How can I get the best services at affordable prices? Many travelers usually encounter this question while they plan a family holiday to the best destinations. Thus, Spirit Airlines will lead you to the right path. Spirit Airlines is a central US ultra-low-cost airline that began as a trucking firm in 1964 and emerged as an airline in 1983 as Charter One Airlines. It offers relaxation packages for amusement purposes. Now, it operates a caravan of Airbus A320 series jets. It is known for its low prices. Yet, why is Spirit Airlines so cheap?

Why is Spirit Airlines So Cheap?

Spirit Airlines is one of the airlines renowned for various purposes. But how and why is Spirit Airlines so cheap? It is because it pursues low-cost business-class measures. Here are a few ways it keeps its prices low.

1- Prices on seat selection

One of the questions of why Spirit Airlines is so cheap relies on the answer of the seat selection prices. Spirit Airlines has a unique policy for prices of reserving seats. It usually charges additional for seat selection. Hence, for passengers who need help managing where they sit, it is hard for them to save their money.

Seat Selection
Seat Selection

Therefore, they can save cash by giving the airline an application and letting the airline allocate them a random seat according to their budget at check-in. Likewise, it facilitates passengers to reserve their seats in advance. Therefore, it helps the airline schedule its flights more efficiently.

2- Set extra for extra legroom

There are very few airlines that provide extra legroom according to the comfort and preference of the passenger. Spirit Airlines presents two kinds of seats. It includes the usual seats and Big Front Seats. The standard seats have an angle of twenty-eight to thirty-one inches. It is less than the standard of other airlines. Similarly, the Big Front Seats have a slope of 36 inches.

These seats are more extensive than the standard seats. They also have no central seat between them. It implies more space and convenience for passengers. Yet, the Big Front Seats usually cost more than the standard seats and are restricted in number. In this way, these airlines can set a premium for premium legroom while saving money on fuel and care by having fewer seats on their airliners.

3- More prices for bigger seats

Spirit Airlines even demands more money for immense seats. It was based on the pilot’s chosen path and the seat’s site. For instance, a Big Front Seat on a flight from a US state to any other point can cost as much as $15. In contrast, a Big Front Seat on aviation from New York to Los Angeles can cost as much as $199.

Apart from all this, the prices vary depending on whether the seat is in the first or second row or around the window or corridor. Spirit Airlines can maximize its payment by adjusting pricing for bigger seats. It offers a lower fare for passengers willing to compromise on amenities and space. So, choose a place for a family holiday at flexible prices.

Bigger Seats
Bigger Seats

4- Access to a 33-liter Carry-On bag

These airlines charge extra for carry-on bags. Yet, it means passengers who only need a personal entity can save cash by not getting a considerable bag. It includes items like a bag, jewelry, cash, gems, accessories, a small backpack, etc. A personal item must fit easily in the smaller sizer box, like 18 x 14 x 8 inches, and is provided with the ticket.

It should be noted that a carry-on bag must be at most 22 x 18 x 10 inches. Therefore, it has an interconnected charge depending on when and where it is bought. By setting a specific price for carry-on bags, these Airlines can reduce the weight and space on their aircraft. Thus, it lowers fuel and operating costs for passenger and flight operators.

5- Costs of checking a suitcase

Apart from all other reasons, one crucial ground makes this airline relatively cheap from others. Spirit Airlines assigns extra money for checking the bags. This way, the passengers who can tour light can avoid spending more. A checked backpack must be at most sixty-two linear inches. It is usually forty pounds in weight and has an inconsistent charge.

Further, it depends on the course and the period of purchase. Any luggage that exceeds these sizes or weight limits is considered oversized or overweight and has an extra charge. By setting a price for checked bags, these airlines can encourage passengers to pack less while reducing the plane’s fuel-related cost.

Checking Suitcase
Checking Suitcase

6- Extra cost for a printed boarding pass

Spirit Airlines lets passengers check-in online. They print their boarding passes at house or by using the mobile app. In this way, passengers can save time and funds at the airport or the airplanes. Inspecting online at is unrestricted and starts 24 hours before leaving.

If passengers need to fit in online, they can utilize the self-service booths at the airport for $2 per boarding access. Yet, if they need help from a customer service agency at the airport, they will be set at $25 per boarding pass. By setting for printed boarding access, these airlines can decrease labor and printing costs and hurry up check-in.

7- Snacks and beverages are not offered

Spirit Airlines usually charges for all foodstuffs and drinks on its flights. There is no favorite beverage or snack favor on Spirit flights. Many passengers do not or cannot eat on any flight and still pay for the food. So, this airline provides this facility to such passengers.

Moreover, it helps the airline keep expenses low for all its passengers. It also lessens the weight and debris on its planes. Thus, it also helps to lower the food cost and functional costs.

Snacks and Beverages
Snacks and Beverages

8- Few cancelation fees

Spirit Airlines has a stretchy cancellation policy. It allows passengers to modify or cancel their reservations an hour before leaving for the flight. Shifts or cancellations made sixty days or more before the travel are free.

Apart from all this, the price varies from $69 to $119 per passenger. It depends on the time of revocation. Passengers can also buy Cancel For Any Reason defense. It permits them to cancel their reservation for any cause up to 24 hours before leaving and accept a full or partisan refund or a reservation credit.

9- Wi-Fi costs if used

Spirit Airlines offers Wi-Fi on most of its airplanes, but it is not free of cost. Passengers have to pay for Wi-Fi access. It begins at $3 for searching and $6 for streaming.

However, the prices vary depending on the course and time of the flight you want to opt for. By setting a price or charge for Wi-Fi, these airlines can induce extra income. It offers lower prices for passengers who do not require internet access during their flight.

WiFi in Airlines
Wi-Fi Airlines

10- Fees to board before others

Spirit Airlines allows boarding zones. It depends on seat type, ticket class, commitment status, and unique service conditions. Passengers in more elevated fare classes or those with elite levels have priority access to boarding early in a reliable boarding zone.

Yet, the people who want to board before can buy Shortcut Boarding, which costs $9.99 and delivers them access to Zone 2 boarding and early entry to the overhead compartments. By setting primacy boarding, these airlines can improve their revenue and offer inferior fares for people ready to board later.

Final Words

Spirit Airlines is affordable because it tracks a low-cost enterprise model. It lets it deliver lower prices than other airlines. Yet, it does this by setting extra for diverse services and luxuries usually enclosed in the ticket cost of other airlines. It includes a seat section, carry-on packs, limited bags, food and beverages, Wi-Fi, boarding access, and primacy boarding. This way, you can easily inquire why Spirit Airlines is so cheap. Thus, they choose it according to the budget.

FAQs on Why is Spirit Airlines So Cheap

How to avoid spending extra costs on this airline?

You can easily avoid paying further fees on this airline by reserving your ticket online. Go to, check in online, and print your boarding access at the house or utilizing the mobile app. You can even bring your item that fits under the seat.

What is the most suitable moment to book a flight on this airline?

The most suitable time to book a flight on this airline depends on your choice and travel timings. Typically, you can locate the lowest prices by booking early, traveling on less-crowded days, and evading holidays and extreme seasons.

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