In the upper Midwest, Wisconsin is a beautiful state of the US. It is recognized for its diverse landscapes, deep history, and lively culture. You can plan a family holiday in Wisconsin. This city has an extended coastline along Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, with many lakes, rivers, and woods. The natives of the city are amiable and provide free assistance to its visitors. It is a leader in dairy and tourism. Thus, you can also encounter top waterfalls in Wisconsin. It included the notable Wequiock Falls.

1- Wequiock Falls

Wequiock Falls is a captivating cascade. It is located in the smaller parks in Brown County. You can have a close-up sight of the Niagara Escarpment rock figure from this waterfall. Wequiock Creek, a region of the Wequiock Creek Natural Area, provides the falls. There are picnic spots, restrooms, fresh water, and a bridge that overlooks it.

You can pack your snacks or even buy from the food stalls of the park and enjoy them at one of the spots. Yet, it presents a stunning and relaxing background for nature buffs. The flow of the cascade varies depending on the season and rainfall. It is a vigorous fall in spring. Yet, it can be mild in summer and autumn. It freezes into attractive icicles in winter.

Wequiock Waterfalls
Wequiock Waterfalls

In this park, you will also see a wall adorned with locks. The people have left these locks as a sign of their attachment. Take the stairs to the gorge and get nearer to look at the falls. Be attentive, as the pebbles are slippery and unsafe. Thus, if you like a short and effortless venture, check out this hidden treasure in Green Bay.

2- A Lovely Sight at Saxon Falls

Saxon Falls is a majestic rapid on the Montreal River. It creates a boundary between the city and Michigan. This waterfall has 90 feet drop over several falls. The valley below the falls is one of the most in-depth, adding scenic looks.

Drive to the dam and energy plant that leads a trail to it. A boardwalk scratches the river and shows views of the upper and lower falls. Likewise, descend a ladder to see the falls from the close. Thus, it is a lovely view showing nature’s strength and majesty.

3- Rugged Beauty at Potato River Falls

Potato River Falls descends almost 90 feet and joins the Bad River, rushing into Lake Superior. The two falls are Upper and Lower Potato River Falls. Rugged and lovely views enclose them. You can enter the townlet park around Gurney. There are facilities of picnic tables, bathrooms, and five rural campsites.

Potato River Falls
Potato River Falls

From this point, you can walk to either of the falls along a path through a birch. You can even see a maple forest. Although numerous stairs are along the way, the vistas are worth it. Hence, it is a wild beauty that will take your drag away. After seeing all around the falls, relish a meal at Wisconsin on Tap.

4- Numerous trails at Copper Falls

Copper Falls State Park is a vast park with outdated lava flows, deep valleys, and stunning cascades. The park has multiple hiking, racing, and skiing paths, offering diverse scenic incidents. Its most famous trail is the Doughboy’s Nature Trail. This path is a 1.7-mile circle that pursues the Bad River and departs by Copper Falls and Brownstone Falls.

Moreover, it crosses a bridge and shows the views of the Douglas Fault, a geological shape. You can even see the Red Granite Falls Trail. It is a 3.8-mile backyard trail to a hidden waterfall on the Bad River. The trail mixes with the hardwood woodland and traverses many streams. Thus, it has multiple tracks for all levels of experience.

5- Visit the stunning Brownstone Falls

Brownstone Falls is a 30-foot falls located on the Tyler Forks River. The waterfall is called after the reddish-brown stone that builds the gully’s walls. When this river enters the Bad River, this cascade creates a dramatic setting. Visit the Doughboy’s Nature Trail from the central parking lot.

Brownstone Falls
Brownstone Falls

Further, the course will direct along the Bad River Gorge to a lookout above this falls. You can walk a few miles after enjoying this fall at this park. Here, you will encounter the shopping streets of George Town to purchase antique items.

6- Four rapids at Amnicon Falls

Amnicon Falls State Park is a notable park with four rapids on the Amnicon River. These falls include the Lower and Upper Amnicon Falls, Snake Pit Falls, and Now-and-Then Falls. Each rapid has appeal and surface, varying from mild cascades to booming drops.

Moreover, they are well-maintained and offer diverse viewpoints. You can trek along the ancient bridge or walk down the riverbank. Therefore, it is a place to enjoy four rapids and even lie at this state park in a peaceful setting.

7- Edge at Big Manitou Falls

Big Manitou Falls is the most elevated, with 165 feet of fall. It drops where the Black River descends over a ridge of dark volcanic rock. The fall makes a thunderous roar that can be heard from leagues away. The course will direct you to a waterfall and canyon view deck.

Manitou Falls
Manitou Falls

You can stroll along the valley’s edge and click photos of the cascade from various angles. Yet, it is a majestic scenery that will amaze you with its force. Enjoy live shows at Bartell Theatre nearby.

8- Shortest hike at Morgan Falls

Morgan Falls is located on Morgan Creek in Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. The cascade is the most towering in the state, gliding over a slippery rock look into a surface pool. You can go from the Morgan Falls Trail close to Ashland to advance to this fall.

Yet, the track is mainly balanced, making it one of the quickest hikes to a cascade. It will take you through pine, birch, and maple tree woods and end at a rigid forum that oversees the falls. Apart from all this, this waterfall will surprise you with its beauty and stability.

9- Hidden Gem at Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls is a 25-foot in length on the Osceola Creek. The cascade is hidden after the towers of downtown. But it can be easily visited by a stairway that directs to a viewing outlet. It is lighted at night, forming a magical aura.

Cascade Falls
Cascade Falls

You can use the parking lot at Cascade Street or walk along the Osceola Creek Trail to visit this fall and other landmarks. It presents an urban oasis in the city. Moreover, eat your meal at The Watershed Cafe nearby and enjoy scenic views.

10- Rocky Venture at Long Slide Falls

Long Slide Falls flows on the Pemebonwon River. It is located in Marinette County. It slides down a vertical and stony slope with many drops and twisting. The cascade is called after it corresponds to a long slide. To get to it, drive to the Pembine and observe the signs of the drops.

The trail is shorter and more complex, involving some steep and rough surfaces. From the tower, you can have a view of the slides from above. You can jog down to the base for a closer look. Thus, it is a rocky place that will challenge you with events and bliss.


Wisconsin is a stunning state in the US. It offers many natural landscapes for tourists and locals alike. Apart from the impressive features of the city’s terrain are its Wequiock Falls. They range from remote falls to high slides. Many of the leading rapids in the state are found in state parks. Here, trails and bridges can readily access them. There are covert gems that require some inquiry and venture. Therefore, if you are peeking for a plain picnic area, a hiking path, or a shot chance, you will see a fall that fits your taste.

FAQs on Wequiock Falls

How many parking slots are available at this cascade?

A remote parking end is available at the main gate of the park. It can include about six cars. The parking space is unrestricted and open to the general public. There is no other option within the garden.

What are the surrounding places to go after seeing this waterfall?

After seeing this waterfall, you can go to the Sensiba Walking Trail. It is a loop path that offers sights of Green Bay West Shores Wildlife Area. Green Bay Botanical Garden is also nearby. It is a vast garden with various plants, flowers, and statues.

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