Costa Rica is a beautiful location that is folded between the beachfront of the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. With such an extended coastal line, the best beaches of Costa Rica are myriad. They have unique and changing natures. Each beach lover will find something charming. It is a lovely white sand paradise striped with palm trees. Likewise, view the volcanic jet-black sand or wild beach coves enclosed by tropical rainforests. From mega beach lodges to pristine seaside, there is a perfect shore setting for everyone. But with many options, Costa Rica in November is the best choice.

Best Beaches in Costa Rica

Among the best beaches in Costa Rica, here you can view them with stunning landscapes on a holiday.

1- Manuel Antonio Beach

Manuel Antonio Beach is noted for its plentiful wildlife, lush rainforest, and clear beach. Manuel Antonio National Park directs tourists keen on chilling by the water. You can swim or surf at this seaside. Meanwhile, beach lovers seeking more privacy can head to Gemelas Beach. Also, food is not allowed in the grassland. You can plan to dine before you reach.

Manuel Antonio Beach

Further, it is one of the most famous beach sites in the region. This coastal gem borders the park, woods overflowing with wilderness. It takes almost 30 minutes to walk from the park’s entry to the beach. If you go for forest exploration, the park is linked by hiking trails leading to other shores.

2- Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo Beach is praised for its fantastic outdoor sports and vibrant night activities. It is a popular place for busy travelers. Amateur surfers must-visit Tamarindo Beach to relish its warm waters and diverse breaks. So, you are expected to glimpse monkeys swinging from the tree around this thrilling beach.

Moreover, it is a less crowded option to this beach. The tidal pools and various seashells are excellent for families. Meanwhile, those expecting to notice nesting turtles should stroll Las Baulas Marine National Park in the Grande Beach. Thus, it is one of the best things to do among the best beaches in Costa Rica.

3- Conchal Beach

If you have visited a postcard with a Costa Rican beach, you can look at the Conchal Beach. This seaside is excellent for mates, solo tourists, and families. It is because of its comforts, from leasing tools to sports dealers to food. Further, its signature white-shell sand drives it a sought-after appeal and infinite days of sunshine. The location is known for its transparent skies.

Conchal Beach
Conchal Beach

In addition, the seaside sits close to the notable town of Tamarindo. Take a short trek while in the community. Even white sand and tiny seashells dot the shoreline of this beach. It is the less crowded beach. Thus, the beach backs up to the unique resort and other rental effects.

4- Flamingo Beach

If you go to the north of Conchal Beach, it seats Flamingo Beach in the stunning area. This beach acquires its name from its lovely white sand and pink undertones. The resort overlooks this beach as it sits high up on a cliffside. So, it watches the bays and channels of the Pacific.

You can watch the stunning sunsets at the ocean from this beach. These diverse coral and aquatic animals can be made here. You can carry your snorkeling tools. Further, it drives tourists overall during the crowded season in the year’s first half. Remember to wear your swimsuit and grasp some snorkeling tools.

5- Samara Beach

Samara’s natural beaches and laid-back aura make for the ideal break in a hidden gem on the shore of the Nicoya Peninsula. Tourists will enjoy clear waters and shaded palms. The fascinating tide pools are along the crescent shorelines of the beach.

Samara Beach
Samara Beach

Further, shielded by an offshore coral reef, this shore is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. If a cozy picnic lunch is your choice, nothing beats the beauty of nearby Carrillo Beach. With gentle waves, this shore is most suitable for kayaking and sunbathing.

6- Dominical Beach

Dive, horseback ride, bike, or relax at the Dominical Beach. Take a stress-relieving yoga course at Bamboo YogaPlay. Relish beach cafes serve everything from every cuisine. Animals populate these beaches. In addition, the surfers come here for the waves and good food at cheap prices. When you’ve caught up on your sleep and feel relaxed, take the family hiking.

Moreover, the family can go for a horseback gallop on the beach or view a smaller waterfall like Pazo Azul. Local kids favor its drop pool. There is boarding and dolphin-watching available at the beach. Rainforest tours and fishing boats are available. Thus, you can catch and release big fish in the deep sea and go for dinner.

7- Costa Ballena

The coastal gems of Uvita and Hermosa Beach border Marino Ballena National Park on the south coast. An aerial flyover of the seaside park will let you view whales. It is where humpback whales return yearly from August and December. Similarly, sea turtles come to the grassland to nest in May. You can lease some snorkel tools to explore the vast coral reef for the whole affair. Hence, you can stay at the South Pacific Hotel for a whole day.

Costa Ballena
Costa Ballena

8- Nacascolo Beach

Nacascolo Beach is a beach on the Papagayo Peninsula. The sandy stretch of sand sits between the Four Seasons and the Andaz Papagayo Resort. If you’re waiting at either hotel, have your resort pack a picnic. There is no location to eat food or drinks at the coast, so plan earlier.

Furthermore, it takes less than an hour to kayak over the beach. The water is calm and covered, fantastic for swimming and kayaking. So, sit with the family on the gold sands. You can stay at Papagayo Hotels nearby.

9- Montezuma Beach

A town adored by artists and free energies, Montezuma Beach’s charm comes from its bohemian joy and dazzling natural beauty. Kids will relish exploring the tide pools at Las Manchas Beach. While surfers chasing the finest waves can trek to the Grande Beach’s hidden shore.

Similarly, the immense swath of sand at the beach chooses premium sunbathing. But swimmers should be cautious as the water can be harsh. Before leaving, ride a horse along the beach’s unspoiled coastline. You can even take a catamaran to Tortuga Island, with transparent waters and marine life. Therefore, this sandy pullout is ideal for snorkeling.

Montezuma Beach
Montezuma Beach

10- Santa Teresa and Malpais Beach

The Nicoya Peninsula is a popular beach place for surfers and yoga lovers just south of the other beaches. Malpais, Carmen Beach, Santa Teresa, Hermosa Beach, and Manzanillo Beach are the shores that back up the little beach townlets of Malpais and Santa Teresa. These wild coasts are beauties that remain off the hit path. The beach’s soft sand is perfect for those looking for a secret beach getaway with great surf.

Apart from all this, on the southern end of the Nicoya Peninsula, this beach is a notable surf spot with bits of white sand and rocky tidal pools. Likewise, you can stay at FlorBlanca Resort Nantipa or Casa Chameleon Hotel nearby. These hotels provide the finest luxuries at reasonable prices.


Costa Rica is a stunning paradise for seaside lovers. There are various options for every taste and choice for tourists and locals. Apart from all this, you can skim for a white beachfront, black sand, surfing, deep-sea diving, or wildlife. Moreover, you can locate landscapes that meet your demands. Some of the best beaches in Costa Rica are Manuel Antonio, Negra, Conchal, Quesera Beach, and more. Thus, you can plan a holiday to one of the beaches of Costa Rica.

FAQs on Best Beaches in Costa Rica

What are the ways to get to Beach Que sera?

Among the best beaches in Costa Rica are Beach Quesera. There are two ways to get along with the beach. You can take a ferry or go for hiking. Further, you can take a 20-minute ferry lift from Paquera or walk for 1.5 hours via the Curu Wildlife Refuge.

What is the best time to visit Costa Rica’s shores?

The most suitable time to visit the coasts depends on your activities. The dry season from December to April is typically sunny but the most jam-packed and costly. So, the rainy season from May to November is less crowded, cheaper, and more humid. So check the weather before you go.

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