California is a fantasy to live in for many tourists. But, it is again noted for its high cost of living. Yet, not all locations in the Golden State are too costly. There are some cheapest places to live in California. These cities offer inexpensive housing, low corruption rates, and closeness to popular attractions. So, consider places to visit in California and plan to live here accordingly. It is based on the median house cost, average sale expense per square foot, family income, and nearest central metro. Thus, look for a small-town appeal, a big-city vibe, or a wonderland.

Cheapest Places to Live in California

Uncover various cheapest places to live in California. Here, you can locate it in one of these budget-friendly spots.

1- Bakersfield

Bakersfield is a city in Kern County, at the back of the San Joaquin Valley. This city is a substantial farming and oil-producing region. It has a low residency cost, with an average house cost of $380,000 and an average pay of $69,000.


Yet, it presents various cultural and recreational options. It includes the Museum of Art and the Jazz Festival. Further, it is known for its musical legacy as the land of the music genre. So, it is a good option for people who enjoy a dry climate and do photography.

2- Fresno

Fresno is the largest city in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley. This city has an inexpensive cost of living, resembling other California cities. It has a median house cost of $365,000 and a rent of $1,200. Yet, it also has much to present about schooling, joy, and nature.

Apart from all this, you can view many attractions, including Chaffee Zoo and Save Mart Center. Natural marvels like Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park are nearby places. Thus, it is an excellent alternative for people who live in a vibrant city with easy entry.

3- Eureka

Eureka is on the coast of Humboldt Bay. It is a vast natural basin. It has an inexpensive cost of living with a home price of $4201,000 and a family income of $47,000. There is a lot of charisma and character, as it brags a well-preserved historic downtown.


Furthermore, there are many Victorian structures and landmarks to view. It includes the Carson Mansion and Old Town Eureka. You can view a junction for craftworks and culture. It is covered by stunning wild scenery. Therefore, it is perfect who love history art and who want to live in a retro, cozy coastal town.

4- Clearlake

Clearlake is the most extensive natural freshwater lake. It is entirely within the state. This city has a low cost of living, with a median home price of $220,888. Yet, it presents a scenic and relaxing aura. The hills, woods, and vineyards cover it. It is a popular point for angling, boating, trekking, and wildlife viewing.

You can view many types of fish, birds, and plants. It is also close to several places, like the Anderson Marsh State Historic Park and the Cache Creek Wilderness Area. Thus, it is a good choice for people who love wildlife, outdoor sports, and a small-town aura.

5- Stockton

Stockton is the most reasonable place to live in. This city will provide the knowledge explorers with excellent institutes like San Joaquin Delta College and Humphreys University. It equips people with an average house expense of $428,000 and an income of $64,000.


View many other places, like the Haggin Museum, the Bob Hope Theatre, and the Arena. It is noted for its diverse and dynamic community, as it hosts many festivals. Hence, it is an incredible option for people who want to live in a vibrant, mixed city with a rich record and bright future.

6- Chico

Chico is a populous city with the cultural and financial center of the Sacramento Valley. It has a fair living cost with an average residence price of $457,000 and a home pay of $60,500. Its aura has magic, as it boasts an active downtown. It includes the Bidwell Mansion and the Chico Museum.

Chico World Music Festival and Art Walk are their most popular attractions. The California State University, Chico, is one of the oldest institutes in the state. It is enclosed by stunning wild scenery like Bidwell Park and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. So, it is perfect for those who love record, art, and spirit and to study in a relaxed college town.

7- Visalia

Visalia is a city in Tulare County with the most fertile farming land in the world. This city has a sensible cost of living, resembling other cities. It has an average home expense of $370,000 and a rent of $1,300. Further, it boasts a pre-historic area with landmarks.


Moreover, it is a seat for arts and civilization with several events. The Taste of Downtown and the Opera Company are among them. There are several natural wonders free of cost. It includes the Sequoia National Park and the Kaweah River. Thus, it is perfect for those who love architecture, nature, and a peaceful city.

8- Fontana

Fontana is a municipality in San Bernardino County. It is situated in the Los Angeles urban area and has an engaged population. Moreover, it has a population of $210,761, a median home price of $587,377, and an income of $83,468. This city has much to offer about amusement and culture. The Summit Career College and the American Sports University are its most viewed places.

Places like the Auto Club Speedway, the Center Stage Theater, and the Art Depot give you a refreshing aura. The vibrant and friendly community welcomes the outsiders warm-heartedly. It hosts multiple festivals like the Fontana Days Run and the Fontana Car Show. So, it is an enriched city with uncountable attractions.

9- Clovis

Clovis is a suburb of Fresno. It is at the end of the Sierra Nevada peaks with a mild and friendly aura. This metropolis has a low living expense, with a moderate home expense of $497,000 and a rent of $900. Likewise, it suggests a panoramic and comfy setting encircled by ridges, groves, and vineyards.


This city is a famous point for water sports, as it has many animals and plants. It is near several attractions, like the Old Town and the Sierra Vista Mall. Yet, it is appropriate for people who love wilderness, sports, and a small-town atmosphere.

10- Woods at the Sacramento

Sacramento is at the junction of the Sacramento and American Rivers in the Sacramento Valley. It has mixed and multicultural residents. This city has a reasonable cost of living, with a median home price of $469,000. Further, it has a lot of pleasure and nature, as it boasts many Victorian buildings. It includes the Crocker Art Museum and the Tower Bridge.

Moreover, it is a hub for programs like the Jazz and Shakespeare Festival. This city is covered by lovely natural scenery like the American River Parkway. Thus, it is perfect if you want to live in a cosmopolitan city.


Living here does not have to empty the bank balance. There are numerous chances for locating a place that fits your lifestyle and allocation. These cities and townlets are some of the most affordable areas from the Central Valley to the North Coast. They present a variety of comforts, landscapes, and options. You can look for a vacation home, begin a family, or pursue a job here. So, uncover one of the cheapest places to live in California.

FAQs on Cheapest Places to Live in California

What are the regulations for renting here?

Renting here is managed by the state’s Civil Code. It covers security stakes, rent increases, exiles, restorations, and discrimination. Further, some cities have rules that may deliver more protections or laws for renters and owners. Reviewing the local laws before inscribing a lease or leasing a property is essential.

How to save money on living costs here?

Living here can be pricey. There are multiple cheapest places to live in California. Approximate the residence costs in different areas and select a place that fits your allocation and requirements. You can look for options that deliver lower rent. Take benefit of free landscapes.

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