Madagascar is blessed with numerous beautiful beaches stretching kilometers along its coastline. These hidden gems are like precious treasures, with their untouched white sands and natural charm. Many beaches are remote and less explored, adding to their allure. The sand is also pure and stretches as far as the eye can see, perfectly blending with the coastlines. If you’re planning a holiday or vacation in Madagascar, check out the top most beautiful Madagascar beaches.

Madagascar Beaches

Let’s get into the details of different Madagascar beaches!

1- Nosy Be

Off Madagascar’s tip is a beautiful island called Nosy Be. It is a beautiful place with many trees and a wonderful climate all year round. You can dive and see incredible underwater creatures when you visit Nosy, Be. There are even black lemurs that live there! The island has two lovely beaches called Ambatoloaka and Ambondrona.

Nosy Be
Nosy Be

They have excellent hotels and resorts where you can stay and play. Ambondrona is the best beach because the water is safe for swimming. There’s a hotel called Nosy Lodge right on the beach. You can swim in the refreshing water and eat tasty food steps away from the sandy beach. Nosy Be is a magical island that you’ll love to explore!

2- Anakao

There is a unique beach in Madagascar called Anakao. It’s a place where the sand is soft and white, and the sea is a pretty blue color. Anakao is a small village where people catch fish in a particular way called Vezo fishing. They are friendly and love to show visitors their way of life. Also, if you like swimming and exploring underwater, you’ll be amazed by Anakao’s clear waters.

Moreover, you can wear a special mask and see colorful fish and other creatures. Nearby, an island called Nosy Ve has beautiful coral reefs. Sometimes, you can see colossal humpback whales swimming from July to September. Anakao is a magical place where you can feel close to nature and the kind people who live there.


3- Sainte-Marie Beach

Off the northeastern coast of Madagascar is the lovely island of Sainte-Marie. It is a beach lover’s paradise with turquoise waters and palm-lined white sand. During July and August, it’s the best place to see whales safely in Madagascar. The island is also known for its pirate history and has a famous graveyard in Saint-Pierre. The southern part of the island, famous as Nosy Nato, has one of the finest beaches on Sainte-Marie.

Even you can also explore the island in two to three hours and visit charming restaurants serving delicious food. A small lighthouse, Phare Pointe Blévec, is situated at the island’s highest point, which provides a great view of the island and its waters. Maybe there’s some lost treasure buried away somewhere in the sea!

4- Baie de Sainte Luce Beach

Baie de Sainte Luce Beach is a quiet place on the south coast. Long ago, people from France came here to live. The beach is surrounded by a special place called the Sainte Luce Reserve. It helps protect the forests and all the different animals that live there, like colorful lemurs, reptiles, and frogs. You can take a memorable walk through a village called Manafiafy and explore the reserve.

Baie de Sainte Luce Beach
Baie de Sainte Luce Beach

There’s also a nice resort called the Rainforest House where you can stay. Activities include kayaking, sailing, snorkeling to the mangroves, and guided hiking in the forest reserve. From June to December, you can also enjoy whale-watching, with humpback and southern right whales migrating to the area.

5- Plage de Ramena

Plage de Ramena is a beautiful village located on the coast of northern Madagascar, near Diego Suarez harbor. It’s on a peninsula that divides a large natural bay from the open sea. The village has a comfortable beach where you can swim and enjoy fresh seafood in friendly restaurants and bars. If you love diving, you can explore the stunning turquoise violet lagoon, just 5 km away from Ramena by boat.

In addition, this lagoon is a part of the Bay of Diego-La Mer d’Emeraude, and it has a long line of coral reefs and islets that divide it from the open sea. The weather is calm and perfect for swimming and snorkeling from December to April. Ramena is also the gateway to the northwest entry of Diego Suarez Bay, where you can join the stunning pale turquoise lagoon.

Plage de Ramena
Plage de Ramena

6- Nosy Iranja

Nosy Iranja is a special place comprising two lovely islands connected by a pretty strip of sand. It’s located 30 miles south of Madagascar. Because turtles come to lay their eggs on the beautiful white beaches, Nosy Iranja is also known as the Turtle Islands. 

When the tide is low, you can please your eyes with an amazing view of a 1500-meter gap between the islands. Swimming in the river’s clear waters is a fantastic experience. In the island’s north, there’s a stunning house created by Gustave Eiffel, a renowned French architect.

7- Morondava

Morondava is a picturesque town. It boasts stunning natural scenery, including breathtaking beaches and a rich cultural history that sets it apart from other beach destinations. The primary beach, called Nosy Kely, is nestled among tall trees and verdant mangroves. You can relax on the smooth, white sand and swim in the clear water. There are also exciting rocks to discover.


Morondava is a great place to see wildlife like lemurs, chameleons, and birds. Morondava’s markets and cultural sites also offer insight into Madagascar’s fascinating history and traditions. While there are only a few hotels in Morondava, they are conveniently located on the beach, providing comfortable accommodations amidst the town’s rugged beauty.

8- Salary Bay

Salary Bay is a unique beach in southwestern Madagascar. It’s a hidden gem, far away from busy places, where you can find peace and tranquility. The beach at Salary Bay has soft, white sand and beautiful turquoise water. It’s like a picture-perfect paradise for relaxation. Snorkelers and divers can also explore the colorful coral reefs and discover a new world under the sea.

Moreover, there are also amazing creatures that call Salary Bay home, such as turtles, dolphins, and even rare dugongs. You can stay in cozy eco-lodges or bungalows on the beach, where you’ll feel relaxed and at peace.

Salary Bay
Salary Bay

9- Tsarabanjina 

Tsarabanjina is a magical place in the Mitsio Archipelago off Madagascar’s northern coast. This island is about luxury and relaxation, perfect for a unique beach vacation. Tsarabanjina Island has soft, white sandy beaches and clear blue waters filled with amazing marine life. Snorkelers and divers will be amazed by the colorful fish, turtles, and other creatures living in the island’s coral reefs.

Moreover, if you love exploring, Tsarabanjina offers hiking trails through lush tropical landscapes and breathtaking coast views. While staying on the island, you can enjoy delicious food, pamper yourself with spa treatments, and try exciting water sports.

The Bottom Line

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the African continent, Madagascar has established itself as a captivating destination for beach enthusiasts. The weather is also ideal for experiencing the culture, admiring the beautiful scenery, and having fun outside. Remember to add Madagascar to your Africa trip plan. It has beaches suitable for everyone’s preferences and desires. 

FAQs about Madagascar Beaches

What kind of activities can I do on Madagascar beaches?

There are many activities you can enjoy on Madagascar beaches. You can swim, build sandcastles, play beach games, or sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Are there accommodations available near Madagascar beaches?

Yes, there are accommodations available near Madagascar beaches. You can stay in beachfront hotels or cozy bungalows, providing a comfortable place to rest after a fun-filled day at the beach.

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