Among the luxurious locations of the region, this valley is home to incredible beaches, stunning temples, and fascinating hill stations. Plenty of hidden treasures in India portray old practices and rich cultural legacy. Among all the unknown and natural places, Araku Valley in the hub of Andhra Pradesh is a beauty. It is one of the most breathtaking vacation places. Enclosed by high cliffs, lush green woods, clouds, and a pleasant climate, this valley is a flawless escape for dull, isolated people who want some ventures in their lives.

Araku Valley

Notice the serene environment of Araku Valley that will calm your soul and satisfy your inner soul. Also, it is one of the honeymoon places in India.

The Best Time to Visit

Most tourists and residents prefer going to this valley during winter from November to February, with December with snowfalls. One can appreciate the finest sightseeing despite this valley being pretty in chilling conditions that go down to nearly 5 degrees Celsius.

Sports for Araku Valley
Sports for Araku Valley

However, ideal for sports like hiking, caving, and sightseeing, the temperature in this valley turns balmy and pleasing to tour. You can explore from September to May, the most suitable time to visit this heaven. Likewise, watch lush greenery and natural wonders from November.

Lodging Options

There are several options if you are considering where to stay on your trip. You can pick from resorts, hotels, lodges, and personalized hotels. They offer the best lodging options that suit every budget. Balaji Hotel is a comfortable, budget-friendly, and one of the most suitable hotels near Garden Road. Haritha Valley Resort is considered one of the best lodges in the valley. This resort delivers the ideal blend of greenery and facilities and is close to places like Borra Caves and Tyda Park.

Moreover, Ananthagiri Haritha Hill Resort is covered by overgrown fields and captive cliffs. This inn is one of the perfect places to remain in the valley for those looking ahead to a laid-back leave. Punnami Yatri Niwas lets you view the beach. It offers all its guests all the current luxuries at a reasonable price. The Niwas even delivers doctor-on-call, car parking, and rental services.

Modes of Transport

The region has no airport, so the Vizag airport is the closest airport to the valley. It is at a stretch of 115 km. From the airport, you can readily take a taxi to the valley. Likewise, take the Vistadome train from Visakhapatnam to this valley. This train is a specific type with a glass roof, expansive windows, and modern structures. Hence, you get an exciting venture while traveling via the hills and valleys of the Eastern Ghats.


Likewise, you can reserve your return train online from the website. You can locate regular buses from Vizag to the valley. Yet, reserving a cab from Vizag is always ideal because the trip from Vizag to the valley should not be ignored at any price. You can reserve a cab from the hotel or drive from Zoomcar.

Things to Do in Araku Valley

Here are the things to do in Araku Valley:

1- Araku Tribal Museum

You may find this as you drive through a plateau with an extended stretch of land and cliffs in the background. Before reaching the valley, one side of the highway covers the Araku Tribal Museum. It is the best highlight of the trip. You will find many lodges and camping tents on one side of the road. This museum gives you a glance into the lives of the 19 communities in the valley. The gallery intends to draw attention to the tribal lifestyle and civilization in the valley.

Yet, you will find showrooms displaying pictures of tribal weddings, antiques utilized by the tribals, and figures of tribals interacting with each other daily, among many items. Generally, the gallery is well-maintained, and everything has been carved and maintained beautifully. Hence, you can spend an hour here to comprehend tribal life better. The tribal dance, Dhimsa, is conducted at 5 pm. You can purchase different local products and get local handicrafts and ornaments.

Araku Tribal Museum
Araku Tribal Museum

2- Chaparai Waterfalls

Chaparai Waterfalls is even known as the Dumbriguda Falls. It is one of the most spectacular places in the valley, surrounded by green woods on all sides. Yet, it is located at a distance of roughly five kilometers from the gorge.

This waterfall is an excellent place for those scheduling an entertaining day out with family and buddies. It is amongst the most suitable places to stay in Araku. Hence, it is known for presenting exciting experiences in the valley during summer.

3- Galikonda View Point

Galikonda is the second-highest peak in the Eastern Ghats. It is the highest mountain in Andhra Pradesh. From this viewpoint, you can get a scenic view of the mountain ranges and leafy valleys surrounded by clouds. You can even find roadside food trucks and stalls to get coffee, sweet corn, and bamboo chicken.

Apart from all this, try the bamboo chicken if you’re a non-veg. It is a local treat made by boiling chicken parts inside a bamboo stem with herbs. Like Borra Caves, many tourists stop at this view point for a recess, so be readied for the crowd.

Galikonda View Point
Galikonda View Point

4- Padmapuram Gardens

Padmapuram Botanical Garden is the following stay in the valley. It is 2 km away from the Araku Tribal Museum. This garden was built in 1942 during World War 2. Further, it was initially designed to provide fruits and vegetables to the warriors.

Today, it is a wholly grown garden with different trees, plants, flowers, and a rose garden. Hence, it is a beautiful place to wander around and de-stress, mainly after your long trip from Vizag. You can even carry the toy train in the grassland, offering a botanical garden outing.

5- Borra Caves

Known for one of the most recognized and in-depth caves, Borra Caves is one of the most unusual places to go in the valley. This 150-million-year-old shelter is loaded with fascinating stalactite and stalagmite shapes of limestone sediments. The caves were formed due to the discharge of the Gosthani River above the limestone region.

However, it is so deep that you may only spend about an hour to explore. There are many areas inside the cave where you may be required to turn, squat, or hold your head due to the odd formations. The extra lights installed inside the cave count to the atmosphere and bring out the finest of the unique figures. Yet, it is still worth seeing, regarding the visual treat you call inside the caves.

Borra Caves
Borra Caves

6- Ananthagiri Hills

Located 26 km from the valley, Ananthagiri Hills is a short hill station between Araku and Vizag. Being one of the most attractive and vital hill stations of Andhra Pradesh, one will see coffee farms and falls that look so pretty together. The site is amongst the best attractions of the the valley tourism.

Moreover, it is an excellent place to visit in the winter season. It is special who want to run from stress and listen to the chirping birds. Further, there is an increased tariff during weekends but a suitable landscape to wander. Here, kids can enjoy, and it is a good place for night trips.


If you are thinking of spending a vacation in different places in India, Araku Valley is one area that should be on the top of your travel list. Leafy green valleys, coffee farms, falls, beaches, deep dens, landscapes, and local tribes make this valley a striking hill station along the east shore of India. Although it is noted as the Ooty of Andhra, travelers rank it higher than other sites as it is much less commercialized. It takes at least four days to cover all the places here.

FAQs on Araku Valley

What are the ways to reach this valley from Visakhapatnam?

There are various ways to reach the valley. You can lease a motorcar or reserve a taxi from Vizag to the valley. Apart from all this, you can take a train from Visakhapatnam to Araku Station, which will bring you there in three hours.

Does Araku Valley have any snowfall season?

The valley is about 1025 meters above sea level, called Korra Bayalu. It suggests that one will freeze like a bar if one stays out for an extended time. An Araku journey will be ideal for your next holiday in winter if you are a snow fan.

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