Alabama takes you on a voyage where every daylight covers pristine landscapes, and every dusk promises a fairy tale yet to unfold. You can view the Alabama River by the Choctaw Indians. In contrast, it is noted for its rich history, diverse culture, natural beauty, and scientific achievements. There are numerous beaches in Alabama. Consider many affordable hotels in Alabama nearby. Further, warm and sunny weather and drawl charisma attract tourists worldwide. Be prepared to visit these seasides rather than the other top beach sites as they are worth viewing destinations.

Beaches in Alabama

Get a load of the beauties by visiting various beaches in Alabama. But before going on a holiday, do consider the travel tips.

1- Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores is a lodge on the Gulf of Mexico. It is noted for its shining white shores and gentle, warm water. This beach presents various activities for tourists. It includes beautiful cruises, dolphin-watching, trekking, golfing, angling, and play parks. The Gulf State Park, the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, and the Waterville are famous attractions.

Gulf Shores

Moreover, it organizes carnivals and events yearly. It includes the Hangout Music Festival and the Oyster Cook-Off. This beach is ideal for families, partners, and friends to relish a comfy, fun-filled coastal break. Conveniently, the parking place is near the beach. Check your fitness level before venturing to the voyage.

2- Orange Beach

Orange Beach is an adjacent city of Gulf Shores. It is also on the Gulf of Mexico. Its coasts are unique with its refined white alabaster sands and outdoor shiftings. Yet, it provides superb dining, title golf courses, fishing pacts, dolphin-watching sails, and nature hikes.

This beach has a comparable magic and appeal as Gulf Shores. Some must-see spots on this beach are the Wharf, the Waterfront Park, the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail, and the Indian & Sea Museum. So, it is a perfect goal for those who love ventures, wildlife, and culture.

3- Cotton Bayou Beach

Cotton Bayou Beach is a small seaside area in Gulf State Park. You may take the Highway 182 and 161 to reach it. As they are located within the state park, kids can partake in summer activities. It is lodged between some of the most famous townhouses in the area. Here, you can find plenty of people-watching activities.

Cotton Bayou Beach
Cotton Bayou Beach

Beachgoers searching for relaxation will enjoy its generous amenities. It includes parking spaces, restrooms, and showers. In particular, it is loved by tourists who ooze homely vibes and has eased up rules compared to other beaches. Setting up tents is even allowed, given there’s minimal shadow on the sands.

4- Robinson Island

Robinson Island is an island in the Perdido Pass. It is a famous site for skimmers, gliders, and sunbathers enjoying its wild and outdoor beauty. This island was purchased by the municipality of Orange Beach in 2003. It is used to protect it from expansion and its shorebird nesting spots.

Further, this island is a haven for many exotic and exceptional marine creatures. It has no modern facilities, but visitors can access it by rowboat or kayak and use the zone for picnic points. Carry a camera and binoculars for birdwatching. Therefore, it is a great place to encounter the nature and serenity of the Gulf Coast.

5- Romar Beach

Romar Beach is a part of the Gulf State Park. It is attractive, but it’s considered one of the quiet, uncrowded coasts since there are few luxuries near its yellow stretch. There are great hotels ideal for a short escape. It lacks comforts close by.

Romar Beach
Romar Beach

Visitors with a car are only a quick drive from almost anything they require during their stay. There are sugar-soft gray sands, yet this beach spot is unique because it lacks change. The seaside is free of infrastructure, which has allowed wildlife in the region to flourish in harmony.

6- Alabama Point East Beach

Alabama Point East Beach is another general beach area in Gulf State Park. It is simply 0.3 miles east of Perdido Pass Bridge in Orange Beach. Yet, it suggests around 6,000 grounds of wide beach. You can view dunes, paths, picnic points, bathrooms, and outdoor showers.

Apart from all this, Adventure Island awaits, where kids can burn power in the child-friendly spots. This beach is celebrated for its vivid blue-green water, dunes, and panoramic picnic sites. So, this place is scenic and immense, housing large crowds and families.

7- Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan is a pre-historic masonry fort near Mobile Bay. It was named for American Revolutionary War idol Daniel Morgan. Yet, this beach was made in the area of the earlier Fort Bowyer. It is a stockade-type fortification applied in the last land wars of the War of 1812.

Fort Morgan
Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan Beach is one of Alabama’s most uncrowded seaside vacation points. It lets visitors flee the noise and bustle of nearby Mobile and neighboring lodge areas. This beach is an essential spring and fall stopover for tropical migratory birds.

8- Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island is an island in Mobile County. It is on a barrier island of the exact title in the Gulf of Mexico. It was called for Louis XIV of France’s great-grandson and successor, the dauphin. This island is a precious bayfront village with clean coasts, plenty of wildlife, and deep blue waters.

Furthermore, it is home to Fort Gaines, Sea Lab, the Estuarium public aquarium, and the Airport. You can view the craft ramps, a prominent public port, historic areas, cafes, and private homes. It includes the East End Beach and West End Beach. This public beach has powdery gray sands and luminous blue water and is one of the most viewable places in Alabama.

9- Lake Martin

Lake Martin is an artificial pool in Tallapoosa, Elmore, and Coosa counties. It was created by the building of Martin Dam on the Tallapoosa River. The Martin Dam powerhouse induces hydroelectric energy for the Power Company. It is a 44,000-acre puddle with around 750 leagues of wooded shores. At this recreational area, you can do various water sports.

Lake Martin
Lake Martin

Many waterfront communities and extra homes are located on this lake. Alexander City, Dadeville, Jackson Gap, and Eclectic cities are nearby. It organizes many events annually. It includes the fishing contests, the July 4 fireworks affair, the Alexander City Jazz Festival, and Route 63 Amphitheater joy. Many popular attractions are nearby, such as eagle nests, sand coasts, cafes, camping sites, and Goat Island.

10- North Beach Park

North Beach Park is a shared seaside spot in Gulf State Park, seven miles from Highway 59 in Orange Beach. It is a timely and affordable spot for seaside lovers who want to relish the sun, sand, and sea. This beach park has pure, soft white sand, chilly water, and the lowest standard luxuries like public toilets, showers, and free parking.

Moreover, this beach is flawless for a quick beach hike or an improvised picnic. It is found near some of the most famous sites in the area, and there is still abundant people-watching and activity. Thus, it is convenient for watching dolphins, pelicans, and other wilderness. Apart from all this, it is a spacious, lovely beach area adjusting large groups and friends.


You can view many beautiful beaches in Alabama. It presents a variety of attractions for travelers. Whether looking for past, landscapes, culture, or experience, you can find it on the Alabama beach. Gulf Shores, Cotton Bayou Beach, Lake Martin, and more are among them. So, plenty of beautiful shores have silky sands and nearby small seaside towns. You can plan a holiday to any of the beaches. Thus, choosing a beach to go to can be a true challenge.

FAQs on the Beaches in Alabama

What is the most acceptable time to see the beaches in Alabama?

The best moment to visit the shores is from May to August. It is when the weather is cozy and cheerful, and the water is warm and transparent. Yet, this is the most crowded and costly, and you may experience storms or cyclones. The off-season is from September to April.

What are the activities on the seasides in the city?

You can glide, craft, fish, water sports, stroll, golf, camp, and sport parks. Visit historic sites like Fort Gaines and the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park. Likewise, explore some natural marvels, like the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and other areas. Enjoy dining, nightlife, and shopping choices.

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