From the budget list of the finest destinations, it’s time to pick a tropical paradise with plenty of fun and adventure for a family vacation. Amber Cove, Dominican Republic, is a suitable option you can consider. It is a private lodge site held by Carnival. Apart from all this, it offers premier access to cruisers.

In this way, tourists can enjoy the Caribbean sun and sea. The most pleasing time to visit Amber Cove, Dominican Republic, is in the arid season, from November to April, when visiting is cheerful. Yet, Amber Cove is a year-round place.

Location and Layout

Amber Cove, Dominican Republic, is in a stunted waterway. It is roughly 10-15 minutes by taxicab from Puerto Plata. Hills and pasturelands wrap it, and it has a lodge next door. The port is only reachable to passengers of Carnival Corporation ships, so it’s like a remote island on the continent. It is offering something to every tourist and resident.

Things to Do at Amber Cove, Dominican Republic

You can encounter countless things at once with your family and friends or enjoy a solo trip.

1- Shop at A Caribbean Shopping Mall

If you adore shopping, you will appreciate searching the stores on its shopping site. Find different items, from clothes, jewelry, souvenirs, and antiques. You can purchase original Dominican products.

Caribbean Shopping Mall
Caribbean Shopping Mall

Amber is an occasional and ravishing gemstone on the island, often utilized to make jewelry. Likewise, learn more about some samples at the Amber Museum. This shopping arena has cobblestone plazas and bright structures, creating Caribbean joy. Thus, you can grab a bite or a drink in its food court.

2- Walk Around the Port

Amber Cove is a port site that presents various landscapes and activities. You can wander around the harbor and see the stunning ocean and cliff views. Admire the dock’s architecture and layout, which blends current and recorded details. Further, you can see the ancient Spanish fort from the 16th century and the unique structures with a tropical event. You can also see the Aqua Zone nearby.

3- Get a picture at Amber Cove Sign

One of the famous things is to get a shot at the Amber Cove sign. The symbol is near the harbor’s doorway and has the title in enormous letters. Palm woods and blooms hide it. Hence, it makes it an ideal background for a shot. Pose with your buddies or ask anyone to take a shot and share it with others.

Amber Cove Sign
Amber Cove Sign

4- Passport Stamped at the Information Center

Here, you can get your passport stamped with an unofficial seal indicating that you visited it. The Information Center is near the dock’s entry, delivering this benefit for free. Find maps, flyers, and valuable staff to aid you with queries. Yet, recalling and sharing your trip stories with your family is fun.

5- Relish El Cibao Cafe and Coffee Tasting

For coffee lovers, enjoy going to El Cibao Cafe. It is a relaxing coffee shop. Taste the flavor of actual coffee, driven from 100% Arabica beans farmed on the island. You can even try other varieties of coffee. This cafe presents tasty pastries, pieces of bread, and coconut snacks. Buy coffee beans and different coffee-inspired products as gifts. Its pleasant staff makes you feel welcome in this Dominican restaurant.

6- Swim at the Amber Cove Aqua Zone

If you like to view the landscapes or have peace, swim at the Amber Cove Aqua Zone. It is a stunning pool where you can chill, enjoy the sun and the sights, and drink a reviving beverage.

Moreover, rent a pool noodle and swim around. Try the fantastic waterslides or zip over the spa and the sea. Thus, it is free for cruisers and has a kids’s splash zone, sports, and incredible views.

Amber Cove Aqua Zone
Amber Cove Aqua Zone

7- Relax in a Hammock

One of the most comfy things is fibbing in a hammock and relishing the breeze and the vistas. You can uncover hammocks spread around the port, mainly near the shore and pool. Rent a seaside bed or cabana with a hammock. They are a terrific way to relax, sleep, read a book, hear music, and watch the waves and the palm trees.

8- Rent a Private Cabana

For privacy and convenience during your visit to Amber Cove, rent a private cabana for yourself and your company. There are four kinds of cabanas to pick from. It includes Ocean, Poolside, Hillside, and Grand Cabanas. Each cabana has lounge tables, floats, outdoor spas, waitperson service, and free Wi-Fi.

Chilled drinks and a local goodies basket will also be preferred. The Hillside and Grand Cabanas even include jacuzzis. The rental rate is per site, not per person. So, you can split the price with your friends or relatives. Likewise, enjoy free, complete zip line rides with the cabana rental.

9- Enjoy at a Wet Zone and Splash Pad

If you have children with you or are youthful at heart, you can have some enjoyment at the Wet Zone and Splash Pad around the pool location. This free appeal has a splash bucket and a mini drop. You can cool off and spray about in the water or protect your kids have a blow. Thus, it is a fantastic way to amuse the small ones while you chill by the pool or enjoy water sports.

Wet Zone and Splash Pad
Wet Zone and Splash Pad

10- Best views at the Sky Bar

If you like to glimpse one of the finest views of Amber Cove, you must head up to the Sky Bar. This bar is a top ridge that oversees the port, the Aqua Zone, and the peaks. You can contact the Sky Bar by stepping up a vertical path and a sequence of steps or by carrying a free zip line lift over the lodge and the ocean.

Also, you can see a stunning scenic view of Amber Cove from the canopy and take a few beautiful pictures. You can also relish a vital drink or a snack at the food point.

11- Partaking in Volunteer Activities

If you want to influence the local society positively, you can undergo some of the volunteer actions proposed by Carnival Corporation. You can select from programs that strive to improve instruction, health, climate, and economic growth in nearby areas.

Here, you can teach English to pupils or adults, assist in reforestation tasks, produce chocolate with local ladies, or build water filters for relatives. These actions are not only rewarding but also delightful and scholarly. You can learn more about the civilization and past of the area, interact with the citizens, and make new buddies.

12- Rent a car to Puerto Plata

Explore more of the state’s sites, and rent a motorcar to Puerto Plata. It is the closest city to Amber Cove. Puerto Plata is roughly 10-15 minutes by cab from the harbor. Further, it presents a variety of items to do and see. You can see the historical Fort San Felipe. It is the oldest service fort.

Puerto Plata
Puerto Plata

In the Amber Museum, you can glimpse fossils and jewelry made from amber. You can likewise ride the rope car to the canopy of Mount Isabel de Torres, relishing a stunning view of the city. See a model of Christ the Redeemer statue. Thus, it also has attractive beaches, like Playa Dorada and Playa Sosua, where you can rest or try water sports.

Final Words

Amber Cove is a harbor place and cruise airfield. It is popular with tourists visiting the north shore. It offers deluxe tickets to cruisers who want to relish the Caribbean vacation. You can shop for regional antiques and accessories made from amber. Relax by the pool and swim up, or lease a personal cabana. Take a shore tour to discover the past and culture of Puerto Plata. Amber Cove, Dominican Republic, is a perfect family vacation spot.

FAQs on Amber Cove, Dominican Republic

How to get through this tropical site?

It is only reachable to passengers of Carnival Corporation ships. You can heed from Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line, and more. Likewise, book a cruise that blocks Amber Cove from different ports in the US.

What are the expenditures of the sports and rentals at this place?

The expenses of the actions and rentals vary depending on the style and course. The zip line lift costs $25 per person, a snorkeling outing costs $50, and a poolside cabana costs $250 per daylight. You can uncover more details about the expenses and availability at the dock or online.

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