Aquariums offer a pacifying experience for many tourists. The dark chambers are lit by soft light from the tanks and show many fish in all forms and shades. They swim past the glass, with kelp dancing in the ripples of water. Visitors come to these aquatic places to view the immersed landscapes. You can view the strange and thrilling creatures from diverse bodies of water and ecology. With the top and biggest aquarium in the US, you can fully engage in underwater planets and enjoy different water sports. Thus, marine mammals indicate life under the water.

Biggest Aquarium in the US

An aquarium includes the ocean’s species, marine life, protection, research, and water sports. Let us research the biggest aquarium in the US!

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA

Georgia Aquarium is in the midtown around the Centennial Olympic Park. So, it was a present from Bernie Marcus to the locals of Georgia. He granted $250 million to create and stock the tank after visiting 56 points in 13 countries with his wife. Likewise, it was opened in 2005 as the biggest aquarium in the US. It covers around 100,000 fish across seven notable galleries.

Further, the Georgia Aquarium houses everything like the freshwater animals in its Southern Company River Scout hall. It has a giant whale shark tank in the Ocean Voyager gallery. Today, its unique gallery is the Sharks! Predators of the Deep show. It involves many shark types in a 20-foot tank having 1.2 million water gallons.

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA
Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA

In addition, this facility is a famous tourist area, so expect too many crowds when you visit. Also, be trained to spend much time bearing it all in. You can view a free dolphin show that advises you to swim or dive with the aquarium’s fish. Similarly, you can reserve general entry tickets online in advance. These seats are for the dolphin and sea lion show and the 4D theater.

You can reach the aquarium by driving or using public transport. Parking in the on-site space costs added. The public parking rate is $17, but its visitors get a discounted rate of $12. Thus, Centennial Park and SpringHill Suites are nearby. However, it is open with specific opening hours. Still, hours are subject to shift, so check on the website before you visit it.

Other Aquariums in the US

Let’s learn the details about some other aquariums in the US:

1- Shows at OdySea Aquarium

OdySea Aquarium is at the edge of the Salt River. It is an active facility with 65 displays and 370 types. Likewise, it has several alleys and unique incidents, like the penguin and sloth shows. It is home to a striking Russian sturgeon exhibit.

Also, travelers view the Voyager, billed as the only rotating aquarium experience. During a tour, you can sit in stadium-style chairs that rotate four 46-foot windows. Some tourists feel the general entryway could be cheaper. Thus, the mirrors above the sinks are replaced with windows.

OdySea Aquarium
OdySea Aquarium

2- Habitat at Birch Aquarium

The Birch Aquarium is a gallery stressing research at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. It houses around 60 wildlife animals through halls. So, it covers the smallest penguins, seahorses, a kelp grove, sharks, and more. Look closely at the research led through an observed exhibit.

Similarly, you can view underwater robotics and digital cameras, which look at life aboard a research craft. The sea tanks in Tide Pool Plaza have tide pools along San Diego’s seaside. Even though this tank is not as large as others, families praise it.

3- Gallery at Oregon Coast Aquarium

The glorious shore animals await you at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Three underwater ways provide stunning views of sea life among reefs and the sea. The Shark Tunnel shows four types of sharks, fish, and bat rays. Attend an animal show to learn more about animal care to get friendly.

In addition, to visit the marine and other sea creatures, you can visit the aviary to know seabirds. This place has a nature-themed grassland for kids. Likewise, it hosts local science projects with other firms to learn more about the habitat.

Oregon Coast Aquarium
Oregon Coast Aquarium

4- Unique ways to the Shedd Aquarium

With a task to promote charity for animals and conservation, Shedd Aquarium in Chicago offers unique events. It includes tanks with beluga whales, sea otters, and stingrays. Even you can feed sharks. At the Abbott Oceanarium, view the white-sided dolphins speed across the water.

Further, the Polar Play Zone lets kids learn about life on the North Poles, ride in a kid-sized sub, and admire the area. It also offers summer kayaking treks on the Chicago River for those nosy in an ecotour. Therefore, other activities include a virtual reality swim.

5- Pools at New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium in Boston seeks to amuse and educate the people through its shows of inspiring fish kinds. It is devoted to ocean quests and saving through nearly a dozen ambitions. They range from holding sea turtles to lowering the use of plastic.

Moreover, tourists can stroll through displays like an Indo-Pacific coral reef and one Atlantic harbor seal. Also, it houses an open-air exhibit room for sea lion training and a five-story-tall film screen. You can get out on the water via the harbor tours to see fish in their habitat.

New England Aquarium
New England Aquarium

6- Visit the Mystic Aquarium

The Mystic Aquarium houses over 300 species. Tourists can marvel at African penguins, whales, octopuses, seals, a live coral reef, and much more. You can swim near a 35,000-gallon tank in the indoor gallery. Like, head to Ocean Solutions to learn about creative ways the sea can help with the climate crisis.

Further, the size makes it easy to explore in a few hours. For a painting event, you can book a time to paint. Also, there are programs where you undergo what it’s like to be a sea biologist. You can experience the 4D films about undersea dinosaurs and sea creatures.

7- Play at the Seattle Aquarium

Learn about the ocean from Seattle Aquarium’s shows, events, saving and education agendas, and more. You can view life in Puget Sound via the 360-degree Underwater Dome. It exhibits local fish in a 400,000-gallon habitat or observes fish.

The jellyfish are a distinct favorite among visitors. Similarly, you can participate in exciting activities at the Family Activity Center. It is about what you can do to help protect this risky species. Still, the recovery event saves animals from death, field protection, and more.

Seattle Aquarium
Seattle Aquarium

8- View the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies

This aquarium includes exhibits varying from a tropical rainforest and shaded coral reefs. You can venture into the core of this exhibit on the Glass Bottom Boat Adventure. Enjoy penguins swimming or playing at the Penguin Playhouse exhibit.

For even more penguin fun, attend a painting event to create an active work of art. After hours, go for a bedtime party at Ripley’s Aquarium’s nightly Sleep With the event. Hence, you can end up on a late-night scavenger quest.

9- Ventures at the Adventure Aquarium

The Adventure Aquarium is across the river from Philadelphia. It is home to over 15,000 animals at 2 million gallons of water and sharks in the North. The Shark Realm show offers unusual ways to see the sharks. Still, you can traverse the Shark Bridge or walk through the Shark Tunnel.

Further, kids enjoy the KidZone pools and the Penguin Park outdoor garden. Also, it brags a Piranha Falls exhibit, a 3D hall, and a Hippo Haven exhibit. Hence, as the capacity is limited, make a reservation online.

Adventure Aquarium
Adventure Aquarium


The biggest aquarium in the US delivers sea life’s type and various sights. The largest water chamber is the Georgia Aquarium. It keeps about 10 million gallons of water. So, it organizes over 100,000 fish, like whales and sharks. Other notable areas are The Seas with Nemo and Friends, Shedd Aquarium, and more. These tanks allow tourists to learn about the sea. Apart from this, its species, saving, and research efforts can be viewed.

FAQs on the Biggest Aquarium in the US

Which aquarium has the most types and enormous indoor tanks?

The New England Aquarium has fish types with 20,000 of aquatic life. The Seas with Nemo and Friends has a considerable indoor tank. Likewise, it has 5.7 million water gallons. It themes after the movie Finding Nemo and covers many characters.

What are the rules relating to visiting such places?

There are a few rules that you can follow. No outdoor food is allowed except for small snacks for kids. Handcarts, strollers, push cars, and ride-ones are banned. Cameras are entitled for personal use only, and weapons are not allowed.

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