Different attractions can be viewed within a short drive of Philadelphia. It is an essential industrial history site with the best national parks and playing areas. A little farther a meadow, you can explore the serene countryside and townlets where other farm families live. It appears worlds away from Philadelphia’s active streets. Art lovers can visit the studio with the fine and adorning art arrays. Marvel at rides or view the grandeur of the monuments and museums. So, you can spend your vacation at one of the countless places to visit near Philadelphia.

Places to Visit Near Philadelphia

Arrange your adventures with a safe travel by Uber. Locate rewarding places to visit near Philadelphia.

1- Visit the Independence Hall

Independence Hall has an interior of red-brick, Georgian-style structure. The state debated, framed, and marked the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Those who visit this hall can see enduring copies. Also, tourists can see the Assembly Room. It is in the National Historic Park in Old City, steps from the Liberty Bell Center.

Independence Hall
Independence Hall

Moreover, it makes visiting both points in the morning or afternoon suitable. Parking is open at the tourist center on the 6th and along the market streets. There are also different parking garages nearby. Thus, you can use the shuttle service at the Philly Phlash to get to get here conveniently.

2- Enjoy at Gettysburg National Military Park

The three-day war in 1863 was worth 51,000 lives. It changed the path of the war as the troops were pushed to exit. Later that exact year, barely six months after the fight, President Abraham gave a speech. It was at the devotion of Gettysburg National Military Park. Likewise, it was a final resting area for those who gave their lives for the nation.

Further, the cemetery marks those killed in that. It highlights a visit and a trek of the battlefield. Here, nearly 1,400 memorials and figures mark the parts of various units. The gallery exhibits defining the war and its aftermath. Hence, you can watch the engaged foreign leaders of the state.

3- Carts at Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Pennsylvania Dutch County is a rural area. Here, you will see the horse-drawn carts on the roads. German settlers remained in the region for a long time. However, Deutsche was corrupted by the villagers. They have been guided to as the Pennsylvania Dutch ever since.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country
Pennsylvania Dutch Country

In addition, this area is also famous for antiques and wise buyers. The charity auctions at the fire stations are filled with exciting figures and farm ephemera. So, families travel with kids to view Dutch Wonderland, a 50-acre fun park for everyone.

4- Reforms at Eastern State Penitentiary

The castle-type Eastern State Penitentiary is the most historic site. It was opened in 1829 and sought to reform convicts using isolation rather than a capital penalty and bodily abuse. Although it was locked down in 1970, it led the way to improve the judicial system. Still, this attraction is unsuitable for younger kids due to its scary nature.

Therefore, to assume the terror, visit about Halloween when the prison marks the spooky season with five haunted places. It presents self-guided and guide-led tours. You can also take a night time in the summer months. Likewise, enjoy the Fair Chance Beer Garden nearby. The garden uses people who may need help locating work.

5- Flower show at Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens covers around 1,000 acres of woods and fields. Today, it is the best year-round horticultural show. This complex is formed up of many other indoor and outdoor gardens and formal gardens. It has glowing displays of flowering bulbs, kids’ gardens, water gardens, a greenhouse of rare trees, a fruit garden, glass spaces, and a topiary garden. Perhaps the most dazzling is the Italian Water Garden.

Longwood Gardens
Longwood Gardens

It was planned and created in detail by Pierre du Pont. Furthermore, the Topiary is a wonderland of red yew plants over decades to form 20 shapes. In the last two months, it has given a magical pageant of colored lights. You can view the fountain shows and are set to music. Also, the tickets are timed, and the numbers are fixed.

6- Shots at the Liberty Bell Center

No matter your choices, the Liberty Bell is a must-visit. This 2,080-pound history detail marked the essential events. It includes the first shared reading of the freedom of speech. Likewise, the Liberty Bell was damaged, though historians accept the first crack set in early 1840.

Metal workers were soon tasked with fixing the bell. But the repair failed, and the bell stopped to chime again. Further, recent tourists suggest visiting it as soon as it opens. You can have an option to take a picture or Bellfie. However, all tourists must vacate a security screening upon joining the building.

7- Tour at Valley Forge National Historical Park

The warriors camped at Valley Forge in the winter. They endured the harsh states of cold, hunger, and illness. Later, the British forces destroyed an intense supply center for the army. Without suited food, shoes, or clothes, the armies sorrowed nearly 2,000 deaths but emerged a strong and committed force under command.

Valley Forge National Historical Park
Valley Forge National Historical Park

Moreover, the tale of this terrible winter is told via exhibits, treks, and a film. You can see it at Valley Forge National Historical Park. Similarly, walk the trails through the camping grounds, where the men formed a village of 2,000 huts. It was rescued by miles of canals and redoubts.

8- View Brandywine River Museum of Art

Brandywine River Museum of Art and N.C. Wyeth House & Studio is a fantastic landmark. Artist N.C. Wyeth bought the ground watching the Brandywine Valley in 1911. It flows from his paintings for Treasure Island and made a home and studio. So, it has a seasonal guided trip show. It displays his life, job, and other fellows of this talented family.

Further, you can view an ample collection of works by N.C. Wyeth, his son, grandson, and others. All of them manage the home and studio. Thus, an extensive saving area wraps the museum property. It is farmed with native flowers, trees, and shrubs.

9- See at The Franklin Institute

The Giant Heart show is worth a visit at the Franklin Institute. You can climb from the sections of a life-like heart as they listen to the sounds of a natural heartbeat. It is inspired by the scientist Benjamin Franklin and is fun for tourists and kids. Active exhibits include a sports zone with surfing, rock climbing, and others.

The Franklin Institute
The Franklin Institute

Apart from all this, you can use your body to conduct a circuit and light a bulb, watch 3D printers in motion, and explore space without exiting Earth. Regardless, some critics have been frustrated that specific exhibits cost extra. Still, some quick exhibits and IMAX shows charge extra fees.

10- Mountains at The Poconos

This mountainous region is noted for its skiing, winter rides, hiking, and outdoor venture activities during the spring and summer. The four-county site covers 150 lakes for gliding, angling, boating and many rivers. In the summer, the Delaware Water Gap is perfect for outdoor getaways, with miles of rivers.

Further, you can rest and play for free at many water parks and adventure points. It has six full motels and 185 inclines, terrain parks, and snowboard places. Proper for anyone, it implicates going down a soft hill.


Philadelphia is a beautiful place rich in past, culture, and craft. But there are also many attractions to visit near Philadelphia. You can find mixed places to visit if you are looking for natural wonders, history, or joy. They are within a quick drive or train lift from Philly. The best places include counties, parks, museums, shops, and more. These places present something for everyone. So, plan a vacation with families, friends, adventure seekers, or relaxation lovers.

FAQs on Places to Visit Near Philadelphia

What are the most suitable hotels to cover the places to visit near Philadelphia?

The best inns include the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center. It is 0.5 miles from the city hub. The Rittenhouse has a meeting room and a fitness point, and pets are even allowed. You can also plan to go to the Logan Philadelphia Curio Collection by Hilton.

What is the best time to go to places to visit near Philadelphia?

Spring and fall are suitable to visit the city and nearby places. The weather is cheery and mild, with moderate temperatures. Its surroundings are attractive and bright, with cherry blossoms and fall foliage. Even the crowds are less than in summer or winter.

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