Vacations are the best time to try out new experiences. It’s what makes holidays exciting. You get the chance to explore, learn and indulge in new concepts that everyday life cannot offer. Hence, if you’re planning a trip to the cozy town of Pigeon Forge, there are numerous ways to make your trip noteworthy.

The state of Tennessee is the cornerstone of southern warmth and hospitality. So if you’re looking for a town that is comfortable to stop by, has numerous activities to explore, and leaves you with long-lasting memories, look no further.

The gentle city of Pigeon Forge is the ideal holiday retreat you’ve been looking for. But the question arises, while you’re here, what can you do? The answer is simple. Pigeon Forge is anything but boring, and once you step foot into town, you will find a lot to do on your trip to Pigeon Forge.

Pigeon Forge
Pigeon Forge

Trip to Pigeon Forge

Curious to know what? Here’s what this destination holds for you:

1- Enjoy A Live Show

Something is super astonishing and exciting about live shows. The theater is the oldest form of entertainment. Watching people act out scenes in person can depict the rawness of their talent and is an excellent exhibition of their skills. Pigeon Forge also hosts many live-action shows for your entertainment.

The plays are not complicated to understand and extremely fun to watch. Therefore, when you plan things to do at Pigeon Forge, don’t forget to include catching a quick live show. For instance, if you are a fan of concepts like the Pirates of the Caribbean, you’ll enjoy live entertainment at the Pirate Voyage Dinner and Show, along with a delicious dinner!

This show is a brilliant mixture of storytelling, music, and special effects. You will get to see a life-sized pirate ship, uncover several mysteries as the show progresses, and witness an impressive performance put together by the team.

At the same time, you’ll also enjoy a four-course hearty pirate’s meal stocked with delicious delicacies and food items that will leave you satisfied after every morsel. One of the many great shows in Pigeon Forge that you can sit back and enjoy.

2- Visit The Great Smoky Mountains, National Park

Pigeon Forge lies on the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which means you’ll never get an opportunity better than this to visit the monument. The Great Smoky Mountains National park stretches over 500,000 acres of land. It is home to various fauna and flora you cannot see otherwise.

Numerous hiking trails and peaks are also located around the park, such as Clingmans Dome, the highest point in the National Park, which elevates over 6,000 feet tall. The National Park is also home to waterfalls like Rainbow falls and Laurel waterfalls, with water cascading from 80 feet to the ground below, making it an enchanting sight.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Great Smoky Mountains National Park

On your hikes, you may also come across many animals like deer, elks, and different species of birds. In certain areas, numerous bears may inhabit the region, giving you a glimpse of the magnificent animal.

You can gain so much from one trip to Pigeon Forge. If you’re a nature enthusiast, experiencing all these views makes for a lasting memory. If you’re afraid that the animals may hurt you on your trip, don’t be. There are park rangers in designated spots to guide you away from these creatures with strict instructions on how to react if you encounter an aggressive mammal. But rest assured, it will never come to that.

3- Go To The Dollywood Theme Park

Amusement parks are an integral part of any trip. The adrenaline rush and influx of serotonin and endorphins will leave you grinning ear to ear and remind you how much of a daredevil you are. Pigeon Forge can give you access to one of the best theme parks in the city, known as Dollywood.

This is a co-owned property shared by the famous country singer Dolly Parton and managed by the Herschend family. Collectively, Dollywood is a large enterprise that spans over 160 acres. You can ride some of the state’s fastest coasters and drop towers within this vast land. But if you crave something milder, there are water slides and trains that operate at a slower speed. 

Dollywood Theme Park
Dollywood Theme Park

Once you get done amusing yourself by trying out different rides, you can culminate your visit to the park by dining on local snacks like the delectable funnel cake or making something for yourself from the crafts shops. Dollywood’s location also makes it worth the visit.

The park is surrounded by lush trees and greenery that make for a breathtaking view. You should take the express train ride if you want a scenic tour of the area under Dollywood.

4- Avoid Peak Tourist Season

There is no denying that Pigeon Forge is a tourist hotspot. Millions of families make their way to Tennessee and stop at Pigeon Forge, which results in heavy crowds. So while you can still access this location, the large groups and crowds of people may dampen your mood.

It may become hard for you to visit monumental landmarks, take a picture of the surrounding scenery, or even plan a hiking trip because of the blocked-off routes. Hence, your best strategy is to go in the off-season and avoid months when families travel with their children.

Generally, summer is the busiest month for Pigeon Forge, and even though fall is also busy due to the gorgeous foliage, there might be fewer tourists as compared to summer and spring, when the town is packed with tourists.

If you can withstand the cold weather, stop during winter. You will get a chance to enjoy the snow-capped mountains and exclusive seasonal beverages like hot chocolate.

Final Thoughts

Anytime you visit a new location, it is natural to make memories there. For this reason, if you are new to Pigeon Forge, you can engage in numerous activities to make your trip worth remembering. These include actively immersing yourself into the southern culture and enjoying what the town has to offer.

You may be able to catch a live show at Pirates Voyage, make a quick trip to the Smokies and even spend the day in Dollywood. These make up the foundation of Pigeon Forge and can give you a gist of what the region has in store for you.

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