Are you looking for a place to reside permanently or temporarily for a while? Just stop at Alaska. There are assorted grounds why you can prefer this state. It is a place of stunning beauty and rich legacy. Experience a thrilling family vacation or travel with your friends. You can have a nature view and glacier hike to explore the past and customs of the earliest peoples. Yet, it is a land of extremes, with the elevated ridges and the seaside. Likewise, winter has its charisma. Get ready to find 5 reasons to move to Alaska and uncover its significance.

5 Leading Reasons to Move to Alaska

Alaska is the most pleasing site to drive from anywhere else. There are leading 5 reasons to move to Alaska. It is indeed the final frontier.

1- Get paid to live in Alaska

There are considerable and appealing incentives for driving to Alaska. Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) is one of them. It is an annual expense the state governance gives qualified citizens living in Alaska for about one full calendar year.

Paid Living in Alaska
Paid Living in Alaska

Moreover, it is financed by a share of the state’s oil earnings and yearly payment ranges. It depends on the implementation of the assets. Thus, it can cancel the higher cost of living and supply some extra income for citizens.

2- Relish the natural beauty daily

This US state has a dazzling, pristine beauty and rich cultural legacy. It presents multiple ventures for tourists. You can hike along the rugged tracks or view its refreshing waterfalls. The state parks are ideal to unwind for a while. The gardens have a wide range of flora and fauna, letting you click at every spot.

Apart from all this, it is mainly visited in the summer, when the weather is moderate. Yet, the snowfalls have their charms. Hence, it is where you can live close to the outdoors. Enjoy a friendly district, and chase your passions. It is one of the 5 reasons to move to Alaska.

3- Lodging Facilities in the state

Alaska suggests many housings, from grand hotels to remote wilderness lodges. There is a checklist of the finest places to stay. If you are looking for a lodge, a roadside hideaway, a wildlife motel, or a cottage rental, locate something to suit your budget and liking.

The most famous housing sites are Anchorage, Seward, Fairbanks, Cooper Landing, Gates of the Arctic National Park, and Tongass National Forest. You can also pick from specialty lodgings that offer bear viewing options. No matter where you stay, you will be covered by dazzling and unique ventures.

Lodging Facilities Alaska
Lodging Facilities Alaska

4- Fun and Adventurous Sites

Alaska suggests a variety of fun adventures for travelers and tourists. The winter season allows you to go skydiving, skating, or watching the snowfalls. Take a boat tour or a kayak to see the glorious Sawyer Glacier at Tracy Arm Fjord. Denali National Park is the most significant peak in the US. You can hike, race, camp, or take a bus tour to see the wildlife.

Furthermore, Kenai Fjords National Park is a sea wonderland with a flightseeing tour to see the marine mammals. Aurora Ice Museum features ice statues, furnishings, and chandeliers. Lastly, Husky Homestead is a dog venture with champ Jeff King and his team of huskies.

5- Hub for earliest culture

Alaska is the oldest colonized area in the US. It has proof of a human colony dating back around 14,500 years ago. The ancient people adjusted to the harsh and changing settings through technical creations, social schemes, and support plans. There are various hubs for the earliest culture in Alaska.

Amalek Bay Archeological District is a complex of prehistoric sites dating 7,000 to 1,000 years ago. The places contain evidence of colonies by distinct cultural groups. Similarly, the Dry Creek Site includes rock tools and animal bones that indicate how early settlers hunted during the ice age. Anyone who loves exploring the historical past or tales of different eras can quickly move to this city.

Amalek Bay Archeological District
Amalek Bay Archeological District

Other Reasons for Moving to Alaska

In addition to the above, here are other reasons to move to Alaska!

No income and sales tax applied

We are thriving in a society where the cost of living is unbearable. Yet, this state provides its citizens with various incentives and compensation policies. The most attractive motivation for moving to Alaska is that it does not charge a state income or sales tax. Personnel do not withhold state or provincial taxes from Alaska citizens’ wages.

Moreover, it does not have a state property tax rate but authorizes local regions to assess taxes on various sectors and private property. The intermediate property tax rate is 1.18%, barely more significant than the federal standard of 1.07%. It sets a gas tax rate of 14.35 cents per gallon. However, it sets a tax of $2 per pack. It has the 12th highest cigarette tax rate.

Remote allocations of Jobs

Alaska is a great location to work remotely, as it can deliver a high-quality lifestyle. It has a low cost of living with a sense of happening and liberation. A mixed economy with multiple sectors lets every firm provide remote jobs. It has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, with numerous small firms and startups.

Yet, it allows you to relish the advantages of living in a lovely state while being linked to the international market. Take edge of the time difference. It means you can end your work before or later than your coworkers in other states, giving you more leisure time. Fairbanks, Homer, Seward, and Girdwood are the best remote workplaces in Alaska.

Remote Jobs Allocation
Remote Jobs Allocation

Delicious cuisine in a clean aura

Alaska is a site of tasty cuisine and a clean ambiance. You can enjoy new and regional food in a peaceful setting. It is noted for its seafood and a rich and mixed culinary culture. The cooking is affected by the old Alaskan, Russian, Asian, and American delights. You can find cafes that serve classic dishes. It includes traditional Eskimo ice cream, muktuk, sourdough bread, sausage, and birch drink.

Likewise, many diners offer current and fusion plates. You can even take your meal and go to the nearby cliffs, glaciers, woods, lakes, rivers, and seas. Breathe in the refreshing air and eat while enjoying the scenic views and the wildlife. This place is ideal for any food vlogger who wants to stay for a while and relish different cuisines.

Cold Weather and related sports

It has cold winters and connected sports, where you can encounter the thrill and pleasure of winter sports. Alaska has extended and freezing winters, varying temperatures from -60°F to 40°F, depending on the area. Yet, it also has expanded hours of nighttime in these months. It creates a unique aura and an event to see the northern lights.

Apart from all this, pick from skiing downhill, snowboarding freestyle, snowshoeing match, and ice skating options. You can even go ice fishing, climbing, racing, biking on snow, hockey, and more. Find everything throughout or dig the wildlife alone. Thus, join winter carnivals and occasions celebrating its winter civilization and liveliness.

Alaska Weather
Alaska Weather

Massive fish hunting spots

Alaska has immense angling sites to catch the most prominent trophy fish ever. It has various lakes, rivers, miles of beachfront, and countless streamlets home to around 600 fish types. You can locate fish of all lengths and shapes in the waters.

Some prevalent fish to track in Alaska are salmon, trout, char, grayling, pike, halibut, cod, rockfish, lingcod, shellfish, sturgeon, shark, tuna, marlin, swordfish, and more. You can prefer freshwater or saltwater angling. Find gigantic fish hunting spots or hire fishing manuals to take you to the best sites and provide you with tools.


Alaska has many wonders and options. You can relish the finest quality lifestyle and space. It offers a variety of ventures for tourists. There are considerable things to do at night for residents alike.

From wilderness viewing, trekking, and exploring the landscapes, you undergo everything accordingly. Yet, there is a luxury to cheap hotels in Alaska to have lodging facilities. Thus, uncover 5 reasons to move to Alaska. Also, consider the other factors like its economy, tourism, and other sectors.

FAQs on 5 Reasons to Move to Alaska

What are the means to drive to Alaska?

Moving here can be a tricky but rewarding. Be prepared for the environment and culture shift. Find a home to live in, an income basis, and transport. Utilize helpful aids and tips on websites.

What are the disadvantages of living here?

Living here has many cons, depending on the choices and life. Yet, it includes a high cost of goods, dark winters, isolation, natural threats, wildlife risks, and limited health care.

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