The most suitable beaches in Cuba vary from flourishing resort townlets to small, far-flung isles. If you plan a vacation in the Caribbean, you can sit off many of the sands of Cuba. You will find abandoned lands of sand and well-maintained beaches in front of lodges. There is a flawless Cuba beach that covers various landscapes for whatever you want as a local or a tourist. Therefore, view and uncover a few of the best beaches. Play water sports with your family and friends. So, you can take transport means to reach them on the next trip.

Beaches in Cuba

There is an interactive array of beaches in Cuba according to your preference.

1- Playa Ancon

Playa Ancon is a famous beach in Cuba. It is a beach with beautiful landscapes on the southern coast. You can spend several days on this beach and will be happy with it as a perfect choice. Likewise, it is easily accessible by bus and shared taxi services from other famous cities. It includes Cienfuegos and Vinales.

Playa Ancon
Playa Ancon

Moreover, you will find all the beach amenities you need for an easy trip. In addition to crystal transparent water and stunning white sand, this beach has reefs offshores. It makes it a snorkeling point. While you snorkel from the seaside, lead to nearby Cayo Blanco, a small offshore island. Thus, it offers everyone, from newbies to more skilled divers.

2- Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco is along the area’s north coast. House to some of the shores in Cuba, it has long been the premier beach place. It covers fantastic white sand shores, with tourists worldwide. So, the Jardines del Rey Airport connects it to the mainland and adjacent beaches. This extended beach is memorable for being home to herds of pink flamingos.

While you will only sometimes see them here, the beach is always worth a stop. Take your choice from numerous resorts on the beach. While resorts occupy most area, you’ll find beachy sites all along the island, many of which remain untouched. Thus, planning a trip is great for enjoyment and other water sports.

3- Playa Pesquero

Yet another exquisite beach is Playa Pesquero. It is in Holguin, only 15 minutes away from Guardalavaca. Covered in a curved bay, the clear sand and shallow water will make you feel like you’re floating in a swimming pool instead of an ocean. Similarly, the seaside has no entry fee and has free parking. It includes toilets, showers, picnic plains, grills, bars, and trash areas.

Playa Pesquero
Playa Pesquero

You’ll enjoy endless seaside activities, gear for watermarks, and more. Further, it is a famous site for photography and events. The seaside delivers dazzling views of the waves, the skyline, and the dusk. Select from hotels, like Iberostar Selection Holguin nearby. Hence, it is a hidden gem everyone deserves to troll and enjoy.

4- Varadero Beach

Varadero Beach on the Hicacos peninsula is one Cuban shore you can’t forget. Varadero is the nearest lovely beach to Havana. It is your point if you have more than an hour to travel from Havana. At the same time, it is a resort beach with all luxuries. Although there are plenty of restaurants, tourists cover higher prices.

Moreover, it organizes ecological and wildlife events. There is a guarded swimming activity and multiple recreation options. The passage presents a classic view of the lake and the rigid cliffs. So, it is a suitable way to access other beach points.

5- Cayo Jutias

If you’re looking for a rugged, unstructured beach, consider Cayo Jutias among the finest places. In addition, this beach extends into the Gulf of Mexico from Pinar del Rio. There is a wild camp, or you can stay at the small townlet near the bridge connecting it.

Cayo Jutias
Cayo Jutias

It connects the seaside cottage, housings, toilets, and guard tower. The passage presents a classic view of the lake and the rigid cliffs. Moreover, it is available for disabled individuals and has a wheelchair for free service with a proper ID. Thus, it is an ideal site about an hour and a half from Vinales.

6- Cayo Santa Maria

Cayo Santa Maria is not to be confused with Playa Santa Maria. It is a peaceful island striped along the island. Also, it is a perfect option for a hideaway out, though it presents more affordable conveniences. This beach is the largest chain of shorter days. It includes Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Las Brujas, linked to the mainland by a particular causeway.

Catamaran outings here are modern-day trips and let tourists snorkel at the famous Crucero del Sol dive on the side of the beach. Still, it includes a silver LEED-certified beach cabin that recalls the traditional-style art. It is a stunning place to enjoy a trek, take a few pictures, or marvel at the natural beauty of it.

7- Playa Esmeralda

Playa Esmeralda is an unmissable shore and arguably even more beautiful. It is the ideal beach, with a massive expanse of crystal-clear sand and flat, bluish water. Offshore coral reefs include various fish types. Similarly, it makes snorkeling famous here and shielding the coast from waves.

Playa Esmeralda
Playa Esmeralda

Apart from all this, craggy rocks lock the beach on either side, making for a lovely sunset sketch. Remember to visit the tiny town, Playa Las Caletas nearby. It is located along the border of the other beaches. Hence, it has a nearby wild site that attracts migrating birds.

8- Playa Pilar

There is no more attractive beach than Playa Pilar on Cayo Guillermo. It is regularly selected as a tourist point as it is exceptional. This beach is world-famous by Ernest Hemingway, who wrote in his Islands in the Stream. So, this shore is even named in tribute to Hemingway; his boat was called Pilar. This beach is growing in popularity fast.

Further, a luxurious resort, Cayo Guillermo Resort Kempinski, sits along this beach. It boasts impressive new facilities and overwater huts. However, it is accessible through the Jardines del Rey International Airport, almost 45 minutes away. You can cover plenty of choices for gliding and enjoying the clean sand and warm waters.

9- Guardalavaca

You can take advantage of Guardalavaca is by far the hidden gem. It has smooth sands and turquoise water and is covered by natural looks by locals and tourists. You may race on the bike path. The bike path also departs many campsites nearby. Further, biking along this beach is a way to relish the wildlife and see the finest views.


If you like to break from the sunlight and sand while visiting this beach, walk a few miles west of the seaside and find the Parque Nacional Bahia de Naranjo. It is an ecotourism point. Here, you’ll locate several kinds of endemic birds and other species. Also, you can swim with the dolphins along.

10- Cayo Largo del Sur

Cayo Largo del Sur is a small island. It includes multiple shores. Every hub of this beach is framed with some of the most beautiful beachfronts you’ve ever seen. So, it makes it difficult to narrow down as being better than others. Tourists can also go deep-sea fishing.

It is one of the finest charters in Cuba left from this island. Moreover, learn about the turtles that nest here at the Centro de Rescate de Tortugas Marinas. Despite being relatively isolated, this skinny strip of land is near Cuba.


Cuba is a shelter for seaside lovers. It covers captivating white sands, transparent blue waters, and water sports. You can unwind, snorkel, surf, or walk among the most pleasing beaches in Cuba. From the famous resort of the area to the hidden gems nearby, Cuba’s shores offer a sense of heaven on earth. Apart from all this, locate the beauty and assortment of Cuba’s beaches and visit the Caribbean’s most oversized island.

FAQs on Beaches in Cuba

What are the finest beaches here for relatives and friends?

Some of the most suitable beaches in Cuba for friends and relatives are Varadero, Pesquero, and Sirena Beach. The shores have warm, low waters, smooth sands, plenty of luxuries, and amusement options for kids and adults alike. You can find resorts nearby.

What are the ways to get to these beaches from Havana?

There are multiple ways to get to these beaches from Havana. It depends on the budget and choice. Take a visitor bus, a taxicab, a rental car, or a domestic flight to the nearest beach. Some of the closest beaches are Playas de Este and Cayo Blanco.

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