone, Arizona. The restaurant is famous for its unique architecture. The restaurant was used for many things, like a theatre, a warehouse, and a bus stop. It was also used for gambling and drinking. When those things became illegal, the building underwent many changes.

Today, it’s a cool place to visit and eat some yummy food. They have delicious steak, tasty burgers, and even some healthy salad. The building has been made to look like it did a long time ago, so you feel like you are eating in history.

3- Puny John’s BBQ

Puny John’s BBQ is a great place to grab some delicious grilled food when visiting Tombstone. The staff is amiable and fast, and they keep the restaurant super clean. You can sit outside on their big deck and enjoy your meal. They serve a delicious pulled pork sandwich with potato salad. The restaurant is just one block from the main street with all the shops and bars, so it’s easy to find. Don’t forget to try their amazing grilled food if you are in Tombstone.

Puny John's BBQ
Puny John’s BBQ

4- Big Nose Kate’s Saloon

Are you interested in the Old West’s history? If yes, you should visit Big Nose Kate’s Saloon in Tombstone. Although the Saloon has Kate’s name, it has little to do with her. Kate was a lady of many trades, including being a prostitute, a madam, and for a while, the partner of Doc Holliday. In the 1880s, the building now the Saloon was the Hotel Grand, where famous people like Kate and Doc Holliday stayed, ate, drank, and gambled. The Grand Hotel even hosted a luxurious ball in 1880!

Sadly, like much of Tombstone, the hotel was destroyed in a fire in 1882. However, the bar in the basement survived, and today it’s on the main floor. Big Nose, Kate’s Saloon, serves delicious bar food and cold drinks. On weekends and special occasions, they even have local musicians performing! The Saloon is a great restaurant in Tombstone, even without the gambling and shootouts of the past.

5- Cafe Margarita

Cafe Margarita is a fantastic Tombstone restaurant serving Mexican and Italian dishes. It was initially built as the Russ House, an eatery and lodging owned by a kind woman named N. Cashman, sometimes called the Angel of Tombstone. Cafe Margarita is a wonderful place to enjoy lunch or dinner on the Courtyard deck, as long as it’s not raining. Their Mexican dishes are delicious, and their Italian dishes are unmatched in Tombstone.

Cafe Margarita
Cafe Margarita

Some dishes they serve include burritos, tacos, cheddar fries, three-cheese lasagne, and enchiladas. They even serve Italian dishes like penne with meat sauce! Try their kicked-up rita or famous Mexican Sunday if you want something special. Cafe Margarita is open every day of the week except Monday to Wednesday, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly.

6- Mario’s Bakery Café

Mario’s Bakery Café, located on the famous Allen Street in Tombstone, is a perfect spot for all dessert lovers. They serve delicious American food and even have options for vegetarians. Their grilled sandwiches, made with homemade bread and loaded with cheese, are a hit among locals and visitors alike. According to their happy customers, Mario’s Bakery Café is known for serving the best-iced tea in Tombstone. It’s a family-friendly restaurant that you must visit when in Tombstone.

7- The Depot

If you ask any local where to eat in Tombstone, the only answer they will give you is The Depot. The Depot, a local favorite, is located past the historically significant area. They serve amazing food and beverages in a fun and cozy atmosphere, making it one of Tombstone’s most recommended restaurants for a great time.

The Depot
The Depot

8- Family Fun Restaurant

Are you looking for a restaurant that caters to families in Tombstone? Then the Family Fun Restaurant might be the best Tombstone restaurant for you. During the day, it is ideal for children and families. They can learn about Old West history while enjoying a sandwich and a cold “sasparilla.” 

Furthermore, the atmosphere of this restaurant is vibrant and classy, and their food is, without a doubt, drool-worthy. The staff is also delightful and friendly. It’s a fantastic restaurant to visit with your family and children.

9- Chuckwagon Eatery

The Chuckwagon Eatery is the newest Tombstone restaurant. Chuckwagon is located just outside of one of Arizona’s best and most great breweries. The food at this restaurant is delicious and filling. You will always have a good meal here. You can order food and beverages or go to the Brewing Company’s pub and order a cold one. They also have cool, hidden tables where you can hang out.

Chuckwagon Eatery
Chuckwagon Eatery

The Bottom Line

Tombstone isn’t just a place for history buffs but also for foodies. It offers various options, from casual diners to fine dining restaurants, all with Old West charm. Tombstone restaurants offer a variety of delicious foods for everyone, from BBQ to steak to sandwiches. Put on your cowboy hat and visit these awesome restaurants on your family vacation for a filling meal.

FAQs about Tombstone Restaurants

Can I find vegetarian or vegan options at Tombstone restaurants?

Absolutely! Many Tombstone restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan options on their menus. You can enjoy a delicious plant-based meal while still experiencing the Old West charm of Tombstone.

Is it necessary to book a table beforehand at Tombstone restaurants?

Booking a table in advance is recommended at Tombstone restaurants, especially during busy times. But don’t worry; some restaurants also welcome walk-in guests, so you can still enjoy a meal without a reservation.

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