Glimpse a hub to more freshwater seaside than any other state other than Michigan. While tourists move to the beaches in Michigan, they can watch the ocean views. The citizens enjoy various landscapes. It includes cruising dunes, vast shorelines, and clean views. Recall that a Recreation Passport is required at all parks for conveyance entry, so plan your vacation accordingly. To choose the correct beaches to escape from, consider aspects like water rate, shoreline looks, and unique attractions such as nearby Michigan hotels. They provide excellent amenities to travelers and locals alike.

Beaches in Michigan

Get ready to venture to the stunning activities and sights of the beaches in Michigan.

1- Trails at Warren Dunes State Park

Viewing Lake Michigan, Warren Dunes State Park has 6 miles of hiking paths and 3 miles of coasts. This beach is located in New Buffalo, Michigan. You can spend the day piling beach glass, finding lost gems with a metal sensor, or kayaking on the best Great Lake.

Warren Dunes State Park
Warren Dunes State Park

Yet, it has a fixed dog-friendly point. So, the entire family is welcome to play along. If you need a recess from the beach, jump on a sandboard and dash down Tower Hill. It is the park’s tallest point, or skate off its peak. On any day, you may even view some Chicago points.

2- Dunes at the South Haven

You can spend a week exploring South Haven’s lovely seaside. It has many notable places like Van Buren State Park. Here, visitors can enjoy the dunes while resting up under the sun. Deerlick Creek Beach is a small beach of sand perfect for new swimmers. For a more action-packed journey, see the North Beach or South Beach.

Both beaches offer kayak and paddleboard places, lodgings, and a garden. North Beach has volleyball courts, while South Beach delivers classic views of the South Pierhead Light. Remember that wave currents are expected. So, be cautious in the water regardless of which shore you prefer.

3- See Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore was formed by glaciers thousands of years ago. It is home to crystal-clear water and dunes that have a height of 65 miles above stunning white sand shores. You can play at Esch Road Beach or swim down the Platte River to reach Platte Point Beach.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Moreover, if you’re looking for a peaceful place to relax in nature, sit on the Manitou Island Transit ferry to the gorgeous Manitou Islands. You can visit in autumn to see this peaceful sight change into classic rich reds, oranges, and yellows.

4- View Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

View the colorful ridges, emerald green woods, and 42 miles of Lake Superior seaside at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. On these splendid sands, you’ll find Miners Beach and Twelvemile Beach. These two sheltered shores are best for walks.

Another notable choice is Sand Point Beach. It offers shallow spots, warm swimming water, and beautiful pink sand. Every visit would be finished with viewing some of the shipwrecks. View what’s left of the boats from a glass-bottom ship or scuba diving parts of the Alger Underwater Diving Preserve.

5- Swim at Rogers City

Rogers City is the flawless place to relax after a stressful week. It is located on Lake Huron. Because of the moderate effects of the lake, this area remains cooler in summer. It makes it an ideal point for airy hikes along the beach. You can swim at traveler-approved Lakeside Park.

Rogers City
Rogers City

Further, you can hunt for Petoskey rocks at North Shore Park or marvel at Seagull Point Park’s dazzling natural dunes. With dense woods and an unspoiled seaside, this state park is ideal for camping, gliding, and fishing. You can also visit P.H. Hoeft State Park nearby.

6- Shoreline at P.J. Hoffmaster State Park

Traveling 1,200 acres, P.J. Hoffmaster State Park has an unusual dune system and 3 miles of coat. Whether you spend the day reading a book or making sandcastles, this panoramic coast is an ideal spot to refresh. Your heart will race on the Dune Climb Stairway.

It is a popular attraction with stunning Lake Michigan views, or explore the timbers behind the shore. You can visit in spring when wildflowers add colors along the pathways. Before going, stop by the Gillette Sand Dune Visitor Center nearby. Here, you can learn more about the forested dunes.

7- Ample shades at St. Joseph

St. Joseph is an exemplary spot to catch rays and dip your toes in the waters. It is also known as the Riviera of the Midwest. In summer, it is whizzing with kayakers, swimmers, and beach volleyball players. It has the most famous shore, Silver Beach, which is ideal for swimming and viewing sunsets.

St. Joseph
St. Joseph

For a more peaceful day on the seaside, head to Lions Park Beach. With trees supplying plenty of shade and a kids’s grassland, this uncrowded coast is perfect for families. But remember, swimming here is not allowed. Park your vehicle or set up a tent near the water and walk along the hiking points throughout the grassland.

8- Crowds at Silver Lake Sand Dunes

The Silver Lake Sand Dunes are made for seaside lovers longing for uninterrupted days on the coast. You can rent WaveRunners and Hydrobikes or swim or angle at the lake. To evade broad groups, visit the family-friendly shore at Golden Township Park. You can even review Little Sable Point Lighthouse Beach. It is a lovely stretch of sand that has a 19th-century brick lighthouse.

Apart from all this, save time exploring the 450-acre State Park ORV Area. Here, you’ll find the dunes east of the Mississippi River that allow off-road motorcars. Likewise, visit Kouw Park, Laketown Beach, or Tunnel Park nearby. You can rest under the sunlight here. It is accessible via a concrete tunnel under a large dune and is highly favored by families.

9- Glowing coast at Copper Harbor

With less than 100 full-time locals, Copper Harbor attracts visitors who like small-town magic. But this place offers more than just a secret aura. Here, tourists have access to the Great Lakes’ most clear water. You can swim in the world’s most massive freshwater sea and search for glowing sea shells along the beach.

Copper Harbor
Copper Harbor

Marvel the lovely northern lights from Horseshoe Harbor. Yet, visitors will find many spotless beaches. It includes the Bete Grise Bay, a moon-shaped coast prominent for lakefront picnics. Further, Hunter’s Point Park has Earth’s aged exposed rock. Thus, it has a warm, welcoming aura. It’s no wonder why this classic seaside town is the vacation site of choice for tourists.

10- Lighthouse at Grand Haven

Grand Haven has various enchanting shores. It was granted the Coast Guard City, USA title in 1998. You can spend the day lying under the sun at Rosy Mound Natural Area. It is a peaceful option via a 0.7-mile-long hiking path—or Kirk Park, a 68-acre beach that allows dogs. You can even head to Grand Haven State Park to play seaside volleyball.

Yet, it offers starry views of Grand Haven’s lighthouses. This straw beach is mainly located near many shops and cafes. Remember to arrive in time for a visit to the Lighthouse. This Victorian-era place isn’t open for outings, but you can still admire its beauty from the setting whether you stay for a day or camp overnight. Thus, this fair state park will supply you with the quiet getaway you’ve sought.


We all know that this beautiful state presents many attractive beaches in Michigan for tourists and citizens alike. Whether looking for a relaxing escape, a family vacation, or a challenging hike, you can locate a beach that fits your essentials. These shores offer dazzling views, smooth sands, transparent water, and different water sports for all ages. So, be equipped to consider the landscapes and thrilling activities of the best beaches in Michigan.

FAQs on Beaches in Michigan

What are a few of the most pleasing things to do at its shores?

Michigan coasts offer a combination of things to do. It includes gliding, boating, angling, kayaking, surf riding, kitesurfing, trekking, racing, camping, and playing with the sand. Enjoy the region’s panoramic looks, nature, and past.

When is the best time to visit the seaside of this state?

The finest time to visit it depends on your taste and activity. Typically, the summers are the most crowded, as the temperature is moderate. The water is comfy for swimming. Yet, the spring and fall are extraordinary times. The winters offer a peaceful experience for snow lovers.

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