Cycling is a pastime that can become a real family hobby. But some people prefer to go on a bike trip alone – this is the very tool that will allow you to throw off your daily life and relax. Biking is becoming more and more popular every day, especially traveling alone on a bike. BikesOnline becomes the favorite shop of cycling lovers.

An additional joy is an opportunity to go on a trip at a small financial cost. Take a break from the bustle of work, see many interesting places, and just enjoy skiing.

There are many offers for cycling trips. They can be found both in a regular travel agency and in a cycling club, social networks, or forums dedicated to this topic. But most of the proposals involve traveling in a company. And this is not for everyone and not always convenient. An alternative would be a solo bike ride.

Reasons for Traveling Alone on a Bike

Why do people go on a solo bike ride? One of the reasons is the desire for solitude; the other is the lack of like-minded people. What can you do if, among your friends, there are no people who are fond of tourism? Or they don’t have friends with a bike at all, or they have such a bike that it’s better to ride it yourself.

Traveling Alone on a Bike
Traveling Alone on a Bike

Many would say that it is better to go on a bike trip with a friend because he can always cheer, support the company, and besides, it is safer. The problem with the lack of acquaintances is easily solved. There are interest clubs or just amateurs who are looking for a company for bike rides.

There are many travelers who love solitude: to be alone with their thoughts, so to speak. They want to take a break from society or escape from the stuffiness of the city and catch the wind on the road. Naturally, in this way, they get a great rest. Leaving on a bike trip alone, you can see more places and see the most secret nooks and crannies of unfamiliar cities and the bright wonders of nature.

There are serious arguments against traveling without company. Most say that it is dangerous, and there is a high probability of robbery and other troubles. When injured, there is no one to provide medical assistance. Others that it is rather boring, as there is no one to talk to or share their impressions of what they saw. It is not without meaning that the things that are needed for the trip cannot be transported alone. Theft of a bicycle during stops or sleep is not ruled out. But there are undoubted advantages of independent travel by bicycle.

Benefits of Solo Bike Travel

1- Training

Of course, a long bike ride, and even more so a single one, is the business of people with good physical fitness. If you have been riding for a couple of days and decide to cross half the country, then it is better to start with small distances, gradually increasing the pace and distance.

Athletes are another matter. Constant physical activity is necessary before traveling on a bicycle; otherwise, after pedaling for half a day, you will encounter severe dorepatura and are unlikely to move.

Training for Solo Bike Travel
Training for Solo Bike Travel

2- Self-knowledge

It happens that a person needs to comprehend his purpose in life. When traveling alone on a bike, there is plenty of time for this. If there are any problems that cannot be considered in a circle of people, then the rest will be an excellent incentive.

3- Route

You choose the route yourself and decide how long the stop will last. You plan your trip yourself, as well as travel time, and decide which sights to see and which ones to pass by. If you are in a company, then there may be disagreements about where to go. Some beautiful places sometimes make you want to stay near them longer.

4- Self-esteem

Traveling alone on a bike, you can determine what you are capable of. Previously, you were sure that you could ride a bike a long distance and easily ride a steep mountain; on a trip, you can actually see your strengths in order to work out your shortcomings in the future.

5- Freedom

This word delights cyclists. It cannot be expressed in simple words. It just needs to be felt. Emotions overwhelm the traveler and stay with him forever. And in a few, even decades, you will be able to remember your trip with the words: “And I …”.

6- Skill

When traveling alone on a bike, you acquire useful knowledge and skills. It can be as simple as sealing a punctured tire on a bicycle, setting up a tent, and cooking. You simply have no choice but to learn how to do it because these will be the prerequisites for survival in general.

You will need to use your knowledge in every possible way or learn new ones. In the end, these skills will help when you ride in a company or the next time you go on a bike trip alone again. Be sure to bring a repair kit, tools, a tent, food, and cooking supplies.

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