As you trek to the best hikes in Olympic National Park, you fantasize about stepping into a painting. Every trail you ascend is like a brushstroke, a new painting waiting to be encountered. As you travel to the trailheads, you may feel the canvas is infinite, and the colors are yet to be drawn. It shields a vast jungle, a detailed history, and different ecosystems. You may see glacier-capped peaks, ancient rainforests, and wild coastlines. Generally, summer is the busiest season with wildflowers. Fall is excellent for viewing changing colors, while winter presents a chance to see frozen lakes.

Best Hikes in Olympic National Park

You can experience the diversity and magnificence of the park’s habitat at the best hikes in Olympic National Park.

1- Well-maintained Ozette Loop Hike

Ozette Loop Hike is a 9-mile curved path. It takes you through seaside woods, marshes, and shores. You can relish the sights of sea heaps, arches, and outdoors. This pathway is mainly flat, with some ups and downs.

Ozette Loop Hike
Ozette Loop Hike

Apart from all this, a set of switchbacks directs to the coast. You can go camping with your school friends at Sand Point or Cape Alava. Its base has pit toilets and water bases. Thus, this hike is suited for newbies and families, as well as shared hikers who enjoy exploring the clear coast.

2- View the Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge is a mountainous region. It presents a dazzling view of the Olympic Range and Mount Olympus. You can move up to the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center. Here, there are countless tracks to select from. Hurricane Hill Trail is a famous path. It is a 3.2-mile circular hike that mounts to a summit.

Yet, this path is reserved and paved most of the track, with rock and dirty areas. Hike along the drift to other points, like Klahhane Ridge or Obstruction Point. Although it is open throughout, the road is sometimes closed due to weather. Enjoy snow sports and skiing in the winter.

3- Winds at Second Beach Trail

Second Beach Trail is a 2.1-mile old course. It leads to a transparent beach with fish types and tide pools. The path is easy, with a medium drop and rise on the way back. You can walk along the beachfront and explore the rock structures or camp on the sand at night.

Second Beach Trail
Second Beach Trail

Moreover, the seaside is a fantastic spot to oversee the dusk and the stars. A wilderness permit to camp at the beach and be aware of the enormous tides. Lake Crescent Lodge Restaurant is nearby to enjoy traditional meals after a hike.

4- Trees at Hoh River Trail

Hoh River Trail is 17.4 miles and pursues the Hoh River. A temperate woodland, a subalpine field, and a montane grove follow it. You can click pictures of the views of Mount Olympus and the Blue Glacier from the path’s end. It is primarily straight for the first 13 miles. Then, it becomes vertical to Glacier Meadows.

Further, you can camp at Bark Shanty, Guard Station, Lewis Meadow, and Elk Lake. Hold a bear canister to keep your food and other essential items. This hike serves experienced walkers who want to explore the variety and attractiveness of the ecosystems.

5- Bike at Lower Big Quilcene Trail

Lower Big Quilcene Trail is a curved trail that heads along or around the Big Quilcene River. This pathway passes through lowland woods with old-growth plants and flowering woodlands. There is an intersection with the Notch Pass Trail at 2.7 miles. It offers some curl options to walk.

Lower Big Quilcene Trail
Lower Big Quilcene Trail

Similarly, you can view the Upper Big Quilcene Trail at 6.2 miles. It is at the back of the Lower Big Quilcene Trail. You can picnic at Camp Jolly or other rock posts on the river. Hence, this hike is appropriate for mountain bikers and hikers who want to begin their journey.

6- Easy ways to Sol Duc Falls

Sol Duc Falls is a small path that directs to a spectacular waterfall. It divides into four canals and falls 48 feet into a narrow gorge. Yet, this route wanders through a leafy forest with lofty trees and moss-covered stones. You can regard the falls from different angles, both up and down streamlets.

 On the bridge over the river, visit the Sol Duc Hot Springs and Resort. It is close to the trailhead and mineral pools, and you can enjoy different spa services. You require a National Park ticket to join the activities of the park. Remember to click the views along the path and hold your memories.

7- Steeps at Kalaloch Beach Trail 4

Kalaloch Beach Trail 4 is a 1.4-mile coincidental trail. It guides you to a panoramic beach with coral reefs, underwater plants, tides, and exotic wildlife. Climb up on the rocks and check out the myriad of ocean creatures and starfish. You can mount far enough to glimpse out over the border.

Kalaloch Beach Trail 4
Kalaloch Beach Trail 4

Further, you must be fortunate enough to watch a quick Orca whale feeding on seals. So, create many memories of this entire area extending up. Thus, it is the most memorable place to camp, picnic, or relax. You can even spend time with family or many buddies and create ever-lasting memories.

8- Peaks at Mount Storm King

Mount Storm King is a 4.6-mile pathway that leads you to a spectacular stance of Lake Crescent. On this walk, it is a steep, persistent climb up to the mount just before achieving the summit. It is the point where the short trail gets even more prominent as you climb. At this point, you’ll stretch yourself up using a string of ropes. The staff will provide you with a complete kit to trek along.

Compared to other visits, see the ocean soak into the hillside, risking the cabins and impairing the stairs. The pebbles you can see through are not wildly colorful but are smooth. Then, it is challenging, but not for those who worry about heights. Be prepared for the weather states and slippery paths. So, it suits adept hikers who want to stretch their limits and relish a spectacular sight.

9- Narrow paths at Murhut Falls

Murhut Falls is quite a short, rounded trail. It heeds to a captivating 130-foot two pathed falls. The route is manageable and maintained. It stretches along a dense water reservoir. View the pine woods, moss, ferns, and algae over rocks.

Murhut Falls
Murhut Falls

Further, view the cascade from manifold angles. Mount over the upstream and view the water crossing below the bridge. You can see the nearby Collins Creek Campground. It has picnic plains and lavatories. You can easily park or pay an entrance fee to access it. Yet, it is suited for nature lovers and shutterbugs.

10- Less traffic at Second Beach Trail

Second Beach Trail covers miles that guide you to an attractive beachfront with ocean heaps, tides, and wilderness. This trail is reserved with an intermediate drop. It ascends on the way back to the scenic trailheads. Further, you can walk along the seaside and explore the rock structures.

You can camp with your family overnight on the sand or in the woodland. It is a terrific spot to watch the dusk and the breezes at night. This hike is an ideal choice for a daytime trip or an overnight happening. Eat at Salmon House Restaurant, which is near this beautiful trail.


The best hikes in Olympic National Park are stunning. It attracts hiking fans, as it presents a variety of pathways. It shows the park’s mixed and breathtaking landscapes, from the mighty Pacific shore to the glacier-capped peaks. Apart from all this, view the temperate rain woodlands. Here, you can look for a quick and easy hike to a cascade, a beach, or a lengthy path. So, find something to fit your choices. Thus, experience and create special memories.

FAQs on Best Hikes in Olympic National Park

How does COVID-19 involve hiking in the grassland?

It affects the accessibility of various hiking trails, facilities, and services. You should follow the latest alerts and essentials before your visit. Follow the CDC policies and rules for wearing masks. Maintain social distance and have a backup plan in crises.

What are the things to pack while considering the best hikes in Olympic National Park?

It would help if you packed the essentials for hiking. You require a map, sunscreen, torch, first-aid supplies, fire, repair kit and tools, food, water bottle, and shelter. You must have a wildlife permit, a canister, clothing, and footwear for the weather.

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