Do you want to camp out under the stars, or is a cabin more your kind? Or a resort with all the luxuries? Find your model place in West Virginia, whatever your choice or vacation group size. It is a state with nine counties. From grand towers, wooded hiking paths, and strong waterfalls, its magnificence is beyond comparison. But the striking views are just the opening. Explore the past, art, civilization, and more among the peaks. It also includes West Virginia National Parks. Thus, it has plenty of actions to plan your trip here.

West Virginia National Parks

Plan a soothing weekend out of shopping, an adventurous trip complete with outdoor treks, or something in between. It also includes West Virginia National Parks.

1- Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park preserves the legacy and civilization of Harpers Ferry. This townlet played a marked role in the Civil War, the abolitionist activity, and the industrial course. The grassland surrounds about 4,000 acres of land. It includes antique structures, galleries, exhibits, tracks, and battlegrounds. So, visitors can learn about John Brown’s attack on the federal arsenal in 1859.

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Yet, travelers can also study the tales of Storer College. It is one of the foremost higher education societies for African Americans after the war. This park also shows lovely views of the point of the Potomac and the Shenandoah rivers and the nearby mountains and gorges. So, it is open yearly with free entry.

2- Blackwater Falls State Park

Blackwater Falls State Park has the breathtaking Blackwater Falls. It’s a 57-foot waterfall of dull water streams into the Blackwater Canyon. It is located in the Allegheny Mountains of Tucker County and covers vast acres of ground. This park has twenty miles of hiking paths.

They show the beauty and diversity of the nature. It includes Douglas Falls, WV, woods, and outdoors. Likewise, it has the longest sledding magical mat on the East Coast that runs in the winter. You can even access the relaxing lodge with 54 spaces, 39 houses, and two camp bases for overnight stays.

3- Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park links to the heritage railway. It ferries tourists back to the age of steam railroads and towns. The park has an 11-mile-long railway and a genuine firm town. This railroad was constructed in 1901 by the WV Pulp and Paper Company. They cart timber from the nearby cliffs to the factory at Cass.

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park
Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

Later, the state gardens system remade the railroad into a tourist appeal in 1961. Today, it is driven by the Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad. Have train rides to different points, like Bald Knob, Spruce, and Green Bank. Its rides were used by actual Shay transport in the early 1900s. Hence, you can stay overnight in one of the exceptional spots.

4- Berkeley Springs State Park

Berkeley Springs State Park features a historical mineral inn utilized since colonial times. This park is in the hub of Berkeley Springs. Here, travelers can learn about nature and the creatures of the land and air. They can also explore the decks of the Niagara Movement.

Yet, it offers stunning views of the intersection of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers and the nearby peaks and valleys. You can eat at the nearby cafe when stunned or completely exhausted. It includes the famous Cathedral Cafe.

5- Oglebay Park

Oglebay Park is a general park and lodge with various appeals and activities in Wheeling. The park was initially the mansion of Earl Oglebay. He was a wealthy tycoon who granted his property to the city of Wheeling for public pursuit in 1926. It features picnic spots and various campgrounds for stays.

Oglebay Park Falls
Oglebay Park Falls

Apart from all this, it also has a cafe, a gift shop, a nature post, and a professional golf course. Yet, it is noted for its golf courses, parks, zoo, galleries, and theater. It also organizes seasonal affairs, like the Winter Festival of Lights, which shows twinkling lights across the park.

6- Picnic at Babcock State Park

Babcock State Park shows the untouched beauty and diversity of the state. The grassland can be trekked along the New River Gorge on acres of wooded ground in Fayette County. It is most notable for the Glade Creek Grist Mill. This mill is a fully operational model of the authentic Cooper’s Mill that once stood on the floors.

It also combines outdoor sports, like hiking, racing, angling, gliding, camping, and snow activities. You can even rest in the park for a while or enjoy the marvels of nature. Yet, it is one of the most pleasing West Virginia National Parks.

7- New River Gorge

New River Gorge National Park and Preserve is a US National Park Service team. It protects and handles the New River Gorge. The grassland and preserve conceals 72,808 acres of ground and retains a 53-mile spread of the New River. It is known for its dazzling sights, rich history, manifold wildlife, and plentiful recreational choices.

New River Gorge
New River Gorge

Visitors can relish water kayaking, fishing, trekking, biking, mounting, ziplining, and more in the garden. The garden also features historic places. It includes the New River Gorge Bridge, the steel arch bridge, or the Thurmond Historic District, an old coal mining point. View the Sandstone Falls, the stunning waterfall. Thus, the park was based in 1978 as a national river and revived in 2020 as a national park.

8- Seneca Rocks State Park

Seneca Rocks State Park includes the Seneca Rocks. It is a flashy rock figure that climbs nearly 900 feet beyond the North Fork River. Yet, it covers approximately 1,000 acres. It is a famous terminus for rock mounters. Here, they can contest themselves in countless ways on the quartzite bluffs.

Further, the park offers fishing points, horseback riding, and panoramic views. Its visitor center provides details, exhibits, and shows about the wild and cultural account of the site. You can even take your meal from Caffe Romeo and enjoy it from dawn to dusk.

9- Pipestem State Park

Pipestem State Park is an active park that covers approximately 4,050 acres. The grassland has around two spas, one of which can only be viewed by riding an aerial ride to the base of the Bluestone River Gorge. You can even view the 26 cabins, two camp bases, golf courses, a lake, and a park.

Pipestem State Park
Pipestem State Park

You can go to the adventure zone with free entry, including ziplining, biking, and more. There are various dining options to choose from the snacks at their food stalls. Yet, it also provides boating options, riding, hunting zones, galleries, and an outdoor theater. Therefore, the park is open with some installations that have seasonal hours.

10- Gorge at Grandview State Park

Grandview State Park is a shared park that shows the raw beauty of it. The park is along the New River Gorge on 4,127 acres in Raleigh County. It is most notable for its dramatic views of the ravine and the river from several towers and venues. Likewise, you can trek along the hiking paths with rapids, woodlands, wildlife, and documented sites.

Yet, it has an arena that organizes outdoor activities and concerts in the summer. It has a tourist center that supplies details about the shows about the park’s record and ecology. As it is open for year around, venture here at any time.


West Virginia has rich cliff elevations, scenic views, and outdoor ventures. You can stay in historic locations. It includes the galleries, alleys, downtown, and West Virginia National Parks. You can even view its lockup or enjoy the wilderness at the rivers and the bridge. Likewise, experience the regional art, food, and nightlife. Apart from all this, look for the record, culture, or spirit of the state, as it has something for everyone.

FAQs on West Virginia National Parks

What is the lengthiest steel hook bridge in that region?

The New River Gorge Bridge is the most prolonged steel hook bridge. It transits 3,030 feet across the river, which was finished in 1977. The bridge hosts the Bridge Day festival yearly.

What is the most photoed landmark here?

The Glade Creek Grist Mill is the most snapped milestone in the state. It is an entirely active replica of the Cooper’s Mill that once stood on the beds of Babcock State Park. A scenic view of woods, rocks, and rapids encircles the mill.

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