Bora Bora, an enchanting island, is situated 150 miles northwest of Tahiti. It is commonly grouped with the Leeward Islands in French Polynesia. The island is rugged and mountainous, and the sculptures donning the island are all the features of volcanic eruptions. There is a large lagoon that is surrounded by islets and fantastic coral reefs. Let’s dive in and uncover fascinating & fun facts about this tropical paradise, Bora Bora!

Fun Facts About Bora Bora

Below are the details of various fun facts about Bora Bora!

1- Unveiling a Hidden Paradise: Discover the Enchanting Secrets

Bora Bora is a super special place that only a few people get to visit. Did you know that more people visit Hawaii in just ten days than Bora Bora gets in a whole year? It’s like a secret paradise for only a lucky few! If you stay at Conrad Bora Bora Nui, you’ll feel like a significant person. Imagine having your private pool and swimming in it under the beautiful sunset. You can also go paddleboarding and have picnics on a special island called Motu Tapu. Bora Bora is truly a magical and luxurious getaway!

Bora Bora
Bora Bora

2- Dive into the Culture: Unique Language and Fascinating Traditions

Did you know that the people of Bora Bora speak a unique language known as Tahitian? Learning Tahitian can be challenging despite having only 13 letters and 1,000 words. Depending on the context, some words may have different spellings and meanings. When you’re there, you can go to Vaitape, the biggest town on the island, and practice speaking Tahitian. And guess what? If you stay at Conrad Bora Bora Nui, they even offer Tahitian language classes! How cool is that?

3- The Island’s True Identity: Pora Pora, the Firstborn Gem

Did you know we’ve been saying the island’s name wrong all this time? It’s not called Bora Bora, but Pora Pora! In the language of Tahitian, there is no “B” sound. Pora Pora means “firstborn” and is a unique island name. Isn’t that surprising? Even though we say it differently, Bora Bora has become famous as a dream honeymoon destination. It’s like a magical place that you can only imagine. The beauty of Pora Pora will truly capture your heart!

Pora Pora
Pora Pora

4- A Pristine Haven: Pest-Free and Serene Environment

Did you know Bora Bora is a special place without pests or snakes? It’s true! The entire French Polynesia is free from dangerous insects and venomous snakes. That means you can also stroll or nap on the beach without fear of being bothered by bugs or critters. So it’s like living in a paradise where you can enjoy beautiful surroundings without interruptions from pesky creatures. Bora Bora truly is a pest-free zone, making it even more amazing!

5- Romance Amidst Natural Wonders: Delights for Couples and Honeymooners

Bora Bora is famous as the “Romantic Island.” It’s so secluded that many couples and honeymooners love to visit. But hold on; there’s more! You can reach Tpai by taking a short 19-kilometer ride north of Bora Bora. It is famous as Motu Iti. Guess what? This fantastic spot is a coral reef that looks like a heart! Moreover, it’s like nature created its very own love symbol. This incredible area is 11 kilometers big, and it’s stunning!

Romantic Island
Romantic Island

6- Floral Whispers and Youthful Vibes: Unraveling Bora Bora’s Traditions

Did you know that flowers can show your relationship status in Bora Bora? If a lady places a flower behind her left ear, it means she’s taken. But if she places it on her right ear, it means she’s single! This tradition attracts some male attention, and they may even flirt. It is known for its beautiful people; half the island’s population is below 20 years old! So you’ll see many young people enjoying the sun on the beach.

7- Navigating Island Life: Transportation and Small-Scale Living

Guess what? In Bora Bora, there’s no public transportation to get around. This tiny island has three villages: Anau, Faanui, and Vaitape. And get this, less than 9,000 people are living there! Can you imagine? The whole island is super small, only 29.3 square kilometers. You must walk or rent a car, bike, or even a two-seater buggy to visit.

8- Beneath the Azure Waters: Exploring the Marine Marvels

Bora Bora is an excellent location for water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving. The hundreds of underwater species living in the calm, beautiful blue waters will astound you. You can also see colorful reef fish, graceful sea turtles, shiny starfish, magnificent manta rays, and even some sharks! It’s like entering a real-life aquarium.

Azure Waters
Azure Waters

9- Matira Beach: A Paradise of Soft Sands and Tranquil Waters

Were you aware that Bora Bora’s Matira Beach is recognized as one of the top beaches globally? In 2013, CNN listed the top 100 beaches, and Matira Beach ranked number 8! This beach is like a dream come true with its soft, white sands and calm, gentle waters. It’s so perfect that it almost feels unreal! Imagine playing in the sand and splashing in the crystal-clear water at this magical place called Matira Beach!

10- Tattoos as Living Art: Symbolism and Cultural Significance

Tattooing is a special and sacred art in Bora Bora. It is thought to have originated from Ta’aroa, the creator god, and his two sons. Tattoos are not just designs on the skin, but they also look beautiful. Tattoos were once used as a sign to show one’s place in society. It’s fascinating how tattoos have deep meanings and are essential to Bora Bora culture. It’s similar to wearing a work of art that tells a story!

Tattooing in Bora Bora
Tattooing in Bora Bora

11- A Celestial Retreat: Hollywood’s Affection for this Exquisite Destination

Bora Bora is a popular destination for Hollywood movies and TV shows. Have you watched the movie Couples Retreat? It was filmed at the beautiful St. Regis Resort in Bora Bora. And do you remember The Bachelorette season finale with Ali Fedotowsky? It was filmed at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui. Also, the famous TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians shot three episodes of season 6 on this amazing island. Bora Bora is like a superstar in the world of entertainment!


Bora Bora is truly unique, with many interesting facts to discover. This stunning island has something for everyone, from its mind-blowing beaches and clear blue waters to its rich cultural history and unique wildlife. Bora Bora offers a magical experience that will create lasting memories. Add this beautiful island to your adventures list.

FAQs about Fun Facts About Bora Bora

How can I travel to Bora Bora?

Bora Bora is a popular tourist destination with flights from Tahiti. The international airport in Tahiti serves passengers from various locations. Local cabs and boats are available for transportation.

When is the ideal time to explore Bora Bora?

Bora Bora has hot and humid summers with an average temperature of 85°F and about 40mm monthly rainfall. Winters are dry and cooler, making it a good escape from harsh winters in Europe and the Americas.

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