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10 Joyful Ventures in Bacalar, Mexico

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You may often presume planning a trip as a means to exit from the hustles. However, it is a voyage towards finding something different. Bacalar, Mexico, is one of the places that let the tourists foot between the expected and the strange. In this city, every step leads us closer to apprehending the world and your link and contribution to its landscapes.

Bacalar covers the hues of blue water, green vegetation, and robust waterfalls. It is a destination for travelers to explore the galleries, islands, and nature. The most acceptable time to visit it is from November to April.

Bacalar Mexico Attractions

Bacalar Mexico is a hidden glory with various things to cover. On your trip to Mexico, it will captivate you with its magic and magnificence.

1- Stromatolites in Bacalar Rapids

Stromatolites are antique rock-like forms created by the growth of bacteria. They are regarded as the oldest creatures of life on this planet. These rapids are a periodic and uncommon attraction. It is one of the few locations where you can glimpse living stromatolites in their natural habitat.

Bacalar Rapids
Bacalar Rapids

Further, you can respect these mesmerizing figures by taking a boat tour. You can kayak along the falls, where the water is transparent and turquoise. Likewise, float in the lagoon, but be cautious not to touch or harm the stromatolites. They are very delicate and sensitive. Thus, it is a must-see place if you are interested in the beauty.

2- Fuerte San Felipe Bacalar

Fuerte San Felipe Bacalar is a historical fort. It was built in 1729 to defend the town from pirate raids and Mayan revolts. This defense has a pentagonal figure and four forts, each called after a Catholic saint. Inside the defense, there is a gallery that displays antiques and displays. It relates to the civilization of the territory.

Understand the Mayan society, the Spanish settling, the Caste War, and the Mexican Revolution. Moreover, enjoy the scenic views of the town from the defense’s walls and buildings. So, it is a terrific spot to visit if you like to immerse yourself in the legacy.

Fuerte San Felipe Bacalar
Fuerte San Felipe Bacalar

3- Cenote Azul

Cenote Azul is a natural marvel. It is a piece of the big Bacalar Lake but set aside and covered with a tiny land space. Locals and tourists prefer this place. For a small expense, you can sink in its blue waters. It will remind you of the Belize Blue Hole but on a more minor point. Further, it darts like a giant natural water reservoir. Remember not to go to a cave as it is risky.

Tourists say that it is the giant cenotes. The water is crystal-like and stimulating. It is ideal for cooling off on a hot day. You can paddle, snorkel, or plunge in the cenote. Observe the bright fish and aquatic plants. You can relax on the wooden outlets or the grassy sites and enjoy the peaceful aura. Thus, it is a lovely and relaxing spot to partake in the magic.

4- Lake Bacalar

Lake Bacalar is a considerable freshwater lake in Quintana Roo. It is called the Lagoon of Seven Colors. This lake has distinct shades of blue and turquoise water. It reflects the rays and the white sand underneath. Yet, it is a wild wonder that attracts tourists who want to rest and enjoy its beauty and serenity.

Lake Bacalar
Lake Bacalar

Apart from all this, it is a hub for exotic wildlife, like birds and fish. Its notable feature of the transparent waters is the coral reefs and exotic water plants. Therefore, it is a perfect spot for swimming, kayaking, camping, sailing, playing sand, or chilling on the beach.

5- Laguna Bonanza

Laguna Bonanza is a seaside club. It is located along the shore of the stunning Bacalar Lagoon. These club seats are pleated away in the dense Yucatan jungles. In contrast, it lies adjoining to region’s most precious residence, Los Rapidos. Los Rapidos is a series of falls that flow through the lagoon. It forms a natural water park to enjoy water sports or jump into the refreshing waters.

Moreover, it offers different services and luxuries for its visitors depending on the budget. You can reserve a boat tour or a sailing voyage from the league. This way, you can explore the lagoon’s isles and outdoors. Hence, it is a hidden gem in the Yucatan Peninsula that will captivate you with its trance and beauty.

Laguna Bonanza
Laguna Bonanza

6- Eco Parque Bacalar

Eco Parque Bacalar promotes the preservation and gratitude of the Bacalar Lagoon and its habitat. The grassland shields an area of 7,000 square meters. It includes an extensive dock that wraps the mangrove area and stretches along the lagoon. The port is perfect for trekking, taking shots, and relishing the vista. Remember never to touch or hurt the coral reefs, as they are fragile and exposed.

Further, this park has a classroom, a lab, a session space, an outdoor room, and a small retail store. In the workshop, you can learn about the habitat and cultural elements of the region. You can also value and click the panoramic views of nature. Apart from all this, it is a great location to visit if you want to engage yourself in the past and nature.

7- Amir AdvenTours Bacalar

Amir AdvenTours Bacalar is a unit that delivers various tours and luxury activities. In this way, you can explore and relish the magnificence of the Laguna de los Siete Colores. You can select from different water actions like sailing, boating, kayaking, and stand-up paddle board outings.

Amir AdvenTours Bacalar
Amir AdvenTours Bacalar

Further, you can experience the enchantment of the lagoon’s cenotes, rapids, wildlife, and shades of water. You can also enter special affairs. It includes private parties, cacao traditions, sound rehab classes, and more. Thus, it has a group of professional guides who will make your ventures memorable. You can reserve your tour online or at the table point.

8- Galeon Pirata Centro Cultural Independiente

Galeon Pirata Centro Cultural Independiente is a bar and cultural center. It is located along the grasslands of the Eco Parque Bacalar. This center presents a variety of assistance and conveniences. It includes live music concerts, free comedy plays, art exhibits, classes, and food stalls.

Similarly, you can enjoy tasty food, including traditional snacks and drinks. Therefore, this cultural hub is where you can have enjoyment with friends. You can learn and bond with the local community and civilization.

9- Abrazos de Armonía

Abrazos de Armonía is a group that strives to encourage the healing and balancing power of melody and sound. The scheme offers rituals, classes, courses, treatments, and affairs. It uses different tools and practices, like bowls, gongs, mantras, reiki, tarot, and more.

Abrazos de Armonía
Abrazos de Armonía

Likewise, you can join practices, ladies’s circles, yoga classes, and reflectings. It is a way to encounter the superiority and joy of melody and sound and to link with yourself and others. Mango y Chile is a nearby cafe where you can enjoy the meals.

10- Num Ka’an Ranch

Num Ka’an Ranch is a luxury residence. It includes two poolside rooms, three palapa balconies, and a bunkhouse. Yet, it has six A/C dorm chambers. The farm has a full-service cafe and caters to particular events, like kids’ camps.

Moreover, it provides complete safety lessons and track rides. You can also play different water sports activities. Therefore, it is a place where you can chill, have joy, and enjoy the spirit and hospitality of the locals.


If you are planning a trip to Bacalar, Mexico, it is your suitable decision. This place is a heaven for nature lovers, history fanatics, and adventurers. You can dig the spectacular landscapes, including the lagoon and waterfalls. Here, you can swim, kayak, or float in the transparent water. You can likewise visit the historic forts to understand the past and civilization of Bacalar, Mexico. Enjoy the different activities and affairs offered by the local society and relations.

FAQs on Bacalar Mexico

What are the best resorts in Bacalar?

Some of the most suitable hotels are Casa Bakal and Hotel Aires. Hotel Laguna and Hotel Rancho Encantado are also among them. They offer cozy rooms, superior service, and fantastic lagoon vistas. They also include luxuries like pools, cafes, bars, and lodges.

Suggest some pleasing bars in this city.

There are many excellent bars like the Xoloitzcuintle taco bar. Here, relax in a chill-out aura encircled by trees. La Playita is a seaside club with a Latin fusion menu with fresh and local drinks. Likewise, Damajuana Bacalar is a bar with excellent meals and cocktails and a warm staff.

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